PowerPress Tops 1 Million Downloads!

Here at Blubrry, we’re pretty proud of PowerPress, the FREE podcast publishing tool that powers more podcasts worldwide than any other plugin. But now we really have something to celebrate: On March 10, PowerPress surpassed 1 million downloads, pulling even further ahead of the pack when it comes to podcast management and distribution.

“PowerPress was created by Blubrry to fill a void,” explained Todd Cochrane, CEO. “The WordPress podcasting plugins at the time were plagued with compatibility issues and poor support.” The plugin was launched in 2008 and quickly became the most popular plugin on the market. “The industry’s response was phenomenal,” says Cochrane. Approximately 18 percent of all podcasts found on iTunes use PowerPress, more than any other service or platform, and the plugin now powers more than 65,000 podcast websites ranging from single podcasts to radio stations and podcast networks, the biggest having over 600 shows on a single install.

There are many reasons PowerPress has been downloaded 6X as much as any other podcasting plugin, but perhaps most important is the ease of use and all-in-one experience it allows.

“PowerPress allows individuals to manage podcasts directly from their WordPress website,” explained Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry and the main developer of PowerPress. “By combining the website experience with your podcast, podcasters can leverage the synergy created between web visitors and podcast subscribers. With more than 100 iTunes compliant features, users can manage multiple podcasts in both audio and/or video.”

For thousands of podcasters, PowerPress has served as a free, easy-to-use introduction to the top-notch services Blubrry provides. But the real magic happens when PowerPress is used in tandem with other Blubrry products, such as hosting and professional podcast stats. The products work seamlessly together, allowing podcasters to create, publish, and distribute their podcasts – plus share new episodes on social media and check analytics – all without leaving their WordPress dashboard. And we don’t stop with creating great products: we’re here to help you every step of the way, with free podcasting tutorials and top-notch customer service. 

If you haven’t tried PowerPress, now’s the time to discover how easy and streamlined podcasting can really be! And if you’re one of the million-plus who’ve already downloaded the plugin, we’d love to hear what you think.

Leave us a comment below: what do you love about PowerPress? Why do you think it’s the most popular podcasting tool?


Your Podcast: A New Podcast From Blubrry

What is “Your Podcast” All About?

It’s all about Your Brand, Your Ideas, Your Intellectual Property and Your Time — and how Blubrry services can help you keep all of these things. Your Podcast is going to feature company news & announcements, discussion about podcasting in general, tech topics that relate to your podcast and some inside information coming from a combined 24 years of experience in podcasting. This show will run every 2 weeks opposite of the PowerPress Podcast.

Host Todd Cochrane is the CEO of RawVoice Inc. (parent company of Blubrry Podcasting) and the host and producer of the Geek News Central Podcast and co-host of the New Media Show.

Host Mike Dell is the Customer Support Coordinator for RawVoice and Blubrry and is the host and producer of Mike Dell’s World and Podcast Help Desk (among others).

Company Philosophy – What Makes Blubrry Different?

  • We strongly believe in podcasters controlling and owning their own brand.
  • Our team – we’re all podcasters.
  • We provide the tools and service to make podcasting as easy as possible and get out of the way.

Just Two Examples:

  • PowerPress – our open-source plugin helps over 65,000 content creators power their podcast and build their brands.
  • Our unbranded podcast players. We don’t advertise on YOUR site (unless of course you’d like to join our Affiliate Program).

Company News

  • Todd and Mike talk about our Professional Hosting and our integration with the Triton Digital advertising platform.
  • Our WordPress plugin, PowerPress, reached 1 million downloads last week!

Customer Question

  • Why do you just post two minutes to Facebook and YouTube with Post to Social?
  • Some strange support questions.

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If you have any comments, questions or topics you would like us to cover on the show, email us at yourpodcast@blubrry.com. We’re excited to get started!

Opportunities and Marketing Your Podcast with Michael Arias

Big thanks to Michael Arias for being our guest on this week’s episode of The PowerPress Podcast with MacKenzie. Michael’s show The Dental Marketer is only six months old, but he’s already seeing ways to profit. We talk about new opportunities that arise — personal and professional — and learn how Michael found his niche and discovered how passionate he is about podcasting. After talking about his show, MacKenzie and Michael discuss live podcasts and how they’re gaining in popularity. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

How to Produce Podcasts That Create Innovative New Opportunities
The Dental Marketer
Live Podcasts
Blubrry Twitter
Email MacKenzie

5 Reasons Radio Professionals LOVE Blubrry

The best talent and minds in the radio industry can boast a strong understanding of a century-old medium. But while radio professionals see the huge potential in podcasting – both as an additional revenue source as well as an opportunity to build stronger brands by delivering on-demand content – it isn’t always easy to for a mass media company to launch a podcasting program.

Luckily, Blubrry has a solution for that.

“We are a small media market within a medium media market,” says Zack East, Digital Media Manager for Midwest Family Broadcasting in Benton Harbor, MI,  “Our consumers are thirsty for local content, swimming in a sea of out-of-state and corporate television and print.” Still, while management understood the value of podcasting, rolling out an organized effort to begin producing podcasts proved difficult until the company discovered Blubrry’s all-in-one solutions.

Here, East shares the five things he most appreciates about being a Professional level Blubrry hosting customer. 

Ease of Use:

While most of the company’s on-air talent was already producing some podcasts, the popular service they were using was cumbersome and required a lot of extra effort from the already-busy staff. After switching to Blubrry, he says, “we spoke with our staffs across six radio stations and explained how they never have to insert code again, that they could do everything in one step inside their station’s WordPress website, that they didn’t have to deal with more usernames and passwords, and that their podcasts will show up among their station’s blog posts,” explains East. “Needless to say, it went really well! And, as we all know, if it’s easy to do, there’s less chance someone will ‘forget’ to get it done.”

Accessibility for Listeners:

Ease of use for the listener is also key, says East. “I am a big believer in accessibility. The more accessible material is to the consumer, the better chance they’ll give it a listen.” Blubrry’s Subscribe on Android feature was a particular hit with the staff, many of whom use Android devices and had found the process of subscribing to podcasts time-consuming. Blubrry’s attractive, innovative media player was also well-received as a great way to introduce less technologically-oriented listeners to the world of podcasts.

A Streamlined Solution:

With six radio stations housed under one roof and a lean management team, there isn’t always a lot of time to individually coach each on-air personality through a lengthy process of publishing, promoting, and sharing podcasts. That’s why Blubrry’s suite of complementary services was such a breath of fresh air to East and his team. “This idea of keeping podcast content and stories or blogs all in one place is just magical. Who would have thought that we could easily marry a lot of tech together with such little effort? And, if we are able to explain to our listeners that EVERYTHING you hear on the air – the stories we talk about, the songs we play, the chance to see our social media or listen live, can all be found at the same website – they’ll be more likely to use us and come back,” he says.

More Opportunities To Monetize Content:

Of course, any media company’s primary goal is to be profitable, so a podcast program has to promise more than just personal satisfaction. East is finding that the “easy button” nature of Blubrry’s services has made it much easier to define the benefits and potential for sales staff and advertisers who may want to sponsor a podcast or even buy a client-focused podcast of their own. And the staff workload is so much less. “We don’t have to create a brand new website just to help them host a podcast either,” he says. One great example is the company’s new Meet the Makers podcast, which focuses on crafters of beer, wine and spirits in the company’s region and was the network’s first client-focused, sponsored podcast, all created using Blubrry’s professional-level hosting services.

World-Class Stats:

In any media buy situation, potential advertisers want to know one thing: how many people are listening, and who are they? Blubrry’s top-notch analytics make it easy for the team at MWFB to determine and communicate those numbers. “When we talked as a radio company about how we could monetize what we produce for our podcasts using our local sales staff, metrics were the number one concern. Most of our stations’ staff had been podcasting using other random services, most of which have no analytics for free. Since our sales staff is used to using our listening and digital infographics to help sell our products and audiences, it was integral that our podcasts also have just as much data. We were ecstatic to find out that Blubrry had data we didn’t think we could track from podcasting – most of it for free,” says East. “And, having data accessible to our airstaff, our clients and our sales people helps all of them justify the time and money spent on these sometimes major projects of producing a great product.”

Here at Blubrry, our focus has always been on handling the technology details so that talent can concentrate on what they’re best at: creating high-quality, compelling content. That goal explains why a small-but-mighty, locally-focused broadcasting company decided to trust Blubrry with its fledgling podcasting program. We believe that other broadcast companies, big and small, could learn something from that kind of forward thinking – and we’ll continue to be here, creating the products and services that fuel their success.

This Week’s AWS Outage And Why Blubrry Was Affected

If you use Blubrry hosting, you may have noticed a pause in service earlier this week as Amazon Web Servers went down worldwide, affecting hundreds of thousands of digital content providers – the vast majority of which were not Blubrry customers. You may also have been asking yourself, “What does Amazon hosting have to do with me – I’m not an Amazon hosting customer!”

If you wondered why an Amazon outage affected you, and how it happened in the first place, here’s the answer.

Like many web and digital services companies, Blubrry uses Amazon’s limitless storage system for our media hosting. At Blubrry, we use it because it provides endless storage and comes with a guarantee of service, which has been failure-free since we started using it in 2009. Tuesday, February 28 was the first time we have encountered an issue with the service that directly impacted you, our customer. Amazon has explained that the problem was due to an employee error and that the length of the outage was limited.

Our media delivery of fresh podcast content was not impacted by the issue, as we use a separate partner for our content delivery network. Statistics were not affected, nor were other key services we provide.

Here’s a list of what was impacted in the outage:

  • The ability to upload and publish new episodes was interrupted from 1:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern time.
  • There was limited access to archives of episodes between 1:00 and 3:00 PM Eastern time.
  • Customers experienced delays updating their podcast artwork in the Blubrry podcast directory.

We are currently reviewing the failure that happened at Amazon and will be incorporating changes to mitigate future failures so that podcasters are not impacted in the unlikely event that this problem occurs again. Amazon has also vowed to make changes to its services that will render such an event unlikely in the future.

Since AWS has such a long, solid track record of steady service without failure, we are Blubrry are confident that this was a temporary, if annoying, bump in the road.

Dealing with the Unpredictable with Chris Savage

Episode 39 of the PowerPress Podcast is here. In this episode, MacKenzie speaks with Chris Savage of the Eclectablog about the podcast he co-hosts, The Sit and Spin Room with LOLGOP & Eclectablog. A political podcast, Chris and Jason decided to start the show right before the 2016 U.S. presidential election and have now reached episode 20. They discuss why it’s important when doing a podcast on politics to be flexible and have ideas on how to deal with the unpredictable. Thank you Daniel J. Lewis for the blog post on how to deal with life’s twists and turns when it comes to your podcast.

MacKenzie and Chris end the show by talking about how to become renowned as an expert in your field by way of being a podcast guest or host. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

How to Continue Podcasting When Your Life Is Unpredictable – Daniel Lewis
Eclectablog – The Sit and Spin with LOLGOP & Eclectablog
The New Expert Platform: Using Podcast Interviews for Thought Leadership Marketing

What’s In A Name (And Logo?) How To Register And Protect Your Podcast Trademark

As a podcaster you have spent hours developing your show, finding topics, locating people to interview, writing show notes, putting together intros and outros, recording and editing. Your show is uniquely yours with topics that are dear to you and the show is produced with a style your listeners love. Your potential listeners are drawn to listen to your show through you show’s title, logos and artwork. Your current listeners identify with your show through your show’s title, logo and artwork.  This is your branding and your trademark.

What if another podcaster decides to create a show and brands his new show with a show name and logo that is similar to your show’s title and logo? The answer is that new listeners may choose the new show over yours, and your current listeners may become confused not knowing which show is yours and which show is the new show.

This is the exact scenario that our trademark laws are designed to prevent. Our federal and state trademark laws are designed to allow you to have your unique brand that cannot be copied if those copies will confuse, cause mistakes or deceive when used in commerce.

You obtain a trademark when you first use your branding in commerce. When you pick a show name and logo and you publish a podcast using that show name and logo you have created your trademark. Of course your show name and logo must be unique and not a copy or something similar to another podcaster’s show name and logo.

Contrary to what many believe, it is not necessary to register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to have a trademark. However, registering your trademark with the USPTO makes it much easier to defend your trademark should someone else copy or use a similar mark to identify their podcast. Registering your trademark gives you the presumption that it is unique to your particular marketplace and that you were the first to use it in commerce.

I have successfully fended off trademark encroachers by simply sending the encroacher a cease and desist letter containing our trademark’s USPTO registration number. I’m sure defending the trademark would not have been as easy if the trademark was not registered and I was simply claiming a common law trademark. Unfortunately if your cease and desist letter does not work then you must decide if you have the resources to file a trademark infringement claim in the United States District Court.

You may want to consider registering your trademark if you are growing your audience with hard work and scarce resources. Why let someone confuse and dilute your audience by branding their show with something similar to your branding?


barry kantz-Attorney Barry Kantz is General Counsel and CFO of RawVoice and Blubrry. He can be found on Twitter @kantzb

This post is part of a series on copyright law as it pertains to podcasters. Check out Barry’s posts on using music for your podcast without breaking copyright law, determining what “fair use” means when it comes to podcasting, and DMCA takedown and shakedown notices.


What Are ID3 Tags, And Why Do You Need Them?

Why are ID3 tags important? When you create a new podcast episode the meta information – such as the title of your episode, artist/author, your website URL and any episode-specific artwork – are attached to each episode’s media file in what’s called an ID3 format.

All that information helps ensure that a listener knows what your episode is about and enables it to display correctly in a portable media player or software-based audio player. “If a media file is somehow separated from the app that downloaded it, these tags are the only information left to let the listener know what they are listening to,” explains Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry.

While it’s possible to download a free tagging program such as EasyTag or to manually enter tags via iTunes, one of the benefits of Blubrry Powerpress combined with Blubrry hosting is that the tagging can be set up automatically. This means the tags will be written to your MP3 files based on the data you’ve already entered into PowerPress settings and in the blog post associated with your podcast episode. This streamlines the production process and makes it less likely that your show will get separated from important tagging data.

To configure PowerPress to automatically populate your episode meta tags, scroll down to the PowerPress menu to the left of your WordPress dashboard and select “MP3 Tags.” From this window, you’ll have the opportunity to use the default tags provided by your feed, or to create your own.

If you don’t have the PowerPress Plugin or Blubrry hosting, you’ll need to write meta tags yourself each time you upload an episode. Our Podcasting Manual has instructions for how to do this and what programs you can use.

Earn Money While Helping Other Podcasters: How And Why To Join The Blubrry Affiliate Network

If you’re a podcasting enthusiast, no doubt you’ve considered a variety of ways to monetize your passion. One way, of course, is via affiliate marketing – a way of earning money by promoting products and services you already use and trust while receiving a commission from resulting sales. But with so many different online products and services offering an affiliate program, how do you know which one to sign up with? Here at Blubrry, we’re proud of our affiliate program, which generously rewards authentic and helpful content creators who want to earn money while helping to connect other podcasters with top-notch resources. Here are success stories from two of Blubrry’s top-performing affiliates, as well as information about how you can join the program and what to expect once you’re a part of it.

Over $65K – From One Affiliate

“I jumped into the Blubrry affiliate program as soon as it started,” says Daniel Lewis of The Audacity To Podcast. “I was already recommending Blubrry’s premium podcast stats and hosting, so I loved the new opportunity to be rewarded for my recommendations.” In his award-winning podcast, Lewis regularly recommends podcasting resources he trusts and is confident will serve the needs of his audience. “I mention Blubrry’s services frequently in podcast episodes, blog posts, social posts, and email newsletters.” Lewis says he promotes both Blubrry premium stats and hosting, depending on the context of the discussion and the needs of his audience.

Besides knowing he’s doing his audience a real service in recommending a high-quality resource he himself trusts and uses, Lewis admits the financial rewards of Blubrry’s affiliate program is a huge benefit. “Blubrry is quite generous!” says Lewis. “I love that I’m rewarded not only for new customers, but also a bonus reward for customers who stay.” The numbers are impressive. “In 2016, I generated $65,573 of sales for Blubrry,” Lewis shares. “It amazes me that my relevant recommendations are basically generating someone else’s salary! Also in 2016, I earned over $7,000 from the referrals. About half of that is an annual, recurring bonus.”

If you’re inspired by Lewis’ success, look to his high-performing approach. “My audience is most eager to use Blubrry when I communicate the simple, WordPress-centered workflow,” explains Lewis, who adds that he makes these recommendations in a relative context, such as when he’s talking about managing a podcast with WordPress, responding to questions about podcasting and WordPress, or in referencing the companies he recommends to other podcasts.

It also helps to be a loyal user of Blubrry’s products and services. “I recommended Blubrry before I was getting paid for it,” says Lewis, who attributes the success of his affiliate relationship to genuine and relevant recommendations, and in offering a promo code incentive that his audience can use to get started with Blubrry for free.

A Significant Part of A Diverse Income Stream

For Colin Gray, Founder of The Podcast Host, the decision to join Blubrry’s affiliate program was simple. “I’ve been telling people about Blubrry’s services since I started using them a few years ago,” explains Gray. “We work with a lot of new and aspiring podcasters, and they tend to be starting out small. Blubrry’s entry-level packages are great for that.”

Gray explains that a large part of his job as an affiliate partner is to dispel myths for the new or would-be podcaster. “One of the most common question is, where does a podcast live?” he shares. “To me, that demonstrates how confusing podcasting can be right at the start. Once you know, you know – it’s not that complicated. But, at first, everyone thinks you have to upload to iTunes.” Gray and his team educate their audience by writing about the whole process of getting started podcasting: where a podcast lives, where to upload it, how to distribute it, and so on. “That’s exactly the point when people need to sign up for a host, so we mention Blubrry at that point. It’s a natural place to mention the service, since we use it ourselves, and it helps out our readers in the process.”

Gray also attributes his team’s affiliate success in large part to the ease of publishing via the PowerPress plugin. “It’s the 10 minutes or so saved, every time, by not having to go off to the media host’s site, upload an audio file, set up the episode, copy an embed code and then take that back to your own site. I’ve not found anything to beat Powerpress in making self-hosted podcasting easy,” he says.

And when it comes to the math, Gray is happy with what Blubrry has to offer its affiliate partners. “It’s always great to find a program that offers ongoing commissions,” he points out. And while Blubrry is currently a smaller part of his company’s total commissions, it adds up as a part of the overall whole and is continuing to grow.

How To Get Started:

Excited to turn your passion for podcasting and love for Blubrry’s products and services into an income stream? The first step is simple: apply to join our affiliate program. You don’t need to meet a certain traffic level or download threshold, “but you do need a solid website that makes it obvious what you do and that you put some time and effort into it,” says MacKenzie Bennett, Services and Affiliates Coordinator at Blubrry. Bennett also points out that you don’t need to promote Blubrry on a podcast; a website works just fine.

How It Works:

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll be issued a unique code that tracks all orders that come through you. Using that code, the first month is free. After months 2 and 3, affiliates begin earning a commission. The great news? You’ll continue to earn commissions on that customer’s lifetime sales, and will be eligible for bonuses once annual sales reach $1501.

“We built an affiliate program that pays the affiliate beyond the initial sale, which is unique in the podcasting space,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry.  With that kind of generosity and potential for long-term revenue generation, it pays (literally) to spread the word far and wide. “Our best performers promote their promo code on their show, website, social media and any blogs or forums that they participate in,” says Bennett. “The more your spread your code and are knowledgable about the product, meaning people can trust your judgement on it, the better the results.”

So why wait? Apply to join Blubrry’s affiliate program now. You’re just a few clicks away from putting your passion for podcast to work earning you money – all while helping other podcasters discover the best podcasting services there are!

Creating a Balanced Life with Guest Rhonda Cimorelli

If you’ve ever felt like you needed to transform your life or needed a little more balance, specifically if you’re a mom, this week’s PowerPress Podcast guest Rhonda Cimorelli can help you. Before Rhonda and MacKenzie chat about her show, they go over some mistakes podcasters make and, most importantly, how to avoid them. Rhonda has loads of experience and, as a certified life transformation coach, she is helping “momprenuers” and others create a more balanced work and family life. At the end of the show they talk about the new podcast, S-Town being released by the This American Life and Serial team. The team claims to have a new podcasting format, so storytellers, tune in. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

Common Podcasting Mistakes
A Balanced Life For You – Rhonda Cimorelli
Serial Creates S-Town
Blubrry Twitter
Blubrry is Hiring!!
Webinar: PowerPress Setup Wed, 2/15 7PM EST