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Stats and All-in-One Solutions: A Q&A on 2016 Podcasting Trends with CEO Todd Cochrane

What are the 2016 podcasting trends you should be paying attention to? We talked with Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry, to get his take on what’s new, exciting and worth watching in the months to come. 

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PPP: What’s coming up for Blubrry and the podcasting community in 2016?

TC: This is an exciting year for the podcasting space on many levels. We’ve been marching to get PowerPress Sites launched, and we’re so close. It’ll be an all-in-one solution – an “easy button” for podcasting. There will be tiers where users can upgrade to different levels, but at any tier you will be afforded the opportunity to have a free WordPress site at yoursite.blubrry.com.

So many podcasters fail because they can’t wrap their heads around doing all this tech stuff. With PowerPress Sites, a new or existing podcaster will be able to come in, sign up, and within a matter of three mouse clicks we will launch the show for them. It’s a turnkey solution that eliminates the usual barriers: the only things the content creator will have to figure out are easy things like the color scheme and other customization’s, and then they can focus on creating great content. And if you want to scale to multiple shows, we can do that as well.

We’ve are also coming out with a smoking web based audio player that I’m hoping to have available in the next 60 days or so. It’s all been designed, we just have to put it together and put all the bells and whistles on it.

PPP: What can you share about your team’s approach to interacting with the podcast community? 

We just wrapped up our yearly team meeting where we’ve been talking about what’s good for podcasters. That’s what RawVoice, the parent company to Blubrry, is really trying to achieve: to make great tools for podcasters to help them create better content and get more exposure. We don’t want solutions that are half-baked – one thing we do very well is create tools that work well and look nice. Some companies have rushed products to market, but they don’t necessarily have staying power. 

Companies are battling over podcasters. Some of the newer services really need to sign big shows to stay in business and pay their staff. I’m proud of our company because we work with everyone, from the smallest podcaster to the largest. We don’t require you to have 50,000 listeners to have a relationship with us – we want you to be you! When we have advertising opportunities, we want to make those available to anyone.

Tweet: “At @Blubrry, we work with everyone, from the smallest #podcast to the largest.” – Todd Cochrane, CEO http://bit.ly/1Ww0ARm

We now see media buyers saying, “Wow, I can’t get any inventory on these big shows. What else is out there?” I’m excited about that aspect and what it means for content creators. 

PPP: I know stats and measurement are a big topic of discussion in the podcasting community right now. What’s Blubrry’s take? 

TC: One thing that the podcasting community is going to be looking at as a whole this year is the discussion around podcast measurement. It’s really getting a lot of attention with the new public radio podcast measurement guidelines.

I think what you’ll find is that a lot of the standards detailed in the report are ones that we at Blubrry have supported for a long time, in fact their are flaws in their guidelines that we dealt with years ago. We’ve been involved with the IAB since 2014 and have been working with the podcast measurement committee over there — as well as industry leaders and major players in the space — to come up with ironclad standards and make sure we are all singing from the same sheet of music. 

And really, this focus on standards is a good thing. The last thing we want is folks working with two or three different standards. We want all tides rising together and all of us reporting the same so that the podcast advertising space can continue to grow and media buyers will be excited to come in and spend money. 

Tweet: “This focus on #podcast standards is good: we want all tides rising together.” – Todd Cochrane, CEO @BluBrry: http://bit.ly/1Ww0ARm

Our model from the beginning has been: I don’t care what the number is, as long as I know what the number is — whether it’s 1, 1000 or 100,000 — I can say today that RawVoice or Blubrry can back up any data that we put out for reporting, and certify the data as true. And to do that, we have to have a lot of confidence in that number. We look at a huge swath of data regularly. We can see trends before anyone else can. It’s important to us that we get the data right everytime, and that’s why we’re so passionate about it.

Another thing to expect in 2016: more content! Starting this week, we’ll be covering more podcasting trends, helpful tips, and interviews with personalities and leaders in the industry on a weekly basis. Check back Tuesdays for new posts, and make sure to subscribe (options in right-hand sidebar) so that you don’t miss breaking news and episodes of the PowerPress Podcast. 

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Blubrry Updates, Blogworld & PowerPress Tips

In this episode of the Blubrry and PowerPress Community Podcast

Blubrry.com Update.

  • Stats
  • Audience Survey
  • Advertising Survey

GoDaddy Program Relaunch
BlogWorld and New Media Expo Nov 3-5
CueToo.com (Premium Content Service)
Staff Updates

New PowerPress Features Coming

  • New Way to Monetize Content
  • Media buyers are gonna want to see it.
  • Media companies/creators are immediately going to want to implement it.
  • The rest of ya are just gonna dig it.

PowerPress Tutorials in this Show

  1. Changing iTunes Podcast image
  2. Tweaking RSS title of podcast feed
  3. Podcast feed 404 (because you didn’t create any episodes)
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Are you Advertiser Ready?

RawVoice has hired a full time sales manager and we want to make sure that all shows that works with us fully understand what they need to have in place in order to be considered for an advertising campaign. To often shows have great intentions yet when it comes time to put their shows on a proposal we are not able due to oversights by the content creator.  In this presentation, I walk you through the steps you need to take to be ready to be considered for an advertising campaign.

I have also posted some supporting articles for content creators hosting their media at the following sites. Mevio, Podbean, Libsyn, Podomatic, Blog Talk Radio.


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Tracking all iPads!

With Apple’s iPad now arriving in the hands of hundreds of thousands of media consumers, it is destined to be a highly popular media consumption device. We have added the iPad to the list of devices we track in our podcast media statistics service, ensuring that your media — no matter what platform it is seen or heard on — is being counted.

Our basic statistics service is free, so sign up now and add your show to Blubrry to make sure all your downloads are being tracked, including those from the iPad. Need a bit more than the basics? Check out our Podcast Statistics Premium.

This is only the beginning. Our team has been working hard on some awesome stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! We have a number of exciting announcements to make in the coming days.

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Introducing the Blubrry API

We are proud to announce the availability of the new Blubrry API. The Blubrry API extends our commitment to the community by allowing 3rd party applications and web sites to work with our services.

The new Blubrry API allows developers to build  applications to interface with our media hosting and statistics services. Applications can delete, upload and list media files as well as retrieve media statistics information.

The Blubrry API is a hybrid of the RESTful implementation found at Twitter and WebDAV. More technical details may be found on the Blubrry Help site under the section titled Blubrry API.

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Blubrry Powerpress WordPress Plugin Version 0.3.0

The Blubrry Powerpress plugin for WordPress version 0.3.0 is now available. The latest version incorporates a number of new features and enhancements. The latest version may be downloaded here.

  • Added list of important feeds in feed settings
  • Logic to prevent stats redirect duplication
  • Added podcast only feed

The new podcast only feed is useful if you wish to provide your audience a feed that only contains podcast episodes.

We are committed to providing a well developed and mature podcasting plugin for WordPress. Please leave a comment below or contact us with your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

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