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Announcing RawVoice Certified Podcast Statistics

This is a big day for us here at RawVoice, we are announcing via Press Release RawVoice Certified our Podcast stats certification program.

Announcing RawVoice Certified: The seal of verified podcast metrics
Designation offers third-party, validated metrics to advertiser, media creators and network managers

RawVoice, a national pioneer in digital media metrics, monetization and content creation, announced the implementation of RawVoice Certified, a third-party podcast/network validation of media statistics. Tapping into eight years of data collection and analytics, the RawVoice Certified seal is the foremost authority in validating podcast statistics.

“At RawVoice, we know that podcast statistical validation is critical when a network / podcast has to corroborate audience size, demographics and how the media was consumed,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice founder and CEO. “Our years of experience in collecting and processing statistics for tens of thousands of podcast and networks puts RawVoice at forefront of analytics critical to our customers. Our certified service is the gold standard for media buyers, networks and podcasters.”

RawVoice Certified Stats gives content creators and media buyers detailed network delivery statistics, analytics, audience demographics and it tracks exactly how the media is engaged, providing near real-time reporting capability, all certified by RawVoice.

A variety of algorithms are used by RawVoice Statistics to filter out data that would otherwise inflate the media statistics. RawVoice provides podcast analytic / statistic services to 16,000 plus independent podcasters and networks, Cochrane said, including major television and online networks and universities.

Since 2005 RawVoice has been measuring podcast statistics for media buys and buyers to include some of the biggest podcast networks in the space. RawVoice, parent company of and, has unparalleled insight into how podcast media is being consumed. For more information, contact RawVoice Sales at sales [at]

Contact: Network Managers should contact RawVoice for bulk pricing, individual podcasters can get RawVoice Certified here today. Check out all the details on the product details page.

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Updated Podcast Statistics Service Interface Demo!

Once you see this demo of our new Podcast Statistics Interface and the add features, you are going to want to make sure you are using our podcast stats service if you are not already!  Plus we encourage you to become a premium statistics s

ervice customer as well.

Make sure you go full screen with this Demo so you can see the HD version of this!

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Breakin’ down the stats policy to build our success

We know . . . no matter how eager you are to charge ahead technologically, “change” itself is like that distant cousin you’ve never met who your mom makes you take to a movie; the one you’re pretty sure you’re going to be stuck with entertaining the rest of the night if not the rest of your life! We’ve been there. So, when we announced that we’ll be changing our business model a little bit we tried not to make it too scary. Here ‘tis: We now require that shows that enjoyed our free statistics that have in show advertising from a competing network or on their own,  and have no advertising with RawVoice/Blubrry upgrade to our premium stats package.

Not too scary, we hope. To Hammer-time it a little more (you know, ‘break it down’):

  • No advertising on your show = free stats
  • Advertising with Rawvoice/Blubrry = free stats
  • Advertising with Rawvoice/Blubrry + advertising on your own or other network = free stats
  • Advertising on your own or other network = upgrade to premium stats to help us advance the system
  • Shows that are part of another organized network = upgrade to premium stats to help us support the system

And, to top it off, and this one’s a beta blocker for your racing hearts: Premium stats packages start at a whole $5 a month. That gets you unsurpassed insights into audience consumption; it lets you find out who is linking to you and gives you listener-base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping. You also benefit from custom reports and daily email summaries.

That little bit o’ dough will allow us to expand our awesome tools such as PowerPress and hosting for your shows on a world class CDN, and continue to provide you the opportunity to be discovered on Roku and Boxee. In fact, look for a major update to our stats system shortly! But even before that launches, you’ll get bunches of value when you update to  premium stats even if your show qualifies for the free stats.

So, yup, you might just find that this mysterious cousin is pretty awesome to hang out with and, like our premium stats package, is a dynamic, exciting and welcome addition to the family.

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Tracking all iPads!

With Apple’s iPad now arriving in the hands of hundreds of thousands of media consumers, it is destined to be a highly popular media consumption device. We have added the iPad to the list of devices we track in our podcast media statistics service, ensuring that your media — no matter what platform it is seen or heard on — is being counted.

Our basic statistics service is free, so sign up now and add your show to Blubrry to make sure all your downloads are being tracked, including those from the iPad. Need a bit more than the basics? Check out our Podcast Statistics Premium.

This is only the beginning. Our team has been working hard on some awesome stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! We have a number of exciting announcements to make in the coming days.

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Podcast Statistic Usage Increased 35% in March

Our Podcast Statistics service which is free to all members of our 3 communities, saw an increase in usage of 35% in March. We have had significant month to month increases but this is the largest jump in new users to date.

In conjunction with that utilization jump we continue to see a proportional  increase in the number of tracked downloads in the 10’s of millions per month. Overall we continue to see healthy listener growth across the podcasting space. 

Demand continues to grow for serialized new media content, with RawVoice having the only commercially available podcast / new media download and streaming statistic service, we know that companies / podcasters using our service are getting the most accurate reporting in the industry.

While other leading podcast companies have to rely on third parties to measure and validate their download data, we are proud that RawVoice has led the way in setting measurement standards for advertisers.

Get a free podcast statistic account by simply listing your podcast on If you are a corporate client contact to find out how you can deploy your own branded Podcast / New Media Statistic service.

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Introducing the Blubrry API

We are proud to announce the availability of the new Blubrry API. The Blubrry API extends our commitment to the community by allowing 3rd party applications and web sites to work with our services.

The new Blubrry API allows developers to build  applications to interface with our media hosting and statistics services. Applications can delete, upload and list media files as well as retrieve media statistics information.

The Blubrry API is a hybrid of the RESTful implementation found at Twitter and WebDAV. More technical details may be found on the Blubrry Help site under the section titled Blubrry API.

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Special Announcement Free Podcast Statistics

The RawVoice team is very proud to announce that our Basic Podcast Statistics that where free for 90 days at a time, when community members completed an advertising survey are now 100% free with no pre-conditions.

Effective today all community members get access to the Basic Podcast Statistics service by just being a community member.

We realized that in these tough economic times, that while many podcasters want to monetize there podcast, a segment of shows are not ready for advertising but need the reliable accurate podcast statistics data to continue to build their shows. This was a large factor in us removing the requirement for podcasters to fill out the ad survey to get access to the stats service.

Podcasters that still want to monetize their shows need to update the ad surveys every 90 days so we have up to date information on their podcasts.

With a large majority of our community members using the Basic Podcast Statistics service it only made good business sense to do this.  For those that want the Premium Podcast Statistics that service is available for a low monthly subscription fee of $5.00.

For those not familiar with our Basic Podcast Statistics here are some of the data sets we provide.

  • Summary report of latest 10 episodes
  • Overall and Monthly reporting
  • Printable and PDF reports
  • Details in
    • Total downloads
    • Unique downloads
    • Distribution (Podcatchers and Web browsers)
    • Clients (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, Firefox, etc..)
    • Platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc…)
    • Country Demographics

Consider this a small gift from RawVoice.

Todd, Barry, Angelo, Brian & Jeff

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RawVoice CIO to Lead ADM “Measurement” Comittee

RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato has been elected to lead the Association for Downloadable Media “Measurement” Committee. Here at RawVoice we have worked hard over the past 3 years to always have podcast statistics that advertisers and media producers can trust, and we could not be happier that Angelo is leading the “Measurement” committee.

Measurement Standards are very important and having nearly 3 years of experience working with various advertisers and podcast statistics reporting we feel that Angelo is well positioned to lead the committee in helping to solidify podcast measurement standards. [RawVoice]

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Patch for Podpress to fix bug with Blubrry Statistics

There is a syntactical error in the Podpress code which prevents the “Enable Blubrry Statistics” option from working in Podpress. The code fix have been sent to Dan and will hopefully be included in the next version of Podpress. Instructions how to patch Podpress version 8.6 are available on the RawVoice support site linked below.

Link: How to implement the statistics redirect in WordPress with Podpress

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Blubrry Podcast Stats Systems Now Available to All

The Blubrry Community New Media Stats system powered by the RawVoice Statistics Engine has been made available to all members of the Blubrry Community.

The price of using the service is free with the completion and keeping up to date the Advertising Survey on the podcasters show profile. We will ask podcasters to verify their advertising survey data every 90 days to continue getting free access to the stats system.

Otherwise the New media Survey system is free to use to all Blubrry Podcast Community members. The team here looks forward to everyones suggestions to Phase II enhancements to our Podcast Statistics System.

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