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WARNING: Your Service Provider Could Go Under. How Will You Protect Your Podcast?

Soundcloud, primarily a platform for streaming music, also gained popularity several years ago as a place to host a podcast. But public statements and rumors of cancellation of salary reviews is another sign that all is not well and SoundCloud may not be around much longer. If the company folds, it will be just one in a long line of podcast service providers to disappear – often without much warning, leaving their customers high and dry.

What will that mean for podcasters who currently use SoundCloud? Here at Blubrry, we worry about podcasters who’s podcast feed is tied to the service. If they pull the plug with short or no notice a lot of podcasters will be left high and dry with no way to redirect their podcast feed, migrate their data, and have a seamless transfer. Some shows on the platform have their sole presence there with no external website which would mean the death of their shows. Whether or not SoundCloud gets desperately needed funding their last round was a loan, it’s wise to protect your podcast starting today. Follow these three simple tips:

  1. As a podcaster, it’s vitally important that you own and control your own feedThis protects you in the surprisingly-likely case that your podcast service provider suddenly disappears or experiences an outage. (It happens more often than you might believe, and can occur without warning.) At Blubrry, by using PowerPress on your own website you control your feed. That means that if we disappear one day or simply experience an outage, your feed is still controlled by you – period. And when you control your feed, you can host your media anywhere you want. Check out our step-by-step tutorial that offers specific instructions for migrating your podcast from SoundCloud, Libsyn, PodOmatic and more. Blubrry continues to advocate owning and controlling your whole stack and providing tools that make podcasting possible while not imposing our brand on your shows.
  2. Back up your media files. Hosting files can disappear without warning, and no, a copy on your hard drive isn’t exactly a secure backup plan since they can become corrupted or even lost. Use a cloud-based backup system to give you extra peace of mind. After all, you don’t want to lose that content you worked so hard to create. Having a backup can protect you from a podcast hosting providers demise and allow you to get your show back online quickly, so long as you control your podcast feed.
  3. Make sure you own your brand, not just your show. Without the ability to direct your listeners to your own branded site which you control, you could lose your audience overnight. “The concern I had from the beginning with SoundCloud is their constant desire to send people to THEIR app to listen to our content,” explains Zack East, Digital Media Manager at Midwest Family Broadcasting in Benton Harbor, MI, who recently switched his radio stations’ entire podcast catalog from SoundCloud to Blubrry.  “Even when we embedded players in to our website content, they still wanted people on mobile devices to go to their site instead. Blubrry allows us to keep our listeners on our websites, easily able to listen, download, subscribe and follow our content and gain new fans! “Many podcast services companies seem to care more about using your listeners to their advantage than in helping you build a successful brand of your own. Here at Blubrry, we’ve always been focused on helping podcasters find, reach, and retain their audiences. We make it easy to develop your own brand with PowerPress Sites, an all-in-one podcasting and website solution. With account levels ranging from basic and free to pro, there’s nothing keeping you from having a customized and branded website of your own so that no matter what happens in the world of podcasting, your listeners stay yours always.


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Set Up A FREE Optimized WordPress Site For Your Podcast in Just Five Minutes With PowerPress Sites

Is technology the only thing standing between you and launching – or improving – your podcast ? Maybe you aren’t sure of the best way to set up a podcast theme, are stymied by how to best optimize your site for social, or just aren’t great with design. No more hurdles: the new PowerPress Sites is attractive, easy-to-use, and comprehensive. Check out our demo! 

A FREE Basic PowerPress Sites account includes a managed WordPress site, podcast media hosting, and professional podcast statistics in one place. It’s a complete package, offering everything you need to build and grow your show and accurately measure your results. And best yet, you can have your new podcast site up and running in five minutes – tops. 

Here are a few screen shots that show just how quick and easy the process of setting up PowerPress Sites can be:

Easy as 1…

powerpress sites 1


powerpress sites 4


powerpress sites 5

No more stalling! Follow our Quick Start guide to launch your site in no time. We’ll take care of the behind-the-scenes so you can focus on creating great content and connecting with your audience.

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Blubrry’s FREE New PowerPress Sites Makes Podcasting Push-Button Easy

Q: What’s the number-one thing that keeps would-be podcasters from getting started – or good podcasters from becoming GREAT?

A: Technology hurdles. The hassle of starting and optimizing a WordPress website, setting up a podcast feed, allowing an audience to listen and download episodes, figuring out how to encourage listeners to subscribe and share on social, and publishing show notes. It’s a lot of work and a ton of moving parts to navigate.

Wouldn’t you rather just spend your time producing great content?

Well now, with the help of the revolutionary new PowerPress Sites, you can do just that.

Blubrry’s PowerPress Sites is essentially the “easy button” for podcasting. With a free Basic account, users get a hosted WordPress website (the perfect place for publishing show notes and a streaming version of your show via the PowerPress audio player) that comes with built-in subscribe widgets, website streaming capabilities, and other essential plugins. The sites are designed with search engine optimization in mind, and can be set up in five minutes so you can get your show up and running right away.

Other PowerPress Sites features include:

  • Site caching for speed
  • The option to include Google Analytics
  • Templates specifically designed for podcasters
  • New PowerPress Player, released earlier this year exclusively for hosting customers. Unbranded and podcast-focused, the player provides multiple capabilities for listeners: sharing, subscribing, show notes and downloading.

Currently, the free Basic level is available exclusively to Blubrry hosting customers. Future releases will include Deluxe, Professional and Enterprise levels to allow podcasters to use a custom domain and access increased features, plugins, themes and capabilities.  

With the technological hurdles of getting set up removed, the would-be podcaster now has no excuse. Create! Podcast! Publish…with PowerPress Sites, there’s nothing standing in your way.


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Stats and All-in-One Solutions: A Q&A on 2016 Podcasting Trends with CEO Todd Cochrane

What are the 2016 podcasting trends you should be paying attention to? We talked with Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry, to get his take on what’s new, exciting and worth watching in the months to come. 

2016 trends image

PPP: What’s coming up for Blubrry and the podcasting community in 2016?

TC: This is an exciting year for the podcasting space on many levels. We’ve been marching to get PowerPress Sites launched, and we’re so close. It’ll be an all-in-one solution – an “easy button” for podcasting. There will be tiers where users can upgrade to different levels, but at any tier you will be afforded the opportunity to have a free WordPress site at yoursite.blubrry.com.

So many podcasters fail because they can’t wrap their heads around doing all this tech stuff. With PowerPress Sites, a new or existing podcaster will be able to come in, sign up, and within a matter of three mouse clicks we will launch the show for them. It’s a turnkey solution that eliminates the usual barriers: the only things the content creator will have to figure out are easy things like the color scheme and other customization’s, and then they can focus on creating great content. And if you want to scale to multiple shows, we can do that as well.

We’ve are also coming out with a smoking web based audio player that I’m hoping to have available in the next 60 days or so. It’s all been designed, we just have to put it together and put all the bells and whistles on it.

PPP: What can you share about your team’s approach to interacting with the podcast community? 

We just wrapped up our yearly team meeting where we’ve been talking about what’s good for podcasters. That’s what RawVoice, the parent company to Blubrry, is really trying to achieve: to make great tools for podcasters to help them create better content and get more exposure. We don’t want solutions that are half-baked – one thing we do very well is create tools that work well and look nice. Some companies have rushed products to market, but they don’t necessarily have staying power. 

Companies are battling over podcasters. Some of the newer services really need to sign big shows to stay in business and pay their staff. I’m proud of our company because we work with everyone, from the smallest podcaster to the largest. We don’t require you to have 50,000 listeners to have a relationship with us – we want you to be you! When we have advertising opportunities, we want to make those available to anyone.

Tweet: “At @Blubrry, we work with everyone, from the smallest #podcast to the largest.” – Todd Cochrane, CEO http://bit.ly/1Ww0ARm

We now see media buyers saying, “Wow, I can’t get any inventory on these big shows. What else is out there?” I’m excited about that aspect and what it means for content creators. 

PPP: I know stats and measurement are a big topic of discussion in the podcasting community right now. What’s Blubrry’s take? 

TC: One thing that the podcasting community is going to be looking at as a whole this year is the discussion around podcast measurement. It’s really getting a lot of attention with the new public radio podcast measurement guidelines.

I think what you’ll find is that a lot of the standards detailed in the report are ones that we at Blubrry have supported for a long time, in fact their are flaws in their guidelines that we dealt with years ago. We’ve been involved with the IAB since 2014 and have been working with the podcast measurement committee over there — as well as industry leaders and major players in the space — to come up with ironclad standards and make sure we are all singing from the same sheet of music. 

And really, this focus on standards is a good thing. The last thing we want is folks working with two or three different standards. We want all tides rising together and all of us reporting the same so that the podcast advertising space can continue to grow and media buyers will be excited to come in and spend money. 

Tweet: “This focus on #podcast standards is good: we want all tides rising together.” – Todd Cochrane, CEO @BluBrry: http://bit.ly/1Ww0ARm

Our model from the beginning has been: I don’t care what the number is, as long as I know what the number is — whether it’s 1, 1000 or 100,000 — I can say today that RawVoice or Blubrry can back up any data that we put out for reporting, and certify the data as true. And to do that, we have to have a lot of confidence in that number. We look at a huge swath of data regularly. We can see trends before anyone else can. It’s important to us that we get the data right everytime, and that’s why we’re so passionate about it.

Another thing to expect in 2016: more content! Starting this week, we’ll be covering more podcasting trends, helpful tips, and interviews with personalities and leaders in the industry on a weekly basis. Check back Tuesdays for new posts, and make sure to subscribe (options in right-hand sidebar) so that you don’t miss breaking news and episodes of the PowerPress Podcast. 

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