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4 Reasons to Host Your Podcast With Blubrry

There are a plethora of podcast hosting companies out there today. Which, honestly, gets us excited. It means that there are more and more people getting into podcasting as a way to share their unique stories and perspectives with the world. It also excites us because—even as new entrants pop up—our podcast hosting platform continues to be second to none. Sure, there are some who offer everything for “free” and some who put their branding all over your hard work. Not Blubrry Podcasting. We believe you should own your brand, which is why we’ve built one of the most robust, flexible podcasting platforms available. With that in mind, here are 4 reasons to host your podcast with Blubrry:

  1. No-Fault Overage. Files too big, and might push you over your limit for the month? No worries with Blubrry’s exclusive No-Fault Overage for our podcast hosting customer. Sometimes, those files are just too big because the stories inside are so big. Ok. We know that’s not technically how it works, but we believe your stories are worth sharing. Which is why we created no-fault overage. Let’s say you just recorded an amazing episode and you upload your files. Even if they’re too big for your monthly quota (and you haven’t gone over yet this month), you can still publish. We’ll just let you know you’ve exceeded your limit and give you the option of upgrading for the future. It’s that easy.
  2. Video Podcast or Audio Podcast? Both! Honestly, storage space is storage space, and bandwidth is bandwidth, regardless of the file format. So, with Blubrry Podcast Hosting, you don’t need to decide ahead of time if you want to do audio podcasting, video podcasting, or a little of each. You can just focus on sharing your views with your audience in whichever format, at whatever time you feel is right. Video this week, audio next? Cool. And, as always, if you have any questions, our support team is only an email, phone call, or video chat away.
  3. Know your audience better than any other podcasting platform. Blubrry is the first and only podcast hosting company to have an IAB Tech Lab certified podcast stats platform. It’s really kind of a big deal, because it means that your stats are on a platform that is certified to the highest standards in the industry. Which means you can trust the numbers and your advertisers can trust the numbers. Even better? Blubrry now also offers partial download reporting to help you better understand how much of your content your audience is consuming, and if or when they tune out in an episode.
  4. A free podcast website. Yeah. Actually free, actually yours. With PowerPress Sites, you get the power of one of the most widely used podcasting plugins for WordPress. For free. PowerPress Sites makes it ridiculously easy to customize your website to make sure it’s on-brand for your podcast, plus it has all the robust functionality for publishing and syndicating that has made it the go-to for podcasters for more than a decade.

Well, there you have it: 4 reasons to host your podcast with Blubrry Podcast Hosting. Granted, there are about a bazillion other reasons, but who has time to read all that? You’ve got a podcast to produce.

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PodBean problems? Get 30 days free podcasting at Blubrry

We heard from you – a lot – and so we checked it out ourselves: PodBean.com has had service problems for the past couple of days. We understand that those of you hosting your podcasts through PodBean want to get back online, like, now if not sooner, so Blubrry is giving you 30 free days hosting to sort out the situation. Reach us at support@rawvoice.com. Warning, though, once you get a taste of Blubrry, you might not want to go back – and that’s fine with us, too! 😉

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Blubrry Services Help Site

blubrryDid you know you can check out the blubrry help site when you have questions on a feature or service?

Our help site at help.blubrry.com is growing steadily and features written information and demo videos to assist members of our community and our customers. We want you to be able to more effectively use our products while lowering the number of support tickets. Some of the videos and help topics are short and snappy and some of them are long and detailed. All are highly informative.

Don’t see a topic covered? Let us know and we will fill the void. We will even be posting training topics by top leaders in the podcasting space that will help you build and grow your podcast.

Be sure to subscribe to the Blubrry Help Podcast as well so that you get all of the topics we cover delivered directly to your media player!

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Podango Pulls the Plug

In a not so surprising move, considering what we have learned over the past five days, Podango has shut down their podcasting services. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to transition anymore podcasters from Podango.

Their website is offline and media files are no longer available for download. The only service Podango is offering their customers at this point is feed redirection. Sadly, this means nothing if the podcaster didn’t move their feed before the beginning of the year.

Beyond shocking is that this company would give 5 days notice to its customers during the holidays, arguably the busiest time of the year for all of us, to move their podcasts. To migrate a show properly, 3-4 weeks are needed to let your audience know of the changes and for services such as iTunes to propagate the new feed URLs. They’ve effectively destroyed a large number of podcasts simply by not providing their customers enough time.

I will have more commentary on this later. At the moment I am highly disappointed in what has transpired, not only with the sudden service shut down but with email correspondence we shared with Podango.

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