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Preparing for Podcast Advertising’s Future

Podcast AdverisingFor many podcasters, the ultimate goal is monetization. But before sponsors come calling, there are things you can do to prepare for that day (hopefully soon!) that your episodes are sponsored? Following these steps will guarantee that your show will not be passed over when an advertiser reviews your show.

You must consider the following.

Long before you’re considering pursuing sponsorships – or before sponsors knock on your virtual door – you should be running “practice” ads – even if it’s just promoting your own show or an affiliate deal that fits your show content, says Blubrry CEO, Todd Cochrane.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Running ads early and often is good practice. “If you’re not already practicing or doing ads, you aren’t going to be good out of the gate,” when paying advertisers are interested in working with you, explains Cochrane. “We want podcasters to get in the mindset of running ads and perfecting their ad delivery.”
  2. It gets your listeners accustomed to hearing ads on your show. Imagine you’ve been running a sponsor-free podcast for two years, and have accumulated a moderate but loyal and growing audience. One day an advertiser that’s a perfect fit approaches you about working together, and you say “yes.” Not only will it feel awkward to you to suddenly have to deliver a sponsor spot where there never was one before, but it’ll also be jarring for your listeners to hear an ad for the first time on episode 100. The earlier and more consistently you start driving home the idea that advertising supports the sponsors that make the show possible, the more likely that your listeners will accept and even embrace your ads.
  3. It gives you an inventory of sample ads. The best way to show a potential sponsor that you can deliver effective ad copy or the creative genius you are is to provide them with ad samples you’ve delivered in the past, and one great way to do that is by having a reel of sponsored spots you’ve done. The best way to save those is to save the clips with 30 seconds of lead-in, the ad spot and 30 seconds of post ad content. This will give advertisers a sense of how you lead in, deliver and roll out of an ad spot. Doing ads, even if they are affiliate deals or promotions of your own show or your colleague’s shows, automatically gives you a selection of sample build a reel when you need to “wow” an advertiser.
  4. Preparing for a changing advertising landscape. Start keeping track on every single episode where an ad could be injected into your content. If you’re doing your show and find a natural transition spot record that time hack. HH:MM:SS.sss to the best of your ability. More on this later.

So you’re convinced that it’s time to start running ads on your podcast? Great! Now you might be wondering how to get started, and the best way to go about it. Follow these tips:

  • Just start. Even before you have a paying advertiser, there are plenty of things you can promote. Some ideas:

    • CJ.com or Share A Sale are great places to get access to affiliate deals with low barriers to entry and often attractive commission rates and promotion codes.
    • If there’s a product you use often and love, Google the name of the brand + “affiliate” to see if they run their own affiliate program and apply for it.
    • You may be connected with influencers and thought leaders who sell courses and information products online. Often these gurus will offer affiliate partnerships when they launch new products and services.
    • What about your own product or service? An ebook or e-course can be a great way to get people to visit your site, and it gives you something to promote on your show.
    • Ask other podcasters if they would consider doing a promotion swap: you advertise their show during a sponsor segment, and in exchange, they advertise yours.
    • You can simply sign up as an Amazon Associate, and use your ad spots to direct people to links in your show notes.
    • When you’re left without anything to promote, just promote yourself! Talk about an event you’ll be attending or a blog post you recently wrote, or just talk about other episodes that might interest your listeners. The trick is to structure it like a sponsored segment and place it in a spot where you’d like to run ads. The closer your promotional segments are to “real” sponsored spots, the better the practice will be.
  • Keep the ads relevant. While it might be tempting to run the same affiliate ads as all the big podcasters seem to, consider whether a potential affiliate is really a good fit for your particular show and your particular audience. You might be better off promoting a friend’s podcast for free if your audience will love it and they’ll return the favor, than plugging a brand that your listeners aren’t likely to be interested in.
  • Deliver. Every time. “Treat every ad, even one you’re running as a test as if you were getting a multi-thousand-dollar check for the ad spot and deliver accordingly,” suggests Cochrane. “It’ll make it easier for prospective advertisers to want to sign on with your show.” It’ll also make your show’s quality that much better.
  • Be consistent. When you’re putting your show outline together, plan out your ad spots just the same as you would any other regular feature. Remember, you always want your ad to feel like a well-thought-out, planned part of the show – never an afterthought or a throwaway. “Run an ad in every single episode, even if you don’t have an advertiser signed on for that episode,” says Cochrane. “You only get good at running ads when you’re really running ads…so always run an ad.”
  • Prepare for ads to be dynamically inserted in the future.  “Dynamic insertion” refers to a type of ad inserted at a pre-determined time in the episode (Step 4). As your show continues to grow and as the podcasting advertising space evolves, you will have more and more opportunities to monetize through what we expect to be brand advertising and hybrid host endorsement with ad spots that are dynamically-inserted that have targeted delivery and then are removed or replaced day to day, week to week, month to month. You won’t be able to take advantage of these future opportunities unless you plan now and for dynamic insertion as you’re recording and editing. “For example, if you pay attention while you’re editing and at a certain timestamp find a place that sounds like it would be a good place to transition and insert an ad, you can insert a two-second pause, record the time hack for the middle of the pause where the ad can be inserted at a later date,” says Cochrane. Podcasters need to plan for dynamic insertion of ads and consciously planning their episodes and notating those sweet spots so that in the near future, if a sponsorship deal comes up that you are ready to capitalize, so we can drop an ad in that spot.

Ready to start looking for paying advertisers and making money from your podcast? Consider joining Blubrry’s advertising network. 

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New Monetization Opportunities For Podcasters: Join Our Priority Advertising Partner Program!

Blubrry has been working to connect podcasters with advertising opportunities since 2005. We’ve watched as podcast monetization has evolved, and knew it was time for to formalize our process so that we can develop stronger relationships with you and the companies who are in a position to financially support your show. As a result, our brand-new Priority Advertising Partners program was born.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider joining: 

  • Priority Advertising Partners receive a higher share of profits. You aren’t required to join the program, but if you do, you’ll receive a 70% gross revenue share, while non-partners receive 50%. 
  • Our Priority Advertising Partner agreement is non-exclusive. That means that you can still continue to sell your own advertising and work with partners independently from us.
  • You still get to choose which advertisers you work with. While we expect our Priority Advertising Partners to demonstrate that they are serious about working with our advertisers and media buyers, you aren’t required to accept every campaign that is offered to you, though we do ask that you consider each carefully and only turn down campaigns if you have a good reason. Since our campaigns all offer a minimum gross CPM of $20 or an appropriate flat rate, you can be confident that you’ll be offered only quality deals.
  • The process is quick and streamlined. One of the biggest goals of the Priority Advertising Partner program is to simplify the process of connecting podcasters and advertisers. By formalizing our relationship we make it easier to connect with the podcasters who are serious about working with advertisers. If you join, we know that’s you!
  • We work for you. If you’ve ever tried to self-sell advertising on your podcast, you know how much time and energy it can take! While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to place ads on every show, we will work hard for you, bundling your show with others to make you more attractive to advertisers and media buyers and actively pitching your show.

Wondering if your show is a good fit for seeking sponsors through the Priority Advertising Partner program? Tech, education, business, sports and adult-themed shows are currently in high demand, but advertising in niches across the board is growing, so whether your show is about aeronautics or zoology, there may be an advertiser within our program looking for a show like yours.

And rest assured that we’re looking for quality, not numbers. “Blubrry has never focused on a show’s size – we have always looked at content first when building campaigns,” explains CEO Todd Cochrane. “A podcaster with a smaller audience needs to understand that the campaigns may not pay the mortgage, but with the right advertiser, that podcast can earn premium CPM’s.” Our bulk buys allow us to include shows of all sizes, so if you’ve ever heard that you have to have 10,000 downloads per episode before a sponsor will consider you, don’t let that stop you! Follow our step-by-step process to joining the program, or skip right to the requirements and application on our Priority Advertising Partner page.

We know you work hard to make your show great, and we’re excited about this new way to support the podcasting community. Feel free to email us or leave a comment if you have questions. We want to help your podcast grow!


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Grow Your Podcast Using Audience Surveys

One of the best things about podcasting is how well your audience can get to know you by listening to your voice week after week. But one of the biggest challenges a podcaster faces is how one-sided the conversation can sometimes feel: since they’re often listening to you while, say, running or driving, there isn’t the same kind of instant interaction you might get with a blog or social media. Fortunately you have a tool at your disposal that can help you stay tuned in to who your listeners are and what they want: an audience survey. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.34.56 PM

Where can I get an audience survey?

Blubrry offers a free, ready-made survey – it takes less than 60 seconds to answer – that can quickly gather information about your audience’s demographics, listening habits, household income, and shopping patterns. It’s located in the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard under Make Money.

Each show with a Blubrry account can run a separate audience survey with a unique survey code, with badges (linked images) in multiple sizes and styles that you can embed on your site or in your show notes to make it easy for your listeners to find, click, and share their information with you. Then, we collect the results and make them easy for you to interpret. Don’t worry: we won’t share the information with any companies, but if you are looking for advertisers for your show, having this information can help RawVoice/Blubrry match your audience to the right campaign in the planning stages.  

What if I want to make my own?

If you’re looking for more specific information from your audience, you can try making your own survey using a service like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. We suggest using the ready-made Blubrry survey to get a general sense of your audience, and then perhaps creating your own to ask your listeners specific questions or test out a new show idea. Just make sure to keep them short: audiences don’t have very long attention spans these days, and you don’t want to lose your listeners halfway through. A typical survey should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete. 

Why use an audience survey?

Simple: the more you know about your audience, the better you can serve their needs. If your show doesn’t seem to be growing as fast as you like or has become stagnant, you can use the information you learn from an audience survey to make tweaks or improvements to your show.

Survey data can also be a great way to gauge your show’s marketability and decide the best way to monetize it. The patterns you can see in survey results give you a more complete picture of who is listening to their show, and can help you adjust your show to be more appealing to advertisers or to decide what kind of advertisers or affiliates will best fit your most engaged audience.

Keep in mind that if a listener takes the time to pull up your website and fill out a survey, they probably have strong feelings about it – either good or bad! – and are likely among your most loyal, engaged audience members. Respect that, and use the patterns your survey data reveals to make your show the best it can be.


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Blubrry Updates, Blogworld & PowerPress Tips

In this episode of the Blubrry and PowerPress Community Podcast

Blubrry.com Update.

  • Stats
  • Audience Survey
  • Advertising Survey

GoDaddy Program Relaunch
BlogWorld and New Media Expo Nov 3-5
CueToo.com (Premium Content Service)
Staff Updates

New PowerPress Features Coming

  • New Way to Monetize Content
  • Media buyers are gonna want to see it.
  • Media companies/creators are immediately going to want to implement it.
  • The rest of ya are just gonna dig it.

PowerPress Tutorials in this Show

  1. Changing iTunes Podcast image
  2. Tweaking RSS title of podcast feed
  3. Podcast feed 404 (because you didn’t create any episodes)
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Are you Advertiser Ready?

RawVoice has hired a full time sales manager and we want to make sure that all shows that works with us fully understand what they need to have in place in order to be considered for an advertising campaign. To often shows have great intentions yet when it comes time to put their shows on a proposal we are not able due to oversights by the content creator.  In this presentation, I walk you through the steps you need to take to be ready to be considered for an advertising campaign.

I have also posted some supporting articles for content creators hosting their media at the following sites. Mevio, Podbean, Libsyn, Podomatic, Blog Talk Radio.


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