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Blubrry Updates, Blogworld & PowerPress Tips

In this episode of the Blubrry and PowerPress Community Podcast

Blubrry.com Update.

  • Stats
  • Audience Survey
  • Advertising Survey

GoDaddy Program Relaunch
BlogWorld and New Media Expo Nov 3-5
CueToo.com (Premium Content Service)
Staff Updates

New PowerPress Features Coming

  • New Way to Monetize Content
  • Media buyers are gonna want to see it.
  • Media companies/creators are immediately going to want to implement it.
  • The rest of ya are just gonna dig it.

PowerPress Tutorials in this Show

  1. Changing iTunes Podcast image
  2. Tweaking RSS title of podcast feed
  3. Podcast feed 404 (because you didn’t create any episodes)
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HTML5 & Audience Surveys

In this episode I talk about PowerPress and the power of our HTML5 player. I also talk about our newly introduced Audience Surveys.  Many are asking about our recent webinar, I cover that along with a few more administrative issues.

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Are you Advertiser Ready?

RawVoice has hired a full time sales manager and we want to make sure that all shows that works with us fully understand what they need to have in place in order to be considered for an advertising campaign. To often shows have great intentions yet when it comes time to put their shows on a proposal we are not able due to oversights by the content creator.  In this presentation, I walk you through the steps you need to take to be ready to be considered for an advertising campaign.

I have also posted some supporting articles for content creators hosting their media at the following sites. Mevio, Podbean, Libsyn, Podomatic, Blog Talk Radio.


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Tell us what you think…really

Being the podcasting gurus that we are, you guys might think we know it all . . . and a lot of times we’d probably like to think so as well. But, know what? We don’t. You all have a lot of critical information and amazing insights that will help us improve Blubrry.com. So right here, right now, we’re asking you to take a second or two, ponder a few questions, make a few suggestions and help us to make Blubrry.com more compelling and inclusive than ever.

Thank you for your input.
Click the link below to take our brief survey (it’s only 10 questions)
Take The Survey

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