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Join the adventure! Join the action! Join Team Rawvoice at BlogWorld and New Media Expo!

Yo! We’re coming for you. The whole entire RawVoice team is coming to BlogWorld and New Media Expo Oct. 15-16 in Vegas! We know that you, our community, is psyched to not only see us, but talk to us, touch us and share ideas at our booth in the exhibit hall at Mandalay Bay!!! . . . Oh, what’s that you say? Why should you be excited about hangin’ with lil’ ol’ us? Well lemme tell ya. It’s because we’re totally bad @$$!

That’s right, like, remember when Sly Stallone says, “We are the shadows and the smoke in your eyes?” Oh, yeah. We identify! Cuz we’re the nerdy men/women way below you’re standards that walk up to you in a bar and ask you to dance anyway. Point is, ammunition such as our PowerPress Plugin, which seamlessly extends a WordPress blog to a podcasting engine, and our easy-to-use super stats system, are only a couple of the weapons we’ve got out there for ya as your own personal digital media powerhouse!

“We blow away”  — or at least take a mean slap at — “anything in our way” . . . as in, your way. And when it comes to watching, branding, growing and monetizing digital media, be it our expansion to mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, or set-top boxes such as Roku or Boxee, yeah, things are blowing up!!! … um, quickly expanding in a healthy, productive way.

And, yeah, here’s where you’ll find us:

Get your bad on come see us at BlogWorld and New Media Expo Oct. 15-16 in Las Vegas! Yo, we’re pumping our fists and stoked and excited because we are indeed, ahem, The Dependables! Aka, Team RawVoice! And if this weren’t bad @$$, adventurous and exciting enough for ya, well, we’ll also have drawings for Roku digital media players.

RawVoice: Are you in this picture?

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Blubrry PowerPress Podcast Plugin Gets Strong Endorsement!

PowerpressWe have been getting email’s and daily shout outs by Podcasters worldwide on their switching to PowerPress. If you have been waiting to switch and needed and excuse here is a pretty strong endorsement of the product.

Check out this endorsement of PowerPress by Neville Hobson and listen to what he has to say on his Podcast about PowerPress.

Try the plugin yourself! Download it Here

Want to comment on your experience with PowerPress? Leave us a comment here or post your experience on your blog!

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ProMed Network

2008promedWe want to draw your attention to a new media network called the ProMed Network. The team here at RawVoice have partnered up with the team at ProMed providing the technology to power their new site.

We are pretty excited to see the site up live, and with new content being added each day it will fast become a premium destination for medical news and content.

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Redesigned Program Profiles on Blubrry!

The program profile pages have been redesigned on Blubrry!  The new design is in response to the feedback we’ve received from the community.  The new design focuses on usability.


We now include a subscribe & share widget on the right column that will make it easier for your audience to find your subscription information.  Yahoo and Odeo have been replaced with Google and Microsoft Zune subscription links.  The subscribe & share widget includes links to Digg and as well as to your RSS feed.

We’ve added new Play on iPhone buttons within each post.  In case you were wondering, the Blubrry Player already supports the iPhone.  The new iPhone buttons make it easy for iPhone users to consume your content on

We’re just getting started. Watch more more changes to and the rest of the RawVoice communities!

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Its amazing that we’re already into football season here in the United States. Seems like yesterday that I was celebrating opening day for baseball. But the nights are cooler here in the northeast and the leaves are starting to turn. That means that every Saturday and Sunday millions of people are getting their college and pro football fix.

Of course there are plenty of people turning their football passion into football podcasts. Here are links to some professional and college football podcasts that can be right here on Blubrry.

NFL Rants and Raves Tidecast Take On The Titans New Orleans Saints Review Raider Nation Podcast NFL Sports Fans Raider Nation Videocast

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Checking In With Coffee Podcasts

Just about every morning the first thing I do is to brew a nice pot of espresso coffee. So I figured I’d do a search for podcasts on Blubrry related to coffee. The five podcasts listed below can help you to get a double shot of coffee in the morning without raising your blood pressure.

Search For The Best Mocha Latte in the World The CaffiNation Podcast The Coffee and Tea Show In Latte Veritas The Morning Brewcast

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Interesting Blubrry Video Podcasts

Video podcasting is a fast growing medium. If you’re the type of person who likes your content in the visual realm then we’ve got plenty of good stuff here on Blubrry.

Here are a few video podcasts on Blubrry that could whet your whistle.

Average Betty - Average Betty does for home n' cooking what punk did for rock n' roll. Side Podcast - F1 news, views and race previews all wrapped up in a fantastic video podcast. Professional Rockstars - You don’t have to be a musician to be a rockstar. Question Of The Week - So... what do you think? We want to know... Art Of The Drink - Each week you'll be treated to a new drink recipe including step-by-step instructions.

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Blubrry Baseball Podcasts

Any baseball fans out there? I got to thinking that here in the U.S. its the time of year when sports fans are going crazy over baseball pennant races. There’s no better way to capture the passion for baseball than tuning in to a baseball podcast. We’ve got some real good ones here on Blubrry.

Submitted for your approval:

Cubscast Detroit Tigers Podcast New York Mets Podcast Bricks and Ivy Radio 360 Pitch Yankees Fan Club

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