Live from Las Vegas at NABShow 2019 – YP55

Blubrry’s Booth at NABShow 2019

You can easily podcast on the go, Mike and Todd did just that ‘live’ from Las Vegas at the NAB Show 2019.

Todd and Mike sit down in the booth and talk about some of the happenings at NABShow and in the podcasting world in this abbreviated version of Your Podcast.  MacKenzie from PowerPress Podcast joins us for a bit as well.

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Some of the topics covered:

  • NABShow recap, recorded on the last day.
  • Apple’s new show pages – with audio players! Take a look at ours here: Your Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  • Apple may be dumping “iTunes” in favor of individual apps for Podcasts, Music, Movies, etc on the desktop.
  • Will there ever be an Apple Podcasts for Android devices?
  • CHECK YOUR SPAM (We’re unfortunately still having some issues with Gmail.)
  • The Blubrry team has begun utilizing a new ticket system for support.
  • New update to PowerPress: 7.4.1. Mainly bug fixes, but still useful to update.
  • Partner: AudioBurst transcriptions and more for Blubrry customers.
  • Rubber Ducks and shipping containers.

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Podcast Sites, Feeds, and SSL for Apple Podcasts

Podcast Sites, Feeds, and SSL for Apple Podcasts

First, some definitions. What is an SSL Certificate? According to Symantec, “SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and, in short, it’s the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details. The two systems can be a server and a client (for example, a shopping website and browser) or server to server (for example, an application with personal identifiable information or with payroll information).”

SSL for Apple Podcasts is Coming

While it’s certainly not “official” policy yet, you can probably see it coming at some point in the future: SSL will become increasingly important to podcasters. It’s already happened for “regular” websites: sites–even non-ecommerce–rank better in Google search results if they have a valid SSL certificate. Amazon requires SSL to be on their Alexa ecosystem. So, it’s no stretch of imagination to see that Apple may require SSL to be in the Apple Podcasts directory.

Apple has mentioned that at some point in the future they’re going to require SSL to be in the Apple Podcasts directory. Also, not just any ol’ SSL certificate will do. It’ll most likely need to be from one of the SSL Certificates accepted by Apple.

SSL on PowerPress Sites is Super Simple

Good news, though if you’re on PowerPress Sites. You can switch your podcast site and podcast feed to SSL literally with the click of a button. Go to PowerPress Site Settings and click Set Up SSL. Then, wait a few minutes and you’re done. One little click and you’re good to go.

If you’re on Blubrry (without WordPress or PowerPress) or Podcast Mirror your feed is already SSL.

Otherwise, contact your hosting provider– they most likely have documentation to help you get your podcast site and podcast feed set up with SSL.If you’re not using an SSL cert yet, you’re probably ok. For now. But it’s coming, and it’s fairly simple to set up. Might want to get a head start.

Archive an Inactive Podcast – YP54

Podcast shows aren’t necessarily meant to last forever with new episodes. That’s where archiving an inactive podcast comes in. We explain how to do just that for your show, among other things. Such as, BBC recently removed podcasts from Google. On our side, Blubrry now offers AudioBurst to hosting customers. Mike got his first experience at the Proclaim event last week and is headed to NAB next week. Enjoy this somewhat abbreviated episode of Your Podcast.

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  • In a somewhat disappointing move, BBC removes podcasts from Google.
  • Always expanding, we’ve got a new partner, Audioburst. We could not be more excited to help podcasters get transcriptions and ‘bursts’ of their episodes to post on social media and elsewhere. Plus, it’s free!


  • Mike attended Proclaim19! last week for the first time.
  • NABshow is happening next week in Vegas. Blubrry team will be there and Todd will be on a panel, learn more about it here. You can find us at the Podcast Pavilion in Central Hall. (booth C3033)




(click to zoom in)


  • Archiving an inactive show and keeping it online.
    1. To keep it on Blubrry, downgrade to the lowest plan ($12).
    2. Otherwise, and this is ONLY for a show that is not ongoing, use (which is what it’s for).
    3. OR, a folder on your website.
      *****Again, not for an ongoing show. Just for inactive shows.*****


  • CHECK YOUR SPAM Our email is still being marked as spam to a lot of Google email accounts (Gmail and G Suite). If you expected a reply, check your spam.
  • New ticket system coming soon!

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Transcribe and share your podcast

We’re all cyborgs now. Sort of.

Ever wished someone would transcribe your entire show, cut it into segments, and share those out on social or other distribution/discovery channels? Wish no more, if you’re a Blubrry Podcast Hosting customer. Instead of humans doing the dirty work, though, we’ve partnered with Audioburst. Through this partnership Blubrry customers gain transcripts, social sharing of audio clips, and broader distribution and discoverability.

We, along with Audioburst, today announced this awesome partnership that will allow Blubrry hosting customers to have access to Audioburst’s suite of tools and the Audioburst library of searchable voice “bursts.” This library uses some pretty sophisticated tech to listen to, understand, segment and index the content to be searched and generate new cross-platform distribution.

Amir Hirsh, co-founder and CEO of Audioburst, said “Our mission is to empower podcasters and radio professionals with a robust solution for monetization, distribution and discovery. The integration of our Audioburst Creators platform gives Blubrry’s thousands of creative community members the unmatched tools to transcribe, increase exposure and earn money.”

If you’re a Blubrry hosting customer, you’ll be able to transcribe full episodes, create short clips called ‘bursts’ of your audio or video content and then share those bursts on social media platforms. This can extend the life of your content using modern AI programming to highlight specific segments that can even further earn revenue and listenership.

“This partnership with Audioburst is exciting for our Blubrry customers as I’ve been a big fan of their technology for some time,” said Todd Cochrane, Blubrry CEO. “The audio bursts, automated transcripts and indexing of audio content will allow Blubrry customers to reach new listeners and engage with a wider audience.”

You can sign up for Audioburst for free within your podcast dashboard, and have your personalized content created within minutes. Bursts, transcriptions and new content can be found on any one of Audiobursts distributions platforms where users specify topics and categories for results.

It really is that easy. And I, for one, welcome our new robot partners. If you’re not already a Blubrry podcast hosting customer, we have one of the most widely-used podcasting platforms, and are the only podcast hosting provider to have our podcast stats platform certified by the IAB Tech Lab— one of the highest standards in the industry. That means when you monetize your hard work and particular point of view, you can trust you’re giving your advertisers audience stats that are held to extremely rigorous standards.

Back from Podfest Multimedia Expo – YP53

Podfest 2019

The Blubrry team traveled to Orlando for the 5th annual Podfest Expo. We enjoyed meeting new podcasters and catching up with others, we’ll be back next year. In the extended podcasting world, Spotify and Apple seem to be in a tiff, not because of podcasts but the freedom to act as a fully fledged music and media company, without Apple acting as big brother. This is a quicker episode, but still packed with great insight.

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  • How was Podfest? Todd and Mike give their impressions of the show this year.
  • Mike will be atNRB Proclaim19! March 26-29th in Anaheim, CA
  • Blubrry at NAB show April 7-11th in Las Vegas


  • Email issues at Blubrry/RawVoice: Check your spam if you are on Gmail!
  • 301 redirects are important if you change platforms. It preserves your connection to your current subscribers.

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Podcast Stats Soundbites – Smart Speakers

Podcast Stats Soundbites – Smart Speakers

In this edition of Podcast Stats Soundbites we take a look at intelligent assistants and smart speakers. Smart speakers–speakers that contain or work with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit to control smart home features, start vehicles, and play music & podcasts–growth surged in 2018. It’s the latest in the tech giants land grab for an ever increasing slice of our lives. But what impact, if any, will the growth of these gadgets have on the podcasting space?

Podcast Stats Soundbite 1: Smart Speaker Podcast Download Growth Rate

In 2018, smart speaker growth was fast. Really fast. Like, “they’ve gone to plaid” fast.

According to Blubrry’s proprietary, IAB Tech Lab Certified, podcast statistics, year over year growth from February 2018 through February 2019, market share of podcast downloads via smart speaker grew at a rate of more than 2,500%. No. We didn’t miss a decimal. 2,500% growth, year over year.

Podcast Stats Soundbite 2: Smart Speaker Podcast Download Total Market Share

But–and there’s always a but–smart speaker use for podcast listening is still relatively small compared to other channels. Podcast downloads via smart speaker accounted for only 1.8% of total downloads. Small, yes, but it’s now larger than podcast downloads via tablets. And if we extrapolate to February 2020, with straight line growth based on the 2018 pattern, podcast downloads via smart speaker could be closing in on 3% market share.

What Might This Mean for Podcasters?

For starters, you probably shouldn’t freak out and change all the things. But, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you are positioned well for discovery via voice search. Just like traditional text-based search, it’s important to be at the top of search results for queries related to your podcast. But, given the user experience for smart speakers, that top search result becomes even more important. One easy thing to do: make sure that your audience knows to ask their smart speaker for your show.

International Women’s Day, 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, a holiday in some places and completely ignored in others. Sometimes it’s a day of protest, sometimes a day to celebrate womanhood, and sometimes both. And, before you wonder when International Men’s Day is, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to shine a well deserved light, interview-style, on two of Blubrry’s amazing employees, MacKenzie Bennett and Lena Taupier. They’re integral parts of the team that brings you world-class podcast hosting, IAB Tech Lab Certified podcast stats, and the ubiquitous PowerPress WordPress podcasting plugin.

MacKenzie is Services and Affiliates Coordinator at RawVoice, parent company of Blubrrry.

Lena is Lead Software Developer at RawVoice.

Blubrry (B): thanks for taking some time. I know you have plenty to do, so let’s just jump right in. Are you a podcaster?

MacKenzie Bennett (MB): I am, for Blubrry. Outside of work, I don’t have a podcast, maybe one day.

Lena Taupier (LT): No, but I have become a podcast addict.


B: What’s your show show called?

MB: I host the PowerPress Podcast. It’s you guessed it, pretty meta, and all about podcasting news and Blubrry podcasters.


B: How long have you been podcasting?

MB: it’s been about three and a half, four years, now.


B: Why did you get into it?

MB: When I started at Blubrry four years ago I had never been on a podcast. They wanted to me to host with a fresh, unbiased perspective.

LT: I had listened to a couple of episodes here and there over the years but it wasn’t until I started working at Blubrry that I truly became a podcast addict.


B: What’s your favorite thing about podcasting?

MB: People. I interview guests on almost every episode and each time I get to learn about their show and discuss what is new and fun (or awful) in podcasting.

LT: I love that it’s such an open medium where literally anyone who has an interest in a particular area can start creating content that others can consume. I also appreciate how easy it is to listen on the go. Nowadays there’s nothing I’d rather be doing on long drives than listening to my favorite podcasts!


B: Speaking of, what are your current favorite podcasts and why?

LT: Freakonomics – This show explores a wide variety of topics, from the cost/benefit of having 6,500+ languages in the world, to the parking problem in America. I really love numbers and statistics and the hosts do a great good job of gathering data to backup their findings so it’s really interesting. Snap Judgement – This show interviews people from all over the world who have interesting life stories. I am always in awe of the diverse and profound life experiences that I hear about in each episode.


MB: I’m not a subscriber. Rarely will I listen to every episode of shows I love. For that reason, I love series – ones I can’t skip episodes on. Recently finished Happy Face; typical crime show, but sue me for loving to learn about murderers.


B: How long have you been with Blubrry?

MB: 4 years almost to the day! March 9, 2015 was my first day.

LT: 3.5 years and counting!


B: What’s it like working at Blubrry?

LT: It’s very fast-paced and exciting because things are constantly changing due to the nature of the podcast industry. As a software developer, I really enjoy that aspect because it means we get to work on new, exciting projects quite frequently. I also really like that we have an open environment where new ideas are encouraged and we have the flexibility to explore and use new technologies.

MB: Insightful. Constantly learning, but also exciting being part of the new releases, services and changes in the industry.


B: What are you most excited about in the world of podcasting for 2019?

MB: Hard to say at the moment. Edison Research Infinite Dial numbers just came out and I’m surprised how interested I am at looking forward to digging into what is causing listener growth.

LT: I’m excited about all the tools and technologies that are popping up to help make podcasts more discoverable. For example, as AI transcription from audio to text improves, it will become much easier to search through and discover new podcasts based on specific topics.

B: If you could interview anyone (living or dead)  for your podcast, who would you choose and why?

LT: I would interview Marie Curie. She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only person ever to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences. I would love to hear about her earlier years and what it was like to be a female scientist at that time.

MB: Honestly, my first thought was a pirate. I think they’re hilarious, full of good stories, and would love to get their perspective on my horrible Halloween renditions of them over the years.


B: Thanks for chatting, and thanks for what you do for Blubrry! Anything else you’d like to add?

MB: Look out for your other female podcasters. Bond with them, learn with them.

LT: Thanks!

Apple Podcasts & Episode Numbers in Titles – YP52

Apple Podcasts Logo We celebrate 2 years of Your Podcast. Todd is back! Thank you to Jeff, John and Grant for Co-hosting with Mike over the last few episodes. Today Todd and Mike talk about Apple’s emails about meta data and what it all means, Blubrry will be at the RAIN Summit in NYC and Podfest in Orlando this week.  We also did a fair amount of Geeking out on file formats and sample rates.


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  • Apple’s email


Dear Podcast Provider,

To improve your experience with Apple Podcasts, we want to share the following information and updates.

Optimize Your Show’s Metadata

The metadata of your show is your product packaging. It includes all of the details about your show — such as title, author name, description — that potential listeners will see on Apple Podcasts. High-quality metadata can help your show be discovered and grow your audience, as it ultimately determines whether it appears in relevant user searches.

Conversely, poor-quality podcast metadata may affect new submissions as well as active shows to ensure our platform meets Apple’s quality standards.

Here are some things to avoid:

Including placeholder text from your hosting provider. For example, descriptions such as “Podcast by [author name],” “New podcast weblog,” “Cover art photo provided by [name],” or “Description goes here.”
Verbatim repetition of the title or author name in the description. For example, “The Very Hungry Tourists by Dr. María Sánchez and John Appleseed.”
Incorporating irrelevant content or spam. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists | Travel | Explore | Learn” or author names like “Dr. María Sánchez, coach and travel enthusiast.”
Adding episode numbers in titles. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists Episode 01” or episode titles like “01 Broken Heirloom.”
These practices could result in your show being rejected or removed from Apple Podcasts.

  • Apple Clarifies the previous email

Dear Podcast Provider,

We’ve received a lot of questions about metadata best practices on Apple Podcasts. We want to provide more details and clarification as you think about improving your show’s metadata.

Your Show Won’t Be Removed for Having Episode Numbers in Episode Titles

Starting with iOS 11 in September 2017, we introduced modern RSS tags to improve podcast metadata. These tags include support for seasons, trailers, and episode numbers. The new tags help us present your show to your listeners on Apple Podcasts and present listening data to you in Podcast Analytics.

We encourage you to use the tag to send us your episode numbers. If you decide to include episode numbers in your episode titles.


  • Apple’s tags and why they are important now more than ever.
  • The Geeks are at it: 44.1k vs 48k sample rate?  Does it matter anymore?
  • While we are at it, AAC vs. MP3.


  • Enabling Apples tags at Blubrry Generator and in PowerPress
    • . In the Episodes tab of PowerPress settings, enable “iTunes Episode Title Field” and “iTunes Episode Number, Season” fields.  (pull down to “show field” on both)
    • Edit each post and click “modify” in the podcast episode area
    • Type in the new title for Apple Podcasts in the ‘iTunes title’ box and put the episode number in the number box.  You can ignore the season and type fields if you want.
    • Update the post.
    • Repeat for any posts that are in your feed
    • Go to “Manage Episodes” and click the “edit” icon next to the episode you want to edit.
  • In the editor you will see advanced iTunes settings.  Open that section and you will see “iTunes Title” and “Episode Number”.  Put that info in and save. Repeat as needed.
  • Media file names – Spaces in file names or other weird symbols do weird things to stats.   ONLY numbers, letters, underscores or dashes in mp3 file names.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, you can contact Todd or Mike here:

How to Remove Podcast Episode Numbers From Your Feed

Apple Podcasts LogoApple is Encouraging you to Not Include Episode Numbers in Episode Titles for Apple Podcasts.

Apple is strongly encouraging podcasters to not include episode numbers in the episode titles of their episodes. The fix is fairly simple & straightforward but could be pretty labor intensive if you have a lot of episodes.

How to Remove Podcast Episode Numbers

To remove the episode numbers for your title simply edit each post and remove the episode numbers. Simple, yes. But could be time consuming if you’ve got years of episodes. Better to fix it now, though, than to be smacked by Apple.

How to Remove Podcast Episode Numbers JUST from Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts may be losing market share, but they’re still the dominant player. We are of the opinion that they want to clean up the look of the Apple Podcasts directory. But you need to understand how removing the episode number for Apple’s sake will affect the look of your show in other applications. 

So far, here is what we found with the <itunes:title> tag vs. the plain old main <title> tag.
Google Podcasts – Main title
Pocket Casts – Apple title
Podcast Addict – Main title
BeyondPod – Stripped out the number but uses the main title ??
Spotify – Main Title
Tunein – Main title
Overcast – Apple Title
Himalaya – Apple Title

Good news, though, for PowerPress users: you have options you can tailor your episode feed to Apple Podcasts to remove episode numbers just from Apple Podcasts and those that use the Apple Title. So, if you would like to have the numbers in your main title on your site and those apps listed above, and remove it just for the Apple Title do the following:

  1. In the Episodes tab of PowerPress settings, enable “ iTunes Episode Title Field” and “iTunes Episode Number, Season and Type Fields”
  2. Save Changes at the bottom of that page.
  3. Edit each post and click “modify” in the podcast episode area.
  4. Type in the new title for Apple Podcasts in the ‘iTunes title’ box.
  5. Update the post.

If you want to make these changes, If you have 299 episodes in your feed consider lowering that number until you have edited your posts.

Again, this only works in PowerPress. So if you are using a feed using use the advanced edit button to expose these tags

Learning How to Podcast As You Go

Not everyone is fit to host a podcast, not at the beginning at least. There is a lot of learning that goes into hosting a podcast, writing show notes, finding guests, learning how to interview, the list goes on and on. But the guest this week, Lara, was aware of what she was getting into with a strong background in marketing. They discuss attending events, with the perspective as an attendee and exhibitor, and how they’ve been the fish out of water before. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or lost in the work involved with a podcast, and she has a great outlook on how to tackle everything involved. Speaking of being overwhelmed, they end their chat by talking about streaming services – is there too much content available?

A little about Lara

Lara Zuehlke is on a mission to help women ages 40+ age with grit and grace. Through her podcast, Fit Over 40, and her programs at ZulaFit, Lara offers a mind-body-soul approach to help women let go of the weight (wait) for the last time. An award-winning writer and speaker, Lara is also a certified food psychology coach (Spencer Institute) and certified energy practitioner (ISEE Global). You can meet Lara and learn more at:

Thanks for listening and please subscribe via your favorite podcast app. If you’d like to be a guest on the show reach out to MacKenzie. She’s always looking for fun, new podcasters that use Blubrry services, specifically PowerPress.

We’ve been loving our new desk by the team over at Convo by Design. Josh Cooperman is also a podcaster and knew we wanted something specific to fit our needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your podcasting set up, give him a shot.

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Show notes:

Events we’ll be attending: PodFest, Proclaim19, Podcast Movement.
Fit Over 40: Hosted by Lara Zuehlke, she works to help women overcome issues associated to mind, body and spirit.
The Streaming Crash of 2019: What services are you paying for and how much are you actually able to watch?