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Top 5 Directories to Submit Your Podcast – YP43

In the nonstop blur of podcasting advice, Blubrry longtime podcasters have recommend the top 5 directories to submit your podcast to. Each directory serves it’s own purpose and some are more valuable than others. The changes never stop in podcasting and Todd and Mike discuss a new conference, a B2B purchase, and the consistent concerns with Apple’s directory.

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  • Top 5 places to make sure your podcast is listed (in order of importance)
    1. Apple Podcasts – Yes, still #1.
    2. Google Podcasts – Because, come on, it’s Google.
    3. TuneIn Radio – Gets you on Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and whatever that Facebook thing is.
    4. Stitcher – A significant number of people continue to use this platform.
    5. Spotify – Yes, we still think it deserves to be last.
    Other places are: Blubrry directory and iHeartRadio (if you can get in). Apply here.

Most iOS and Android Podcast apps use Apple’s API so if you are in Apple, you’ll be in most apps.


  • Changing the title of your show in PowerPress: With Apple’s silliness going on concerning Titles and Author tags, we get a lot of people wanting to change their titles. The setting is called “Feed Title” and it’s in the Feeds tab of PowerPress settings.
  • When you cancel your hosting account (At Blubrry and everywhere else), your files will go offline.
  • Yes, it’s true! More than one podcast needs more than one hosting account at Blubrry.
  • Advice to podcast owners: IF you have a team taking care of your podcast for you, make sure you retain the logins and passwords to EVERYTHING. Apple Podcasts Connect, Feedburner (if you use it), your media host, WordPress site, your web-host. Everything. Even if you never log in, have that info and make sure it works every once in a while. It can save you a TON of trouble later.
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Most Popular Apple Podcast Categories and The Importance of a Podcast Site

Podcast listeners enjoy a variety of content categories, and someone was able to track the most popular ones in Apple for a year. The data and trends were not surprising, but it’s how a podcaster uses that data for their own show that matters. The guest this week was, John Wilkerson, of the show The Wired Homeschool. He noted the importance of including additional content on your website, besides your podcast. This way, podcasters are increasing their search engine optimization and getting a higher number of potential listeners and downloads. NPR shared some wisdom on starting a roundtable podcast. An unfamiliar format for many, there are some dos and don’ts podcasters can learn now before they make them.

If you’d like to be a guest on the show, or recommend someone, please reach out and let MacKenzie know why you think it would be a good fit.

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Show notes:

Tracking Apple’s Top 200: Learn the trends of the most popular podcasts in Apple, graphs included.
The Wired Homeschool: Tech, Tools, & Tips for Homeschooling a Digital Generation.
Roundtable Podcasting Best Practices: Getting the most out of this format, for the listener.
Email MacKenzie: Questions or comments about the show.

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Building a Show and Branding YOUR Show – YP018

Building a show and branding it isn’t easy. There are many facets that go into the making of a show and reputation, and it’s harder than many podcasters expect to create a brand on their own. CastFeedValidator.com is now part of the Blubrry tools and services that are provided to the podcasting community. Changes are not coming soon, as some might have been worried about.

Apple tends to change things up, but one thing they haven’t done lately is change the way ranking works. Mike and Todd are here to debunk some of the ideas that people have around how the entire process over at Apple works. Lastly, as always some tips and insight into support issues that Blubrry faces. Thanks for tuning in to episode 18 of Your Podcast with Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell.

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  • Building a show; not always as easy as you might think: What is the value of your podcast brand?
  • Joining a network, when to join one and why.
  • Apple Podcasts (iTunes) ranking: What does and does NOT affect it.


  • Our pet peeves: Asking the same question to multiple team members at Blubrry will get you the same answer (most of the time).
  • Apple podcasts subscribe links in PowerPress:
    1. Submit your feed to Apple Podcasts.
    2. Wait to be approved by Apple (1-5 days, normally faster).
    3. Add the URL that Apple sends you in the approval email into the “iTunes Subscription URL” box in the Destinations tab of PowerPress Settings. This populates the buttons and links for Apple Podcasts (iTunes) on your site.
    4. Repeat for Google Play, Stitcher and Tunein Radio (you have to turn on those links in the website tab as well).
  • Themes and plugins in PowerPress Sites Basic and Deluxe: Why you can’t add your own.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: yourpodcast@blubrry.com

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