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Blubrry proudly partners with Appendipity Podcast Themes

Appendipity and BlubrryBlubrry is proudly partnering with Appendipity, a leading creator of WordPress themes for podcasters. The collaboration provides’s podcast media hosting and statistics clients standout themes that keep audio and video podcasts front and center in the marketplace. The professional, unique themes are optimized to work with Blubrry PowerPress, the leading plugin for WordPress, to leave a lasting impression on podcast audiences.

“At Appendipity we create, design and develop Premium WordPress themes specifically for podcasters,” said Joey Kissimmee, founder. “All Appendipity themes are 100 percent compatible and integrated with PowerPress to make your podcasting efforts as easy and seamless as possible.”

In addition to the initial collaboration, RawVoice will continue to work with Appendipity to inform them when plugin changes and upgrades will be implemented. This allows for effortless transitions for podcasters using both of the companies’ services.

“We are delighted that Appendipity, a leading-edge creator of themes in the podcast space, is the first template creator to specifically work with us to ensure smooth integration between PowerPress and their podcast themes,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice CEO. “We are pleased to recommend them.”

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Update to Podcast Album Art on iTunes

Big news about your iTunes cover art. We ‘ve just been notified that Apple has gone big — I guess you could say the “big Apple.” Apple has notified us that new iTunes album art specs have a minimum image size of 1,400 x 1,400 pixels* (which is what it has been in the past) to a maximum 2,048 x 2,048 pixel size cover art in JPG for podcast feed and podcast episode images. Apple is still recommending the 1,400 x 1,400 size, but, hey, a little flexibility is always nice, right? We’ll be updating the plugin specs on our site, but we wanted to let you know ASAP.

Apple is “not” recommending you save your image art in .png (portable network graphics) format, but if you can’t resist .png needs to be RGB (red, green and blue color model) only. That’s straight from Apple folks!

* Specified image sizes are in pixels — a picture element for digital imaging. The size of the image file on a disk is expressed in terms of “kb” (kilobyte) or “mb” (megabyte).

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Blubrry introduces ‘No-Fault Hosting’

Service allows podcasters to go 25 percent over their storage limit

This week, introduced a new feature to its podcast media hosting called “No-Fault Podcast Hosting” that provides customers complimentary data storage up to 25 percent with their service plan.

No-Fault hosting at

We did this because we found that some of our podcast hosting customers bump against their monthly storage limit on the hosting plan they have paid for time to time most only needing a little extra storage to carry them into the next month.

‘No-Fault Hosting’  gives you a way to go over the storage limit when you need just a little more before their storage resets. For example, if a customer has a 500MB monthly plan with only 25MB remaining and needs to upload a 100MB media file, No-Fault Hosting will allow the customer to upload up to 25 percent over his or her hosting limit.

The service allows the client to go over his or her quota up to 25 percent once each month. Customers that are consistently exceeding their quota should consider upgrading to the next plan. But in most cases, shows will not need to upgrade to the next service level.

The new feature means accounts will no longer have to change their final episode size to fit the quota, and provides enough flexibility to the podcaster so he or she can focus on creativity rather than storage space.

In addition, starting Aug. 1, quotas will be reset on the first of each month, making it easier for customers to manage their quota storage. Blubrry Podcast Hosting is designed for independent content creators and hosting plans are strictly based on storage and bandwidth. For commercial shows or those needing high bandwidth solutions we offer a separate professional hosting.

We want to continue to innovate and give podcasters the best hosting and media statistics in the podcasting space. No one does more for podcasters than our team of experts.

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We’d like to show you our support

In the past months, we at Blubrry have been working diligently to bolster our support services and educate our podcast family on the options we provide. Now, we have to say, we can’t help be brag a little because our hard work have paid off.

Charlotte Caruso of PuggleFM is a great example of what’s working in our support services. Charlotte recently emailed RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato after a consult, saying:

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your assistance over the past few days, with your email correspondence, which has always been very prompt and helpful, and then again tonight on the Skype call where you very patiently went through the entire process with me. Your help and assistance in getting the podcasts syncing to iTunes correctly is so invaluable to my company, it will literally save me hours and hundreds of dollars.

All your correspondence has been invaluable, you have been clear and practical in your recommendations for solutions for me, and I really appreciate such professionalism, especially in today’s world where I am constantly getting “help” from people who are more interested in a sale than actually helping someone in need.

I would absolutely recommend yourself and Blubrry to anyone thinking of buying a plugin for WordPress or who might be thinking about getting involved with podcasting! A truly refreshing experience, thank you.

It was a joy working with Charlotte and we hope you’ll check out her show, PuggleFM, child-friendly radio for parents that provides useful, entertaining audio featuring old school class with a new-age spin.

And to recap, here are the services we provide:

Premium Statistics or Blubrry Media Hosting Customer Support
If you’re having a problem with one of our paid services contact us with as much detail as possible and we’ll assist you within 24 hours.

Paid Phone Support and Consulting
Looking for phone support? Confused on which media format to use? Trying to decide the best setup for your website and media hosting? Whether you need advice for podcasting or you want consulting on what video format is best for your audience, we have the staff and knowledge to assist you. Contact us today with your needs for a free quote.

Custom Application, Web or WordPress Development
Looking for a developer to customize your theme specifically for podcasting? Want to extend a feature in PowerPress as your own custom plugin? Have a proprietary Internet media application and need assistance with development? We can help! We’ve been developing podcasting and new media solutions since 2005. Contact us today with details for a free quote.

Free Support Options
Don’t have the budget to pay for immediate support? No problem! Check out the following free resources and Blubrry forum:

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The future of podcast distribution and discovery at NMX

In December 2012, 50 percent of listening and viewing digital content was distributed through aggregators such as iTunes, Zune, etc. Sure, that’s a lot. But in a three-year comparison (2010-2012), that’s down more than 21 percent. What’s up is the number of Mobile Web Browsers (13.5 percent), Mobile Applications (3.2 percent), Tablet / Pad Web Browsers (8.3 percent) and TV / Set-Top Box (0.5 percent). Therein lies a glimpse into the future of podcasting.

At New Media Expo 2013, RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato presented on The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content

Discovery with Rob Walch, VP, Podcaster Relations,, and Rob Greenlee, content manager, podcasts at Microsoft, Windows Phone and Zune. Gain more on these insights and other insights – such as who buys Android and who opts for the iPhone – in the slideshow! The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content Discovery

Questions? Email Angelo at cio [at] 

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Take action: Ask Microsoft to add a podcasting app to Windows 8!

We need all podcasters to send a strong, positive message to Microsoft that podcasting is important. Windows 8 is due to launch with no podcasting support. While many of us may use iOS devices, have an Apple computer, or even be an Android user, the thing we need to remember is that hundreds of millions of potential listeners and viewers use the Windows programs.

Microsoft's goal with Windows 8 is to create synergy between the desktop, tablet, windows phone, and ultimately Xbox. Very similar to what Apple has already accomplished. Microsoft recently posted a list of Windows 8 Apps that will launch with the platform. Absent is any mention of podcasting support. We encourage each of you to leave a positive comment on th

e Microsoft Blog post asking for podcasting support.

This will take less than 5 minutes; we need to let Microsoft know we want our Windows users to have the same ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts afforded users on other platforms. Follow this link and ask Microsoft politely to add a podcasting app to Windows 8! Ask your audience members to ask for this support as well.

Get word out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.. Let’s create a ground swell of pro-podcast comments to send a clear message to Microsoft that we want a podcast app for Windows 8.

Let our Voices be heard.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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FeedBurner, Podcasting and PowerPress

We’ve received a number of help tickets and tweets lately regarding FeedBurner and podcasting with PowerPress. It appears FeedBurner is having data reporting issues and many podcasters using the service are now looking to move their feeds away from FeedBurner. We feel it’s important to let you know that YOU DO NOT NEED FEEDBURNER TO PODCAST.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend that you avoid FeedBurner. You are better served hosting your feeds on your own website, this helps you keep your branding in the URL as well as gives you full control of your feed address. This approach protects you from the possibility of your feed going offline or the possibility of a feed service modifying your feed’s content with advertising.

Your feed is your intellectual property, it’s the primary means for your content to syndicate to your audience. Avoid handing your intellectual property to someone else.

For Already Established Podcasts Using FeedBurner: Don’t Move!

Do not migrate away from FeedBurner! FeedBurner will only redirect your feed for 30 days. We feel that when you make a feed URL change, the redirect should be in place indefinitely in order to prevent losing subscribers. A one-year window of feed redirection is the minimum we would recommend. Thirty days is not long enough to guarantee that most services and feed readers will detect and make the feed address change.

For Podcasts Just Starting Out: Don’t Use FeedBurner or other Feed Hosted Services!

In 2006, blogging applications such as WordPress and MovableType became mainstream with podcasting capability available via plugins, making FeedBurner’s SmartCast podcasting capabilities irrelevant. There is still a myth that you need to use FeedBurner in order to podcast. Don’t be sold on the myth, you don’t need FeedBurner, or any other feed hosted service for that matter.

Don’t Become Dependent on Other Services

This is where our company philosophy differs with other podcast service providers. Other providers have taken this opportunity to encourage their customers to migrate their FeedBurner feed to a feed provided by that service. The result puts the feed syndication responsibility from FeedBurner to that service, making you 100 percent dependent on that service from that point on. Remember, your feed is your intellectual property, don’t hand it over to someone else.

Support for FeedBurner or other Feed Hosted Services from Blubrry

If you use FeedBurner or some other thirrd party feed-hosting service for your podcast feed, the staff at Blubrry and the PowerPress Podcasting plugin will not be able to assist you with FeedBurner feed related issues in our normal support options.  If you do need help with FeedBurner or other feed hosted service, you can hire us as consultants allowing us to work for you to resolve the issue(s). Learn more about our support options.

You can learn more about FeedBurner and podcasting here:

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Top shows to receive national exposure

RawVoice is working with a national media network that is seeking audio and video content. This is an amazing op

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portunity to take your show to the next level. We have been asked to facilitate talent screenings and act as the intermediary to the network.

This is an opportunity for our best shows to step into national limelight through mainstream media network.

We are currently signing shows to represent to this and other networks. If you would like your show to be considered, please contact us today at

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VO Minute adds that air of professionalism to your Blubrry podcast plug

Way to go Joe! Thanks a bunch to Joe McNeil of the VO Minute podcast and Marktree Productions for donating three Blubrry promo spots to our community. If you’re part of Blubrry family of podcasters, y’all know we ask you to put in a plug for Blubrry on each of your episodes. You can do your own or, thanks to Joe, Marktree Productions and some of our other folks, use a professionally prerecorded audio or video clip from our spots page. Check it out!

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In addition to VO Minute, we’ve got spots by Patsy Terrell, FogView Podcast, Jak Attack Podcast, Rich Palmer and more. It’s a great way to mix things up and add an even more professional air to your show, all while spreading the good word about

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Get a taste of the Blubrry and TPN Channel App on Google TV

Not much more app-etizing than Blubrry and Tech Podcasts Network (TPN) on Google TV! Yes-sir, now your favorite shows are accessible on yet another platform. With Google TV, Blubrry and TPN provide content creators the ability to access new markets that reach a worldwide audience of all demographics. Audiences can see network shows and manage their playlist through MyCast, wheth

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er they have a Blubrry or TPN user account or not.

The Google TV app is one more in our RawVoice cache that also includes:

  • Roku
  • Boxee
  • LookeeTV
  • Samsung Smart TV

So, it’s official, Blubrry and TPN content creators can be ogled on Google TV in addition to just about every medium available. And audiences can subscribe to a show as easy as pressing a button.

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