Google Indexing Podcasts on Desktop and Mobile Browser Search – YP57

The Podcast Help Desk show is now indexed on Google.

Todd and Mike are both a little under the weather, but that didn’t stop them covering a lot about Google indexing and searching of podcasts. There is also lots of conversations on what directories will display your show notes, we clear that up. We’re still looking to collect podcast promos that we can use on the show, so get recording. They wrap up the episode discussing podcast titles – some dos and dont’s.

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  • Google indexing podcasts on desktop search? It appears it’s indexing from Apple’s new preview pages and not natively as reported in some news outlets. See: Google Search For “Your Podcast” Interesting that the episode links go to Google Podcasts!
  • A variety of apps and directories will display your show notes. How they do this is up to their discretion. This link from Podnews goes into the details of who does what. Thanks Podnews! What you put in the feed is all your control, again it’s totally up to them on what they do with it.
  • Podcast promos: Last episode we put out a call for listeners to send us their podcast promo. We’ve received a few so far, send yours! Send em to: and we might play it here.
  • Today’s promo you’ve heard in the show is, Blubrry customer Brian Kilby, from Radio Free Cybertron –
  • What’s in a name? What should your podcast title be? Here are some suggestions from Inside Radio.

Unrelated… send in your suggestions for a new name for this show.  We have had a few responses but would like to hear from YOU!


  • Change the password or email at Then you need to relink your account in PowerPress (even if you are on a PowerPress site at Just log out and log back in with new password. Not linked, no PowerPress usage with your Blubrry account.
  • Give it a little time, changing titles, author tags, artwork or any other metadata in your feed, typically takes 24-72 hours before it updates in directories. Podcasting is PULL (directories pull your feed)…. NOT PUSH (you don’t push automatic updates)…

*** 2nd to the last with Todd in the Hawaii Studios. More in-person shows to come this summer from Michigan or Ohio.

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The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

In case the benefits of podcast transcription aren’t readily apparent, we’re going to walk through a few considerations. But let’s start with your goals as a podcaster. Ultimately, it’s likely something along the lines of sharing your unique point of view with people who find it interesting and/or beneficial. A secondary objective (which is actually a possible result of the first goal) is to maximize revenue potential. With those two end points in mind, the next questions are strategic: where do you want to “play” and how do you want to win? Leveraging podcast transcription might be a great way to win.

Podcast Transcription Enables Promotion

Share out snippets and soundbites of your podcast.

Let’s face it: audio is amazing, but getting people to click an audio link is only going to appeal to a certain percentage of your potential audience for a particular use case. You’ve got to get them hooked first. Yes, you should absolutely have podcast shownotes available. But those don’t always have a promotional angle right off the bat. That’s where podcast transcription comes in: you can share out the most tantalizing snippets and leave people wondering and wanting more.

SEO benefits.

Yes, Google is indexing audio and video files, but text still reigns supreme (for now). While there are many factors involved in a solid podcast SEO plan, a key one under your control is on-page content. That’s the combination of words, pictures, and other media you put on your website. Search engines crawl your page to determine what it’s about so that when someone searches, those same search engines know where to find relevant content and serve up a link to the searcher. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist. And transcribing your podcast makes it that much easier to turn your podcasts into blog posts (on-page content) that are keyword-rich. To make podcast transcription even easier, Blubrry has partnered with Audioburst, an industry-leading audio transcription and sharing service. Best part? It’s free for Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers. Yeah. Free.

Consumption-side considerations

Sometimes, listening to a podcast is simply not the best option. And, in the interest of making it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to consume your content, options other than audio are probably a good idea.

Let them ponder

A NYT article examining the benefits of audiobooks vs. print concluded that “Print may be best for lingering over words or ideas, but audiobooks add literacy to moments where there would otherwise be none.” For podcasters, this might mean that if your audience wants to ponder an idea for a while longer, give them the option to read.

Make it quick

Audio podcasting can be a great, immersive experience–we’ve all felt it, getting lost in the story, being moved to another place in our minds. But, sometimes, we need info and we need it quickly. Maybe we simply don’t have enough time to focus on a linear audio podcast; maybe we want to figure out what the podcast is about before we commit to listening. Either way, skimming/reading is faster than listening. Transcribe your podcast and you make it skimmable for the use cases where that’s preferable to diving in ears first.

The good news is, podcast transcription has never been easier. There are plenty of paid audio transcription services available and they run the gamut from awful to amazing, with price points all over the board. Google is your friend if you’re curious. But, if it’s something you’re considering, you might want to check out Blubrry + Audioburst: it’s free for Blubrry customers, and does way more than simply and quickly transcribing your podcast.

Not All Free Podcast Stats Are Created Equal

Podcast Stats Soundbites

Not All Free Podcast Stats Are Created Equal

Free. One of the most powerful words in the English language. Many podcasting platforms available today use some sort of “freemium” business model to entice eager podcasters to join their system. Typically its free podcast hosting, with a limited feature set, all designed to move the podcaster up the line and into paid services. There are even a few out there who are completely free, all the way, except for the minor detail that they own the podcaster’s hard work. Nothing is truly free in the long run. Given the massive growth in the podcasting space over the past year or so, we thought it was time to talk about versions of free stats.

Not So Basic Podcast Stats

First, let’s define terms. In an ideal world, Podcast Statistics (or, “podcast media download statistics”) provide content creators and media buyers detailed network delivery statistics, analytics and audience demographics, and track how the media is engaged. Other podcasting platforms offering podcast stats often list them as a feature, and a basic one at that. Podcast Stats from Blubrry, on the other hand are anything but basic. Even our “Basic” Free Podcast Stats. If you’re in podcasting, you have a story to tell to the world. And you might even want to make a little money on it too. In order to monetize, you need to the size of your audience– how many people consume your content. But that’s not enough. You also need to know what devices, where they are, how they’re finding you, when they’re consuming your content, and who is linking to you (a signal that you are considered “authority” on a topic). That’s the data sophisticated media buyers and brands will need in order to evaluate if your podcast & audience are a good fit for telling their story. And all that data is no good if it’s delivered to you an a confusing or unusable format. Blubrry’s Free Podcast Stats provides all of those things. And while we obviously want podcasters to check out our paid services, like Podcast Hosting and Pro Podcast Stats, we haven’t hamstrung our Free Podcast Stats. It’s a fully functional, robust analytics and reporting platform.

Podcast Stats Alternatives

Over the years, we’ve seen podcasters use a variety of methods to arrive at actionable audience insights. The approaches fall into a few categories: FeedBurner feed stats, web server stats (e.g. AWStats), JavaScript web stats (e.g. Google Analytics), and URL shortening hit counters (e.g. For an in-depth analysis of the relative strengths & weaknesses of using these tools for podcast stats, please take a look at our writeup. The short version, though, is that each of those only gives you a partial view of your audience, where they are, and when & how they consume your podcasts.

Why Blubrry Podcast Stats Are so Fresh

Of the options listed above, only Blubrry Free Podcast Stats will give you the critical information you can use to grow and monetize your audience & podcast. Blubrry Free Podcast Stats measures downloads from websites/web pages as well as from your podcast RSS syndication feeds, including popular desktop and mobile Web browsers. We also report on 100+ desktop and mobile podcatchers including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher for iOS and Android, and many more.

When multiple downloads come from the same unique IP address, our proprietary algorithm filters and determines which are actual downloads (sometimes multiple requests for a single media file from the same unique IP address result from only one end-user). Even better? Blubrry includes both our calculated download total and the unique IP total. We do this so you can see the difference between the actual unique download total and the reported download total. Even even better? You don’t have to host your podcast with Blubrry to receive these Blubrry Podcast Stats benefits. Blubrry was started over a decade ago by podcasters, for podcasters. Sure, we hope you find enough value to explore our other offerings–we are in the business of podcasting, after all. We want you to have the best tools to tell your unique story and share your individual perspective, so we continue to offer free Podcast Stats.

Renaming Your Podcast – YP56

Each podcast goes through changes, sometimes that includes a name change. We’re looking to change the name of Your Podcast and want your suggestions. You know what this show is about, and the team is certainly open to your thoughts. Luminary recently launched and caused quite a controversy, on day one. We have some pretty strong opinions about their directory and access to content. On a rare occasion Todd and Mike were together to record this episode, this time in the Columbus studio.

From the Blubrry Convo by Design Studio in Columbus Ohio, YP episode 56.

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  • Almost the entire Blubrry team has descended on Columbus.
  • Promoting and cross-promotion for podcasts: A lost art?
  • Send in a promo for your show. We might play it here. (Blubrry customers only)


  • Our new ticket system is LIVE! (You won’t notice much, but it should get you faster and more efficient help and service from the support team.)
  • Support on social media, again not the fastest way to get help. And in fact our least favorite way to assist.
  • It seems people are on the move. If you’re moving AWAY or TO Blubrry, contact us. We are the #1 experts in moving people TO Blubrry and we would be happy to give you advice if you are moving away (expect a bit of “why” questions though.) It’s a lot better if you plan the move rather than just do it and try to fix something later.

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Podcast Marketing Tips: When to Outsource

Podcast Marketing Tips: When to Outsource

Podcast marketing and administration can be difficult. Maybe you got into podcasting as a business from the get go, maybe you started your podcast as a passion project, maybe it was a little bit of both. Regardless of where you started, you’re at or approaching the point now where you’re feeling overwhelmed… or, at least like you’re not giving the proper things the proper amount of attention anymore. As your podcast grows, there are inevitably more things that need more from you. Bigger podcast, bigger appetite. Guess what? That’s normal, and you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a sign of success that you can’t handle it all on your own anymore. So, embrace it. And do something about it. Maybe it’s time to think about farming out some of your tasks. Here are things you might want to consider as you seek sustainable ways to continue to grow your podcast.

What podcast marketing and administration skills are you best at?

First, you need to take an honest look at yourself and your strengths: what areas of podcast marketing and administration are you truly skilled at? Are you a podcast editing whiz? Are you great at sourcing & securing guests? Are you able to build buzz for your podcast on social media? You should consider focusing primarily on the things you’re best at, and farming out the other things to people better suited to doing them.

What podcast marketing and administration tasks do you love doing?

You wouldn’t be where you are without your passion for podcasting and your particular point of view. Never lose that. But what do you absolutely love doing? Podcast social marketing? Podcast editing–weaving a cohesive, compelling story from disparate threads? As your podcast continues to grow– even if you’re starting/have started a podcast network–make sure you hold on to at least one of the things you’re passionate about.

What is it worth to you to continue doing those podcast marketing and administration tasks?

This one is all about opportunity cost. We all have choices to make. If we make the choice to continue handling podcast social media marketing ourselves, what might we have to give up, and/or what might we miss out on because of that choice? For the things you’re best at and the things you love, consider only focusing on the items that tick both boxes: skill and passion. Direct others on the rest, if you’re able.

What is your budget for outsourcing?

If you’re bringing in professional podcast editors, social/marketers, web designers, producers, and the like, they don’t come free. What are you able to set aside each month–and for how long–in order to give these folks enough time to produce results for you and your podcast? What else could you do with that money? What will it cost you not to bring in others?

What does success look like?

We love experimentation. But we are also in the business of podcasting (podcast hosting, podcast stats, and podcast websites), which means at least some of those experiments have to pay off. So, before you pull the trigger and bring on a podcast editor, a podcast marketing consultant, or anyone else, make sure you have clearly defined and measurable objectives. That way, you’ve all decided what success looks like ahead of time, so it’ll be easier to recognize when you hit or miss.

It might not feel like it–down in the trenches, slogging it out to grow your podcast–but the fact that you’ve gotten to the point that you can no longer do all the things your podcast needs in order to keep growing is a good thing. It’s a signal of success. Congratulations. And, sure, it also means you’ll have other challenges to deal with. But keep at it. The world needs more podcasters, not fewer.

Live from Las Vegas at NABShow 2019 – YP55

Blubrry’s Booth at NABShow 2019

You can easily podcast on the go, Mike and Todd did just that ‘live’ from Las Vegas at the NAB Show 2019.

Todd and Mike sit down in the booth and talk about some of the happenings at NABShow and in the podcasting world in this abbreviated version of Your Podcast.  MacKenzie from PowerPress Podcast joins us for a bit as well.

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Some of the topics covered:

  • NABShow recap, recorded on the last day.
  • Apple’s new show pages – with audio players! Take a look at ours here: Your Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  • Apple may be dumping “iTunes” in favor of individual apps for Podcasts, Music, Movies, etc on the desktop.
  • Will there ever be an Apple Podcasts for Android devices?
  • CHECK YOUR SPAM (We’re unfortunately still having some issues with Gmail.)
  • The Blubrry team has begun utilizing a new ticket system for support.
  • New update to PowerPress: 7.4.1. Mainly bug fixes, but still useful to update.
  • Partner: AudioBurst transcriptions and more for Blubrry customers.
  • Rubber Ducks and shipping containers.

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Podcast Sites, Feeds, and SSL for Apple Podcasts

Podcast Sites, Feeds, and SSL for Apple Podcasts

First, some definitions. What is an SSL Certificate? According to Symantec, “SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and, in short, it’s the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details. The two systems can be a server and a client (for example, a shopping website and browser) or server to server (for example, an application with personal identifiable information or with payroll information).”

SSL for Apple Podcasts is Coming

While it’s certainly not “official” policy yet, you can probably see it coming at some point in the future: SSL will become increasingly important to podcasters. It’s already happened for “regular” websites: sites–even non-ecommerce–rank better in Google search results if they have a valid SSL certificate. Amazon requires SSL to be on their Alexa ecosystem. So, it’s no stretch of imagination to see that Apple may require SSL to be in the Apple Podcasts directory.

Apple has mentioned that at some point in the future they’re going to require SSL to be in the Apple Podcasts directory. Also, not just any ol’ SSL certificate will do. It’ll most likely need to be from one of the SSL Certificates accepted by Apple.

SSL on PowerPress Sites is Super Simple

Good news, though if you’re on PowerPress Sites. You can switch your podcast site and podcast feed to SSL literally with the click of a button. Go to PowerPress Site Settings and click Set Up SSL. Then, wait a few minutes and you’re done. One little click and you’re good to go.

If you’re on Blubrry (without WordPress or PowerPress) or Podcast Mirror your feed is already SSL.

Otherwise, contact your hosting provider– they most likely have documentation to help you get your podcast site and podcast feed set up with SSL.If you’re not using an SSL cert yet, you’re probably ok. For now. But it’s coming, and it’s fairly simple to set up. Might want to get a head start.

Archive an Inactive Podcast – YP54

Podcast shows aren’t necessarily meant to last forever with new episodes. That’s where archiving an inactive podcast comes in. We explain how to do just that for your show, among other things. Such as, BBC recently removed podcasts from Google. On our side, Blubrry now offers AudioBurst to hosting customers. Mike got his first experience at the Proclaim event last week and is headed to NAB next week. Enjoy this somewhat abbreviated episode of Your Podcast.

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  • In a somewhat disappointing move, BBC removes podcasts from Google.
  • Always expanding, we’ve got a new partner, Audioburst. We could not be more excited to help podcasters get transcriptions and ‘bursts’ of their episodes to post on social media and elsewhere. Plus, it’s free!


  • Mike attended Proclaim19! last week for the first time.
  • NABshow is happening next week in Vegas. Blubrry team will be there and Todd will be on a panel, learn more about it here. You can find us at the Podcast Pavilion in Central Hall. (booth C3033)




(click to zoom in)


  • Archiving an inactive show and keeping it online.
    1. To keep it on Blubrry, downgrade to the lowest plan ($12).
    2. Otherwise, and this is ONLY for a show that is not ongoing, use (which is what it’s for).
    3. OR, a folder on your website.
      *****Again, not for an ongoing show. Just for inactive shows.*****


  • CHECK YOUR SPAM Our email is still being marked as spam to a lot of Google email accounts (Gmail and G Suite). If you expected a reply, check your spam.
  • New ticket system coming soon!

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Transcribe and share your podcast

We’re all cyborgs now. Sort of.

Ever wished someone would transcribe your entire show, cut it into segments, and share those out on social or other distribution/discovery channels? Wish no more, if you’re a Blubrry Podcast Hosting customer. Instead of humans doing the dirty work, though, we’ve partnered with Audioburst. Through this partnership Blubrry customers gain transcripts, social sharing of audio clips, and broader distribution and discoverability.

We, along with Audioburst, today announced this awesome partnership that will allow Blubrry hosting customers to have access to Audioburst’s suite of tools and the Audioburst library of searchable voice “bursts.” This library uses some pretty sophisticated tech to listen to, understand, segment and index the content to be searched and generate new cross-platform distribution.

Amir Hirsh, co-founder and CEO of Audioburst, said “Our mission is to empower podcasters and radio professionals with a robust solution for monetization, distribution and discovery. The integration of our Audioburst Creators platform gives Blubrry’s thousands of creative community members the unmatched tools to transcribe, increase exposure and earn money.”

If you’re a Blubrry hosting customer, you’ll be able to transcribe full episodes, create short clips called ‘bursts’ of your audio or video content and then share those bursts on social media platforms. This can extend the life of your content using modern AI programming to highlight specific segments that can even further earn revenue and listenership.

“This partnership with Audioburst is exciting for our Blubrry customers as I’ve been a big fan of their technology for some time,” said Todd Cochrane, Blubrry CEO. “The audio bursts, automated transcripts and indexing of audio content will allow Blubrry customers to reach new listeners and engage with a wider audience.”

You can sign up for Audioburst for free within your podcast dashboard, and have your personalized content created within minutes. Bursts, transcriptions and new content can be found on any one of Audiobursts distributions platforms where users specify topics and categories for results.

It really is that easy. And I, for one, welcome our new robot partners. If you’re not already a Blubrry podcast hosting customer, we have one of the most widely-used podcasting platforms, and are the only podcast hosting provider to have our podcast stats platform certified by the IAB Tech Lab— one of the highest standards in the industry. That means when you monetize your hard work and particular point of view, you can trust you’re giving your advertisers audience stats that are held to extremely rigorous standards.

Back from Podfest Multimedia Expo – YP53

Podfest 2019

The Blubrry team traveled to Orlando for the 5th annual Podfest Expo. We enjoyed meeting new podcasters and catching up with others, we’ll be back next year. In the extended podcasting world, Spotify and Apple seem to be in a tiff, not because of podcasts but the freedom to act as a fully fledged music and media company, without Apple acting as big brother. This is a quicker episode, but still packed with great insight.

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  • How was Podfest? Todd and Mike give their impressions of the show this year.
  • Mike will be atNRB Proclaim19! March 26-29th in Anaheim, CA
  • Blubrry at NAB show April 7-11th in Las Vegas


  • Email issues at Blubrry/RawVoice: Check your spam if you are on Gmail!
  • 301 redirects are important if you change platforms. It preserves your connection to your current subscribers.

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