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Top 5 Directories to Submit Your Podcast – YP43

In the nonstop blur of podcasting advice, Blubrry longtime podcasters have recommend the top 5 directories to submit your podcast to. Each directory serves it’s own purpose and some are more valuable than others. The changes never stop in podcasting and Todd and Mike discuss a new conference, a B2B purchase, and the consistent concerns with Apple’s directory.

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  • Top 5 places to make sure your podcast is listed (in order of importance)
    1. Apple Podcasts – Yes, still #1.
    2. Google Podcasts – Because, come on, it’s Google.
    3. TuneIn Radio – Gets you on Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and whatever that Facebook thing is.
    4. Stitcher – A significant number of people continue to use this platform.
    5. Spotify – Yes, we still think it deserves to be last.
    Other places are: Blubrry directory and iHeartRadio (if you can get in). Apply here.

Most iOS and Android Podcast apps use Apple’s API so if you are in Apple, you’ll be in most apps.


  • Changing the title of your show in PowerPress: With Apple’s silliness going on concerning Titles and Author tags, we get a lot of people wanting to change their titles. The setting is called “Feed Title” and it’s in the Feeds tab of PowerPress settings.
  • When you cancel your hosting account (At Blubrry and everywhere else), your files will go offline.
  • Yes, it’s true! More than one podcast needs more than one hosting account at Blubrry.
  • Advice to podcast owners: IF you have a team taking care of your podcast for you, make sure you retain the logins and passwords to EVERYTHING. Apple Podcasts Connect, Feedburner (if you use it), your media host, WordPress site, your web-host. Everything. Even if you never log in, have that info and make sure it works every once in a while. It can save you a TON of trouble later.
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Services Podcasters Need and Don’t Need

With all of the options out there for podcasters to choose from on what can be helpful to their show and their audience, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which services podcasters need and don’t need. There are some out there worth their salt that are important every day for podcasting, while others can easily be left behind.

Do podcasters need a search engine devoted to picking apart show notes? Is it critical to be in every directory? Listen Notes may be helpful to some, but it’s not a service that your podcast won’t work without. Directories are not necessarily going to drive traffic to your show, or grow your audience; solid show notes that work well with Google will. Spotify has relaxed listing consideration and is opening to more podcasters being on the platform. Apply below, but be patient as they review shows.

Net Neutrality on the other hand, that’s a concept that is incredibly important to the podcasting world. The FCC will be voting on December 14th, so get involved in the fight for Net Neutrality before it’s too late.

Quick update on Blubrry, we’ve begun a campaign called #BuildYourBlubrry, and we can’t wait for some of you to win some prizes. All month long we’ll be giving away podcasting prizes and goodies – so check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hope to see some of you at PodCon this weekend, look out for Todd and MacKenzie at the Blubrry booth. Thanks for listening and please subscribe.

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Show Notes

#BuildYourBlubrry: Win prizes from our social media. Twitter and Facebook
PodCon: A conference for podcast who love podcasts.
Spotify: Submit your podcast here. Doesn’t have to be associated to a hosting company.
Net Neutrality: Call FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000.
PowerPress Webinar: Learn how to setup WordPress and PowerPress for your show – the simple way.

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