Building Your Show – Your Podcast 012

Podcast Movement is this week, the importance of building YOUR show, the Blubrry Affiliate Program, Sound Devices’ MixPre-6, and migrating to Blubrry. Todd and Mike cover all these topics and more on today’s, Your Podcast.

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  • Podcast Movement – Starting on Wednesday, if you can make it, use the promo code BLUBRRY at checkout for a 10% discount. There are still tickets left, join us there!


  1. Blogging and shownotes – Write a blog post (shownotes) for each episode and write posts that are similar to your topic in-between episodes of your podcast. Doing so builds SEO for Google and other search engines. It also gives your listeners something form you on the off times.
  2. Get local – Offer to speak at groups in your area community about your topic. There are a lot of groups out there that need guest speakers. It’s way to get your name our there out in your community. It’s also a great way to get your name out there as a subject matter expert.
  3. TV and Radio in your area – Reach out to the local broadcasters. Offer to appear in their newscasts or shows to talk about your subject. It could lead to bigger media contacts in the national or international media on your topic.
  4. Writing – Consider writing a book or e-book. Being published in your field can be a great way to earn the title of subject matter expert.
  5. Keep listening – Lots more small tips in the episode.


  • Migrating to Blubrry – PowerPress Sites (Free or Deluxe) is the easiest way. ‘Import Podcast’ and ‘Migrate Media’ will move your posts and content to Blubrry in a few easy steps.
  • Stats at Blubrry – How they work. We explain the delay between when an episode is posted, and when it shows up in the stats dashboard.
  • Email address changes – Why we have to do it for you. Just contact us at to change your login email at

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Podcasting is Here to Stay Without a Patent

All the podcasters out there, let’s give a big round of applause for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as they just won their appeal against Personal Audio in the podcasting patent trial. This means that podcasting is here to stay, without a patent that podcasters would have to abide by. This is a big win for the entire podcasting community, and the broadcasting and media community. MacKenzie discussed what this could have meant for the podcasting community with her guest Abel. Abel A. Kay, writer, father, podcaster, lover of Rome – a man of many talents is host of two podcasts – both about the city of Rome and it’s evolution over time. See many of you soon at Podcast Movement. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show.

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Show notes:

Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent – Thanks to the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, podcasters will not have to pay to use a patent for podcasting.
Podcast El Cuento de Roma – The Spanish version of the Tale of Rome, that already has lots of episodes.
The Tale of Rome – The English version, which very recently was put on hold for release of September 30th, 2017 – International Podcast Day
Podcast Movement – Use the code ‘Blubrry’ for a 10% discount

Your RSS Feed is the Most Important Part – Your Podcast 011

Gimlet Media came into some (lots of) more money, learn what long-tail and no-fault hosting are at Blubrry, and we need to mention that your RSS feed IS the most important of your podcast. Should you use Anchor if you’re on Soundcloud now? Todd and Mike chat about all these topics and more on today’s show.

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  • Long-Tail file replacement and No-Fault hosting – What they are and how they help Blubrry customers.
  • The RSS feed is the most important part of your podcast.
  • Directories like Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Blubrry directory and others, how they work. We explain the pull vs. push misconceptions.


  • Having more than one podcast, and how that works at Blubrry and with PowerPress.

Q: I signed up for stats (free or Pro) and they are not working. HELP!
A: Much like getting tickets for a concert, you have to actually get to the concert to hear the music. Same with stats, simply signing up is not enough. You have to implement the stats redirect at your RSS feed BEFORE it will count. We can only count stats from the time you implement them and not before. As much as we would like to, time-travel is not one of our strong suits. We can not count downloads that have already happened. For a short video on how to implement the stats redirect (required for stats collection) see: Setting Up Blubrry Statistics

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No-Fault Hosting And Long Tail Podcasting: Two Ways Blubrry Can Save You Money

As experienced hosts know, podcasting can be full of surprises. An episode may perform better than you expect, or you might find that it contains an error after it goes live. Since a big part of Blubrry’s philosophy includes providing excellent customer service and supporting podcasters so they can put out the best possible show, we’ve built in several features that will allow you to deal with unexpected bumps and blips without losing time or money.

For example, No-Fault Hosting allows a podcast to go over storage limits by 25% without penalty. “For example, a 500mb storage account can get up to 125mb of extra storage if needed,” explains Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “The way this works is pretty simple, but also important. If a show has used 475mb of its storage for the month and the podcaster has a 75mb file to upload, we will allow the episode to be posted and published going up to 550mb. But once that is done, no more data can be published: it’s a one-time usage per month.”

But what happens if you publish an extra episode out of normal rotation. You may need a bigger bump in storage than what no fault allows that does not warrant increasing your hosting plan, “We will sometimes bump folks up on a one-time, case-by-case basis, to help them in a special production month. If the show regularly runs out of storage by the 25th, we generally recommend that they upgrade if its part of their normal show production.”

“We always give our customers the benefit of the doubt,” agrees Blubrry CIO Angelo Mandato. “If Thursday is their release day but the start of the month is on Friday, we see no reason to make a customer pay us a fee just to push one more episode out. With No-Fault hosting, they can push their normal quota without worrying about it.”

Bottom line, whether you’re experiencing a temporary spike or a slower climb, Blubrry is here to help. “We try to help podcasters the best we can and be accommodating,” says Cochrane. “That’s why we have free migration for 30 days for new account holders. Even if they don’t manage to get their migrated within 30 days, sending an email to support is usually all it takes for us to add another 30 days to their migration.” Cochrane points out that while migration does not count against a podcast’s standard quota, the user will need to use the migration tool in PowerPress or on the podcaster dashboard at

Long Tail Podcasting is another Blubrry service that can save podcasters time and money. “Sometimes someone needs to do a edit or change an ad. Long Tail allows the podcaster to over-write a media file with a file of the same exact name, so long as the new file stays within reasonable size of the old one. They can replace a file and not go against their current quota, even if the original file was published months ago.”

It should be noted that it can take a few hours for the file to clear the cache at the CDN. “If the podcaster wants us to flush the cache faster, they have to contact us during normal business hours,” explains Cochrane. “A replaced file will update across the CDN naturally, but it is important for folks to understand this is not instantaneous. Uploading the new file and immediately checking for it will likely result in confusion, as the file is not updated with the CDN.”

Long-Tail Podcasting and No-Fault Hosting are just two ways that Blubrry is committed to looking out for you, the podcaster. No matter how big your show grows, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Be in Control of Your Original Podcast Content

orbital jigsawLook out podcasters, Hollywood is coming for your original content! Be in control of your original podcast content, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Podcast Movement is coming up quick, in about three weeks, and don’t wait to permanently move or redirect your feed. Nick Howell joined MacKenzie on episode 50 to share how he has used PowerPress and what’s changed for his shows over the years. Check out multiple shows on his network, the Orbital Jigsaw. Join Nick and MacKenzie at Podcast Movement next month. Thanks for listening and please subscribe. If you’re discovering the show now, go back and check the past episodes!

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Show notes:

Where is Hollywood Looking for it’s Next Hit? Podcasts! Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Orbital Jigsaw podcast network Big thanks to Nick for sharing the details on his shows and how he got his start in podcasting back in 2011.
The Concession Stand: TV, movies, pop culture
Busted Wide Open: Weekly show about pro wrestling
Tune in to the past 49 episodes of the show
Podcast Movement: Get 10% off your ticket using the code Blubrry
Show intro and outro courtesy of: Phonophage

Blubrry’s Largest-To-Date Team Meeting Brings Innovation And Ideas Together

On July 14, 2017, Blubrry/Rawvoice brought together ten crucial staff members for the team’s largest and most comprehensive meeting to date.

Todd Cochrane, CEO; Angelo Mandato, CIO; Barry Kantz, Finance and Legal Director, Brian Yunke, Creative Director; Winnie Verzosa, Programmer; Mike Dell, Lead Support Technician; MacKenzie Bennett, Services and Affiliates Coordinator; Lena Taupier, Programmer; and interns/programmers Thomas Matlak and George Chen were present at the meeting, which was held at a lodge in the Columbus area.

“It was nice that we were able to spread out, enjoy some comfortable furniture, and eat while we discussed how we are working as a team and what we can improve,” says Services and Affiliates Coordinator MacKenzie Bennett. “We talked about our current services, what we’d like to change, things we’d like to create in the future, and some overall company policies.”

With over 50% of Blubrry’s team working remotely, regular in-person get-togethers are a necessity. “We strive to be a nimble and forward-thinking company, and allowing employees to work remotely wherever they happen to live allows us to find and hire the best talent across the country rather than being tied to any one geographical area,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Rawvoice/Blubrry.

Employing a mostly-remote staff also keeps overhead costs down, which allows the company to innovate more quickly and invest in things that improve the customer experience, like world-class tech support. By planning regular in-person meetings on top of the team’s regular communication via email and Slack, the team has a chance to take a broader view of the company’s progress, discuss big ideas, and meet challenges head-on. 

Our team dynamic is, be open to change,” explains Bennett. “As a result of this meeting, we now have a plan for some new ideas we will be implementing soon that will continue to improve Blubrry customers’ experiences.” 

Even without the benefit of regular in-person meetings, Blubrry has managed to build a cohesive and effective team by relying on technology and ingenuity. “We started the company using our cell phones, chat and email,” says Angelo Mandato, CIO. “We were virtual from the beginning. It is amazing to see how much we have done without being in the same building or town for more than one or two days at a time.”

That said, more in-person gatherings are definitely an objective moving forward. “Even though we have good communication virtually and everyone gets along great, getting together in person allowed the entire team to see the passion everyone has for what we do,” says Mandato.

CEO Todd Cochrane agrees. “My goal is to bring the team together more often,” he says. “As a collective we shared a lot of information and communicated things we need to improve on or change. It was a great day for the team and I look forward to it again so that we can improve what we do best in providing great tools and service to the podcasting world.”

Start Your Podcasting Job – Your Podcast 010

The new IAB Podcast Measurement document was released, episode level images have been updated for the Blubrry player and lots of podcasting job postings. Todd and Mike recap on these topics and more, including Mike starting up PowerPress webinars again. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at


  • New guidelines have been set for podcast statistics. Blubrry is proud to be part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and we want to make sure you review the measurement guidelines as well. – IAB Podcast Measurement Document
  • Episode level image for the Blubrry player – In the PowerPress update we made a slight change to the player. See the image for this episode at
  • Looking to make podcasting part of your resume? Lots of podcasting job announcements went out recently. – Take a look at some of them here.


Blubrry Team Meeting July 2017. L-R Thomas, George, Mike, Todd, Barry, Lena, Brian, Winnie, MacKenzie, Angelo
  • We got together! Blubrry team meeting – This was the largest gathering of RawVoice / Blubrry team members ever! Looking forward to more of these in the future as well.
  • Blubrry webinars – Recently we’ve taken a bit of time off for these and are happy to share this next one with you. Tune in and register to attend the upcoming PowerPress webinar. Thursday, 7/27 4PM EDTSign up here!


  • Importing and migrating from Soundcloud (or anywhere else).
  • Canceling a subscription to hosting or statistics – Use the Billing section in the Podcaster Dashboard.
  • Once your show is listed in the Blubrry directory, do EVERYTHING from the Podcaster Dashboard. This will avoid multiple listings in the directory and your account.
  • “Upload to iTunes.” No, YOU DON’T EVER UPLOAD DIRECTLY TO ITUNES/APPLE. Loads of podcasters are under the impression that you RSS feed PUSHES to Apple Podcasts (iTunes). It does not. Apple Podcasts (when it sees fit) PULLS your feed. It asks for your feed when it gets around to it and PULLS your feed to update your listing. Your subscribers (even in Apple) subscribe to your feed and after that never really touch Apple Podcasts (the service) again. They are just subscribed to your feed directly in the iTunes software or the iOS Podcasts app. Subscribe to your own podcast, that way you can tell if everything is working correctly when you release a new episode. It works the same as every other directory and/or app.

Warning: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Switch Your Podcast Service Provider

It happens to many podcasters: you got set up on a platform that allowed you to start quickly without investing any money up front. The platform may have made it possible for you to get started for free, but it also requires you to direct listeners to the host’s website to listen to your show, or perhaps the host’s branding is all over your podcast site. Now you’ve been regularly publishing for a while and your audience is growing – and you realize you’ve outgrown your original setup.

“Over the years, we’ve seen that many podcasters start on a platform that they wind up graduating from. They learn that the platform is limiting their ability to build their brand and reach their audience,” says Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane.

If you haven’t already established your own .com or aren’t using a publishing platform like WordPress + PowerPress + Blubrry hosting that allows you to use a streamlined post, upload, publish method, you might wonder if you really need to move to that level yet. We feel the answer is “yes.”

“Over time, we have proven that shows with their own .com, and building their brand on their own branded site versus building their brand on top of a hosting company’s brand, is a better long term strategy,” explains Cochrane. “And a streamlined publishing platform like PowerPress can save the host a lot of time.”

But the most urgent reason to make the switch now is the overall security of your show. “If the platform you’re using closes down and you don’t own your podcast feed,  your show will go extinct. When you don’t control your feed or your brand, your show can simply go away and recovering it will be a big challenge. You’re in a much better position if you switch before there’s a crisis.”

For shows ready to make a move, the transition doesn’t have to be painful! “Our team can migrate podcasters into our eco-system where they get a free WordPress site,” says Cochrane. “We can do everything: migrate the blog posts and media and get their show into a position of not facing an extinction event.”

Once you’ve made this simple move and are safe from losing your show, says Cochrane, you can take steps toward making your podcast even more professional. “Our team can then help guide the podcaster into picking out their own domain and upgrading the free WordPress hosting we provide in PowerPress Sites Basic to Deluxe which includes built-in tools and the best plugins to enhance and brand their podcast website.

Even after the initial switch, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. “Blubrry’s support team offers phone and email support, and when you use PowerPress Sites, our technical team manages, updates, security and backups of your site so you can focus on the content. We provide the best-in-class tools and services without imprinting our brand on your show, meaning you can focus on creating and controlling your own brand,” says Cochrane. Getting started is simple.  Just sign up for Blubrry hosting and we can help you start the transition to taking control of your brand.

Don’t fall for scare tactics that make it sound like you can’t switch providers once you’re locked in. “Moving a podcast to Blubrry is not difficult or risky if it’s done in the correct steps,” explains Cochrane. “The real risk is waiting until things go wrong with your current platform – that’s when it gets much more difficult.”

“Our goal is to keep podcasters producing their shows, getting control of their brand and feed, and then helping them build their sites’ brand around their show content,” says Cochrane. “This will lead to Google taking notice, indexing the show and driving content to the podcasters’ brand versus the podcast host’s brand.”



Podcasting Services Updates, Advice and Experiences

Blubrry recently updated PowerPress, Ryan Wheaton of the Branding Brews podcast shares his podcasting experience, and Aaron Mahnke of Lore gives podcasting advice. MacKenzie and Ryan discuss the changes that came in the PowerPress 7.1 update – including the Apple RSS feed tags – and you’re able to download the latest version now. Ryan tells about why he started his show and who he thinks will benefit from listening. If you’ve ever thought about diving into a podcasting network, Lore host Aaron Mahnke, has some advise for you.

Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

PowerPress Update
Branding Brews
How Aaron Mahnke Makes A Living Podcasting (And How You Can Too)
Printful – After the recording Ryan thought of a useful company for merchandise. You can connect it with a number of website platforms. Customers order a product on your site, it gets sent to Printful, they print and ship it to your customer. You don’t even have to pre-order products so no inventory or big up-front costs!

PowerPress Version 7.1 Including Apple iOS 11 Support Is Here!

PowerPress, the number one podcasting plugin with over 1 million downloads worldwide, has just launched PowerPress version 7.1. Here’s what you can expect from the new version.

New Tagging:

As you may already know, in iOS version 11, Apple added new tags to provide better support for serialized content, and these are now supported in PowerPress 7.1, including:

  • iTunes:type, iTunes:episode, and iTunes:season: These tags were added to support serialized content. “Before this, all podcasts were assumed to be episodic,” explains Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry.
  • iTunes:episodeType: “This tag adds a way to mark special episodes,” says Mandato.
  • iTunes:title: “At the episode level, this is Apple’s solution for podcasters who add episode numbers and other extra information to their blog post titles. The iTunes title should be clean of such meta information, since this information can now be specified by the other new tags previously mentioned.”
  • content:encoded & iTunes:summary: This is a value containing the show notes for your episode. PowerPress has supported these tags for many years.

“We’ve known the content:encoded tag was necessary for years,” explains Mandato. “We have worked with the Apple team confirming we are in full compliance of Apple’s latest documentation.” Check out this helpful PDF from Apple laying out the new and updated specs to learn more about Apple Podcasts and tagging in iOS 11.

Other Additions:

Powerpress Version 7.1 contains a few other upgrades and improvements, such as: 

  • Subscribe on iTunes has been changed to Subscribe on Apple Podcasts.
  • Secure HTTPS websites using Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting are now automatically supported. Media URLs are now automatically converted to HTTPS. You no longer have to edit past episodes if you switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

Please see the change log for a full list of upgrades and improvements.

Something we hope you won’t miss:

A barely-used feature has been removed due to being outdated and seldom-used. The Windows Media Player embed for wmv video and wma audio has been removed. Chrome, Safari, Firefox as well as Microsoft Edge browsers do not support the Windows Media Player embed, providing support for this is no longer practical. In its place will be a play link which will open the media on the device’s default media player.

Some not-so-fine print:

  • PowerPress 7.1 requires WordPress version 3.6 or newer. WordPress 4.8+ is recommended.

Ready to try PowerPress 7.1, the very latest version of the world’s most popular podcasting plugin? Here’s where to get your FREE download.