Podcast Mirror Is Out – Win in December From Blubrry – YP20

Blubrry releases Podcast Mirror, and is giving away prizes for all of December, with #BuildYourBlubrry. We’re looking for someone for our support team, could that be you? Mike and Todd discuss happenings with Blubrry and more on this episode of Your Podcast.

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  • Apple statistics: what to expect. Our stats (along with all other hosting/stats companies) will not have this data right away. Apple says they release an API, but haven’t committed to it. You will be able to login to PodcastsConnect.Apple.com to see those stats WHEN they release them. No date has been set for that so keep an eye out for Apple to announce something. In the meantime, please remember to be nice to your support people!


  • Settings in PowerPress: Subscribe Links / Destinations. The links in the widget, subscribe page and under the player are controlled by the Destinations tab and the Website tab of PowerPress settings. Enable the links in Website and populate the links in Destinations. See: Website Tab and Destinations Tab.
  • Hiring: Part-time Support (contractor) weekends and evenings. Must have trouble-shooting, WordPress and PowerPress experience, and be willing to learn the Blubrry system. Contact mike@blubrry.com if you are interested.
  • PowerPress Webinar: Jan 4th, 3PM EST. Learn how to add podcasting to your WordPress (self-hosted) website! Click HERE to sign up.

Please remember to keep the content coming! Your listeners need something to listen to this time of year. It’s not a good time to have a break in your production schedule.

We hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: yourpodcast@blubrry.com.

#BuildYourBlubrry For A Chance To Win Valuable Podcasting Prizes!


This holiday season, treat yourself and your podcast to a chance to win great products and services with #BuildYourBlubrry, a 30-day prize and service giveaway happening from now through December 30!

Each day we’ll be posting a prize and a prompt on Facebook or Twitter, and one lucky podcaster will be selected at random to win.

What you could win:

From mics to mixers and everything in-between, all the prizes are hand-selected gear that the Blubrry team loves and trusts. We’re also going to be giving away valuable Blubrry services, like trials on podcast hosting or service upgrades to existing customers.

How to enter:

Just head to Blubrry’s Facebook page and follow today’s prompt. Your daily assignment might be as simple as sharing a post on your Facebook page, or we might ask you to tell us a little about how you’d use the day’s prize if you were to win it. Winners will be notified via direct message. It’s that easy! You can enter to win every day of the contest, and follow along with the prizes and winners on social media by following the hashtag #BuildYourBlubrry.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a shot at winning now.




Services Podcasters Need and Don’t Need

With all of the options out there for podcasters to choose from on what can be helpful to their show and their audience, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which services podcasters need and don’t need. There are some out there worth their salt that are important every day for podcasting, while others can easily be left behind.

Do podcasters need a search engine devoted to picking apart show notes? Is it critical to be in every directory? Listen Notes may be helpful to some, but it’s not a service that your podcast won’t work without. Directories are not necessarily going to drive traffic to your show, or grow your audience; solid show notes that work well with Google will. Spotify has relaxed listing consideration and is opening to more podcasters being on the platform. Apply below, but be patient as they review shows.

Net Neutrality on the other hand, that’s a concept that is incredibly important to the podcasting world. The FCC will be voting on December 14th, so get involved in the fight for Net Neutrality before it’s too late.

Quick update on Blubrry, we’ve begun a campaign called #BuildYourBlubrry, and we can’t wait for some of you to win some prizes. All month long we’ll be giving away podcasting prizes and goodies – so check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hope to see some of you at PodCon this weekend, look out for Todd and MacKenzie at the Blubrry booth. Thanks for listening and please subscribe.

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Show Notes

#BuildYourBlubrry: Win prizes from our social media. Twitter and Facebook
PodCon: A conference for podcast who love podcasts.
Spotify: Submit your podcast here. Doesn’t have to be associated to a hosting company.
Net Neutrality: Call FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000.
PowerPress Webinar: Learn how to setup WordPress and PowerPress for your show – the simple way.

Introducing PodCon: A Conference For People Who Love Podcasts

Blubrry is excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the first PodCon, December 9-10 in Seattle, WA. While we attend many podcasting events, PodCon is a little different from your typical podcasting conference. How? PodCon isn’t just for podcasters: it’s also for people who love podcasts.

Presentations focused on podcasting as a person of color, utilizing your local library as a podcasting resource, podcast networks, and deaf accessibility in podcasting, plus a wide variety of meetups, live performances, signings, and chats with podcast personalities and creators will appeal to a wide variety of podcast enthusiasts, from pro podcasters to hobbyists to aspiring podcasters, or those who are content to just keep listening.

With such a wide array of topics represented, you can expect a diverse crowd. Children are welcome, as are cosplay enthusiasts (no masks or weapons, please).

The ticket price is also welcoming: just $100 ($110 at the door if there are tickets remaining). There will also a remote version of the conference available for $30.

Interested in attending PodCon? Hurry and snag your ticket here.

While PodCon is open to anyone who loves podcasts, we at Blubrry can’t help but hope that the event helps convert some wannabes who just haven’t taken the plunge yet. While tentative would-be podcasters might be too intimidated to attend a professional conference, more inclusive events like PodCon may act as a bridge to help aspiring podcasters learn and network, while also enjoying the entertainment value of getting to see some of their favorite podcast personalities in person. “We’re excited to see what this event can provide,” says MacKenzie Bennett, Services and Affiliates Coordinator at Blubrry. “People that enjoy podcasts often enjoy the storytelling aspect, and that makes them more likely to one day become podcasters themselves. We’re eager to see if any of those people will convert into podcasters as well.”

And at Blubrry, we make sure to make it as easy as possible for those aspiring podcasters to launch their shows. “Generally, people are most excited about creating content – not so much the other kinds of work related to producing a podcast,” explains Bennett, “so we make navigating the tech side easier for them.” With products and services like our free PowerPress Plugin, (used by over 65,000 podcasters worldwide,) our top-notch and incredibly responsive customer service, and our all-in-one solution PowerPress Sites Deluxe, we’re focused on creating turnkey solutions that make it possible for anyone to get started podcasting.

So if you’re been wanting to start a podcast but have been too caught up in the technical details to launch your show, come see us at PodCon! We might just help you take the leap from podcaster wannabe to proud podcaster.

Podcast Stats Update at Blubrry – YP19

Blubrry Statistics just got better, with the introduction of regional reporting for Canada, UK, and Brazil. Learn more about the podcast stats update with the article below and details on new clients being reported. No money, in podcasting? Think again, as Australia has created a 1 million dollar content. PodCon is approaching rapidly, and Blubrry is excited to head to Seattle to meet all kinds of podcast listeners and creators. Lastly, podcasting comes in many shapes and forms, but not all are considered podcasting by the actual formats being used.

Thanks for tuning in to episode 19 of Your Podcast with Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell.

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  • Blubrry adds regional reporting for Canada, UK, and Brazil to their statistics. Also included: new clients and categories such as “Intelligent Personal Assistants”.
  • The Australian Broadcast Company (ABC) calls for submissions for it’s One Million Dollar Podcast fund.
  • Coming up in December, come see us at Podcon. Todd and MacKenzie will be there, Dec. 9 – 10 in Seattle.


  • True podcasting, as opposed to fake video podcasting. Audio that is converted into a video for YouTube and Facebook – without any actual movement – is not really a podcast.
  • Publisher platform from Blubrry: Why you shouldn’t use it unless you have to.

Listener Question:

Copyrighted music on a podcast. – Gilly in the UK emailed, asking if there was any way around copyright and playing licensed music on a podcast.


Short answer, there really isn’t a license that allows copyrighted music on a downloadable podcast.  I’m sure the law is similar in the UK. Even though you are in the UK, U.S. law would also apply to downloadable media available in the U.S.


    • Wav files are too big for podcasting.
    • You don’t have to be “tech savvy” to podcast, but it helps. Spend a little bit of time to learn what you need to (we can help) and then you can do it on your own. Once it’s setup with PowerPress and Blubrry hosting, it is VERY easy. If you can make a blog post, you can publish a podcast. See our Getting Started video here.
    • Stats Redirect: Part Two of setting up statistics. Simply signing up for statistics does not mean they start collecting right away. For a short video on how to implement the stats redirect (required for stats collection), See the video below.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: yourpodcast@blubrry.com

How To Make The Most Of Your Blubrry Stats

Blubrry is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive podcast stats around, but we realize that some podcasters may be confused by what seems like information overload. This post will help you make the most of our robust reporting, whether your goal is to attract advertisers, track growth, or spot trends. Here’s a close look at each of the reports you can pull in Blubrry stats, what data each report delivers, and how you can use that information.


At the upper left of your Blubrry stats page, you’ll see a History section. Here are the various ways you can view this information:

  • Complete: This is the global picture of what has happened to your show over its life.
  • Monthly: a snapshot of all media consumption on all episodes that have been downloaded or played over the month in question. If an episode gets zero downloads in the reporting month, it will not show up in the report.
  • Range View: Just like it sounds, the range view allows you to choose a specific range of dates. “I find range view useful when looking at advertising reporting,” says Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane. “I can pull the data for specific episodes over a defined period. It’s also handy to look at performance over specific periods of time.”





The Reports section is where the data can get really granular, and may seem the most confusing. Here’s a rundown of each report and what it can tell you:

  • Trending is the day to day trend line. You can look at how your show trends in a global view of the entire show or you can look more closely at a specific month or episode. The reporting tool also allows you to get very granular, looking at how a specific episode has performed over its entire lifetime.”I rely on the trending line a lot,” says Cochrane. “I look for yearly, monthly and weekly trends. The trending report tells me over time if I am on the right track – if I see a dip, I know that I need to examine the show and see why. Was it due to a holiday, did I miss an episode, was I off my A game? The trending line for me also allows me to give advertisers an running average for the show month to month. I can pull the report and show them that I have had x number of listeners each month for y number of months. This build trust with the media buyer.”
  • Distribution details how your show is being consumed across categories like web browsers, podcatchers, mobile apps, and so on.  This is a quick look at how your audience is accessing your podcast, and can again be detailed down to the specific episode.
  • Platforms then breaks the distribution down by Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS, Andorid, piecing out the data so you can see how the podcast is being consumed. Each of these pieces allow you to get a close-up snapshot of what’s happening, and may help you identify and engage with small sectors of your audience. “On my own show I give a shoutout to the Blackberry users that are listening,” says Cochrane. “While they are a small minority, this lets them know I know they are out there.”
  • Clients is a deep dive into how your podcast is being consumed. If, for example, you wanted to know how many listeners are using the iPodder desktop application, or PocketCast mobile app, this report will give you that information. With over 160 clients currently being reported on, this is a rich field of data just ready to be mined. “We give the podcaster the ability to see exactly how the show was accessed,” explains Cochrane. “It’s a good way to measure growing numbers of Android subscribers and where to focus messaging in the show and on social to attract segments of listeners that have not yet subscribed.”
  • Geography simply shows you where your audience is listening, and Blubrry’s regional reporting continues to become more specific and robust. Using this data, you can acknowledge larger sections of your audience or plan live events in areas where you know listeners congregate. Or, you can use the information to make listeners in less-represented places feel special. “On my show I have a huge contingent of listeners in Texas,” Cochrane says. “So I will give a shoutout to Texas or the lone listener down in Antartica. It allows me to understand how global my audience really is and keeps me grounded in remembering that some of my listeners may be expats or use English as a second language.”
  • Refers and Domains deliver insights on where traffic to your show is coming from. “I often get linked to by third parties. I can actually see how many listeners those referral links drove to my show,” explains Cochrane.

Sounds like a lot? It is, but remember that these reports are designed to be flexible, so you can use them as you need them. “Each of the reports we provide are like an onion: you can look at outside of the onion, or start peeling off layers all the way to the core. We wanted to make it easy for podcasters to determine where improvements could be made in their shows by looking all the way down to to the episode level.”

Remember, some of the above reporting is only available to Blubrry Pro Stats users. For just $5/month, you can have access to top-of-the-line stats to help you better understand your audience, monitor the growth and health of your show, and deliver the best possible information to potential advertisers.

Super Speed Listening

Almost every podcast app out there offers the ability to listen to the episode at a faster speed. Speeds range from 1.5x to 10x. Buzzfeed went the extra mile to find out just how often people do listen at rates faster than normal. Mike Dell and MacKenzie don’t seem too interested in listening this way, but read more in the show notes below.

Make sure to head to PodCon to see Todd and MacKenzie in Seattle in early December.

Podcasting requires quite a bit of different software at times and sometimes it’s nice to find a free version of something you need. They’re not too informed about these particular options, but it’s always nice to know what’s out there.

If you have any interest whatsoever in fast food, don’t skimp out on a new podcast, Fast Food History. Hosted by Blubrry’s own Mike Dell, this weekly show will give you info on a variety of fast food chains.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and tell us on social media about any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Thanks for listening and please subscribe.

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Show notes:

Meet the People Who Listen to Podcasts at Super-Fast Speeds: Catch up on episodes quickly by, well, speeding them up a bit.

The best free audio editors of 2017: Free isn’t always bad – these options might be the one for you.

PodCon: The podcasting conference for people who love podcasts. December 9-10 in Seattle.

Fast Food History: First episode is out, tune in for episodes released every Friday.

New Geographic and Client Reporting Make Blubrry Stats Even More Robust

Blubrry’s customers already know that we have the best podcast statistics around. And in an effort to ensure that our users are always up-to-date with the most robust and useful information available, we’ve just introduced two new features: more in-depth international region reporting, and the ability to detect 7 new clients delivering your podcast’s listeners. What does that mean for the over 45,000 shows that use our stats?

Expanded Region Reporting:

From now on, Blubrry stats users will be able to take an even closer look at their international listener information, with the addition of regional reporting for Canada, Great Britain, and Brazil. While those countries once showed only summarized data, now you’ll get more localized information: for example, you’ll be able to see how many of your Canadian listeners are listening from Ontario versus British Columbia.

“This addition will give podcasters deeper data,” explains Blubrry CEO, Todd Cochrane. “We update stats on a regular basis, but this change gives users more granularity of where their media is being consumed.” In particular, this information is useful for podcasts advertising in those areas.

An example of the kind of in-depth regional data now offered via Blubrry Pro Stats.

New Podcast Client Reporting:

Simply put, a “client” is the application through which listeners access your podcast. We’ve added 7 new clients to our reporting, including:

  • Alexa
  • RadioPublic
  • TuneIn Radio(Android)
  • Radio USA
  • iHeartRadio(Android)
  • doubleTwist CloudPlayer(Android)
  • LibVLC

We have added a category called Intelligent Personal Assistants, which are the engines that process your requests via the smart devices they’re connected to, explains Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry. “An Intelligent Personal Assistant can reside in smart TV remotes, thermostats, your mobile devices, smart speakers, etc.” As other Intelligent Personal Assistants, like Google Assistant and Siri, reach more than a 1% market share, we at Blubrry will begin adding them as an available client for our Pro Stats users.

While client reporting is available to both Pro Stats and free stats users (available when you add your podcast to our directory), free stats only show the top 10 clients, so it’s unlikely you’ll see them show up unless you’ve gone Pro. Curious how many people are listening to your podcast via an IPA like Alexa or Echo? Consider upgrading to Pro Stats today.

Building a Show and Branding YOUR Show – YP018

Building a show and branding it isn’t easy. There are many facets that go into the making of a show and reputation, and it’s harder than many podcasters expect to create a brand on their own. CastFeedValidator.com is now part of the Blubrry tools and services that are provided to the podcasting community. Changes are not coming soon, as some might have been worried about.

Apple tends to change things up, but one thing they haven’t done lately is change the way ranking works. Mike and Todd are here to debunk some of the ideas that people have around how the entire process over at Apple works. Lastly, as always some tips and insight into support issues that Blubrry faces. Thanks for tuning in to episode 18 of Your Podcast with Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell.

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  • Building a show; not always as easy as you might think: What is the value of your podcast brand?
  • Joining a network, when to join one and why.
  • Apple Podcasts (iTunes) ranking: What does and does NOT affect it.


  • Our pet peeves: Asking the same question to multiple team members at Blubrry will get you the same answer (most of the time).
  • Apple podcasts subscribe links in PowerPress:
    1. Submit your feed to Apple Podcasts.
    2. Wait to be approved by Apple (1-5 days, normally faster).
    3. Add the URL that Apple sends you in the approval email into the “iTunes Subscription URL” box in the Destinations tab of PowerPress Settings. This populates the buttons and links for Apple Podcasts (iTunes) on your site.
    4. Repeat for Google Play, Stitcher and Tunein Radio (you have to turn on those links in the website tab as well).
  • Themes and plugins in PowerPress Sites Basic and Deluxe: Why you can’t add your own.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: yourpodcast@blubrry.com

Podcasting Around the Holidays

Blubrry has been collecting podcasting data since day one when they started in 2005. Our statistics allows us to collect information on how people are listening – the trends, what they do, what they don’t do, etc. At the end of the day we regularly come to conclusions on this data and share it with the world. Recently, a blog post went out about some of this information, you can find it on PowerPressPodcast.com.

An RSS feed can be confusing or a hassle to some, which is why services such as feed validators are so important and utilized. Recently, Blubrry acquired widely used and highly recommeneded, Cast Feed Validator.

NaPodPoMo – Podcast for 30 days straight. This challenge is great for any podcaster, and MacKenzie has already failed at it. No worries, she has a different take on 30 days straight and will be working on a different type of podcasting initiative for the month of November.

Lastly, MacKenzie shares her podcasting chronicle – setting a second goal for herself before December. The holidays can feel like a burden for your podcast, but don’t let them get in the way – there are so many listeners out there that are utilizing their free time around the holidays to listen to new shows and catch up on old episodes.

Thanks for listening and please subscribe! If you’d like to be on the show email MacKenzie, she’s always looking for new guests.

Show notes:

FinCon: In case you missed out, it’s a financial expo for media creators in the financial industry. Lots of potential podcasters attended.
Cast Feed Validator: Now in Blubrry’s hands, with no major changes coming to the service in the near future.
Podcasting Data: Information you didn’t know you wanted about the podcasting industry. Hint, more people are listening to podcasts.
NaPodPoMo: Will you be podcasting for almost everyday of the month of November? Become a better podcaster simply by podcasting more.