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Podcast Advertising Made Easy

You have a podcast.

You’re making money from advertising on your podcast.

But you’re stuck with your current system, which probably means you’re not monetizing your back catalog, and/or you have to re-record and re-upload your file every time an advertiser changes.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way anymore?

Yep. Blubrry has built and launched an easier way to do podcast advertising insertion. It’s for those of you who manage your own ad campaigns and need to build anything from very complex to fairly simple campaigns. And, since it’s on our podcast hosting and podcast stats platform, you can rest assured your campaigns are measured with IAB certified compliant Podcast Measurement stats.

Even better? We built this podcast ad insertion system to be easy to set up and maintain for podcasters. There are a couple different levels, with another coming this fall:

  • The advertising insertion system is available exclusively to our professional hosting customers. Pro customers receive our Simple Podcast Ad Insertion service that includes pre-roll ads for episodes published within the last 50 days ‘free’ as part of their plan.
  • The Full Insertion version comes with pre-mid-post roll and is priced at $49.95 a month with a .10 cent file rebuild. Yeah. It’s pretty competitive pricing, isn’t it?
  • Another level of Dynamic Advertising Insertion, which will include geographic targeting, is expected to be deliver Q4 2019.

Not a pro hosting customer yet, but want access to this awesome podcast ad insertion system? We don’t blame you. So, contact us and learn more here.

Ready to use our podcast ad insertion system but need the nitty gritty how-to details? Read here.

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Time for Quarter 4 Advertising Show Selections

This week I will begin reviewing potential new shows for our Quarter 4 advertising buy. I will also do an intensive audit of the shows that have been on the previous quarter’s campaigns.

This quarter every show will go through a top to bottom review to ensure that it has complied with the campaign requirements from the previous quarter. Shows that have not met campaign requirements will not be retained for Quarter 4.

When looking at new shows to invite to the campaign I look at the following:

  • Show website (multiple elements evaluated)
  • Show production consistency
  • Podcast statistics (Blubrry)
  • If the show is family or adult oriented
  • Show content value
  • Whether the show is thoughtful and credible

Finally I look at your Advertising Survey and evaluate your audience demographics. If your show makes it through this evaluation it goes on a shortlist for consideration. I then match the advertiser to the podcaster and make sure each fits the campaign objectives.

While I want every show to be on a buy, advertising deals are earned by the media creators who are doing the basics to ensure their shows are advertiser ready. If your show is advertiser ready and meets campaign objectives we will be sending you a campaign invite next week.

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Community Newsletter June Update

Blubrry Community Update!

Instead of writing 10 paragraphs and sending in an e-mail, I have created a newsletter video this time. Enjoy.

Topics Include:

  • Welcome new community members
  • Site updates
  • Quarter 3 advertising
  • Participating in advertising deals
  • New CPA campaign that I need tentative commitments
  • Stats
  • Blog World and New Media Expo
  • RawVoice Company update

[flv:http://media.blubrry.com/bluhelp/www.filearchive.net/blubrry/bluu5.flv 600 450]

In the next 4-5 days I will be sending an e-mail blast specifically for the Quarter 3 Advertising Campaigns.

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