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Blubrry Powerpress WordPress Plugin Version 0.5.0

The Blubrry Powerpress plugin for WordPress version 0.5.0 is now available. The latest version incorporates a number of bug fixes as well as some minor enhancements. The latest version may be downloaded here.

  • Options to report media duration and file size next to download links.
  • Added <itunes:author> and <itunes:subtitle> to header portion of podcast feeds by default.
  • Added <itunes:summary> to post items by default.
  • Quotes and extra spaces are no longer removed from from the <itunes:summary> fields.
  • Player auto-play bug fixed when quicktime media mixed with non-quicktime media.
  • Added option to ping iTunes in a new browser window in settings.
  • Verify flash player check added. The check is only necessary if your in-page player no longer appears on your site after upgrading Blubrry Powerpress. (WordPress built in plugin update may corrupt the flash player. This bug in WordPress is fixed in the soon to be released version 2.7)
  • Media URL now displays a warning if the URL contains characters which may cause problem for some applications.

The addition of the Media URL warning was in response to issues many podcasters have been having when they publish episodes with file names that contain spaces and other special characters. Spaces and special characters such as apostrophes, # and ? may prevent some web sites and podcasting applications from downloading the media. We recommend only using letters, numbers, dashes and underscores for your file names for maximum compatibility. Users may ignore the warning message if they so desire.

We are committed to providing a well developed and mature podcasting plugin for WordPress. Please leave a comment below or contact us with your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

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Have you Looked at your RSS feed Lately?

Why is it that podcasters will spend hours editing the content of their podcast but fail to spend 30 minutes one time to make sure that their RSS feed is setup properly. In some cases I blame whole heartedly the service they are on for hijacking the internal data of their RSS feed and not giving podcasters many choices in configuring them.

But in large part we see huge numbers of shows that have simply failed to put the time into making sure that their RSS feed is representing their show as well as their content.

We see massive numbers of shows rss feeds fail validation each and everyday. We see shows that are whole heartedly missing important data many shows have no description, no keywords, no contact information, no titles, no iTunes specific tags etc. The list goes on and the issue is growing each day.

Every year I have posted a state of the RSS feeds as a report I do for the annual Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. This year I would like to see a trend be reversed and quite honestly it would help us and all of the other sites that are syndicating content.

This Saturday I will be doing a online Tech Podcast Round Table event that will discuss RSS in detail and show you what should be in your rss feed and how taking a few minutes to get it squarred away will pay off big dividends. I hope you will join me.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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