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Blubrry Stats Is Now Tracking Over A Dozen New Apps (Including Google Play Music Podcasts)

If you have Blubrry stats, you may have noticed we now list several new clients in your statistics dashboard. We’re pleased to report as of April 19 over a dozen new apps have been added to our ever-growing list of podcast clients. We now track nearly 200 unique podcast applications, devices, and platforms.

client stats

Here’s a list of some of the apps we’re now tracking individually in your stats menu:

  • Google Play Music Podcasts – This much-awaited app is tracked by Blubrry, but it’s important to note that as of now, Google Play Music Podcasts is not making individual download numbers available to outside services. Instead, each episode that Google Play Music Podcasts makes available to its users will only show as one download, no matter how many people listen in the app. For now, you’ll need to log in to Google Play Music Podcasts to see your total download number.
  • Player FM for Android
  • CastBox.FM Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • AntennaPod for Android
  • Kodi – open source home theater software
  • Clementine – music player and library organizer for MAC and Windows

To see how many downloads each individual app is delivering your podcast, click “clients” in the statistics section of the Blubrry dashboard.
client screen shot

Curious how to list your podcast with Google Play Music Podcasts? Check out our latest episode of the PowerPress Podcast!  


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Blubrry and PowerPress Player

PPPiTunesAlbumArt-385On this episode of the PowerPress Podcast MacKenzie and Angelo Mandato talk about the new Blubrry and PowerPress player. They also discuss, 6 reasons why podcasts are the future of storytelling. The new player is available exclusively to Blubrry hosting customers, and will be available in PowerPress next week. Listen to find out where to get the embed in Blubrry and PowerPress. Thanks for listening, and please leave a review on iTunes! And if you haven’t yet, subscribe using iTunes, Android, Email – however you want in the player below.

Thinking about attending Podcast Movement? Use promo code ‘Blubrry‘ for $40 off your ticket!

From the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.
Manage Episodes
Find the embed option in ‘Manage Episodes’ in the podcast dashboard.
Use the link to post the embed anywhere.
Use the link to post the embed anywhere.






Show notes:

6 Reasons Why Podcasting is the Future of Storytelling

New York Times Podcast Network Starting

Blubrry Player information

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New iTunes Podcast Directory Recommendations: What Podcasters Need To Know Now

The higher your podcast ranks in iTunes, the easier it is to grow your audience – so it’s crucial to keep up on and follow their recommendations.

This month, iTunes made a number of changes to the iTunes Store podcast directory that could have a direct impact on the success of your podcast.

Here’s what you need to know (and do) to comply with the new iTunes Podcast
Directory Recommendations:

iTunes Podcast Image Recommendation Change

Apple now recommends using a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPG or PNG in the RGB color space in a compressed format. Saving your image as a JPG with your favorite image editing software should automatically compress your image to optimize for mobile devices.

If you are saving your image as a PNG, please be aware that your image must be saved in the RGB color space. If the image is saved as a CMYK color space (used for printing), it will not be accepted by iTunes. (See our guide to logos, branding and theme for more information on color spaces and other crucial things to keep in mind while designing your cover art.)

The minimum size of 1400 x 1400 may continue to be used and will look acceptable on a tablet or phone – but while it’s not an urgent change, the larger 3000 x 3000 size will look best when viewed in the Apple TV podcasts app.New iTunes Podcast Directory Recommendations February 2016

iTunes Podcast Explicit Setting Change

Apple has changed the iTunes explicit setting. You must now select “clean” or “explicit” – the ‘no’ option is no longer available.

The “explicit” setting previously allowed for a 3rd option referred to as “no” (also referred to as “none” by some services). Nothing was displayed next to your podcast on iTunes if neither “clean” or “explicit” were set. With this change, there is no longer a neutral option.

If you don’t set your podcast as either “clean” or “explicit,” it appears that Apple will now make that determination for you. To guarantee that your content is marked correctly, please update your explicit setting as soon as possible.

The explicit setting is available both at the program/show level as well as the episode level. If all of your episodes are explicit or clean, you will only need to set this attribute at the program/show level.

We are still waiting on a response from Apple staff how to handle the situation with mixed explicit and clean episodes. We assume the previous behavior still applies:

  • If your program is marked “explicit,” then all episodes within that show are also considered explicit. A “clean” episode for an explicit show/program is not applicable.
  • If your program is marked “clean,” then all episodes are considered clean unless otherwise marked explicit.

The explicit setting is very important to maximize your distribution on iTunes. Some territories and countries such as India do not allow explicit content.

iTunes does enforce its explicit settings. Do not assume you can mark content as clean even though it includes explicit content – many podcasters have learned the hard way that mis-labeling your show will lead to being removed from the iTunes podcast directory.

Managing Podcast Submissions to iTunes has Changed

Podcast submissions to the iTunes podcast directory are now managed by the new Podcast Connect website. The new website allows you to submit new podcasts, as well as refresh, hide and delete your current podcast listings.

iTunes Podcast Connect

In February, 2011 Apple dropped the update listing protocol, leaving podcasters with no way to refresh their podcast listings on iTunes. The new Podcast Connect website includes a Refresh Feed option, we applaud and appreciate the addition.

Check back here at the PowerPress Podcast blog weekly for important updates and information that can help you improve your podcast’s chances for success!

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PowerPress bug fix, update out now!

On Wednesday, December 9th PowerPress was updated because of a bug based on a WordPress update. WordPress update 4.4 caused an issue, blank feed titles.

It affects iTunes listings, effectively erasing the title from your listing. If you have already updated WordPress 4.4 then you need to update to PowerPress 6.2.2 as well to fix the issue.

Your listings will then update on iTunes within 24 hours.

The update is a simple one and due to fixing this recent bug. We do not anticipate any other issues or updates before the end of the year. If you haven’t updated in a few months now is the time. The Blubrry team has made several upgrades to features this year that provide great advances for your podcast.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and value your continued support. Please look to the support forum and contact us if you still experience issues after updating.

The Blubrry Team

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Blubrry Partners with Triton Digital to create an Audio platform Plugin for PowerPress

Blubrry has collaborated with Triton Digital to create a private WordPress plugin that integrates the PowerPress Podcasting Plugin with Tap, Triton’s customizable advertising platform designed to help publishers monetize audio content. The plugin, designed for Blubrry Professional Podcast Hosting clients, allows our customers to leverage Triton’s Advertising Platform to seamlessly streamline operations and monetize audio content while using PowerPress’ powerful publishing tools.

“Our Professional Hosting clients are provided with this private plugin as soon as they create an account within Triton’s Tap,” explains RawVoice / Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane. “The Plugin integrates with PowerPress and allows our customers to post, upload and publish audio content, while seamlessly monetizing it through Triton Digital’s Tap platform.”

“We are pleased to partner with Blubrry to offer podcast producers and publishers with the tools they need to scale their audience and increase revenue,” said Hugo Martel, Product Manager at Triton Digital.

Broadcasters, podcasters and digital music services of all sizes are encouraged to reach out to RawVoice / Blubrry or Triton Digital to learn more and request a demo. Blubrry remains committed in providing all our clients with tools that allow them to grow their shows and build sustainable business.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice / Blubrry

For more information about Triton Digital, please visit

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Clammr WordPress Plugin Supported by PowerPress

Today RawVoice / Blubrry announced the integration of the Clammr WordPress Plugin with PowerPress as a social-sharing option for podcast audiences. Clammr is an application that provides bite-sized audio clips that highlight what audiences need or want. And now Clammr has an add-on plugin for the Blubrry PowerPress plugin that helps audiences cut through the noise and find great audio whenever they wish.

“Blubrry’s mission has always been to provide podcasters ways to grow their shows and expand their social presence,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “Clammr’s support is part of the Blubrry mission to increase the social sharing capabilities of the PowerPress plugin.”




Clammr Audio Sharing Plugin is embedded within the Blubrry player and allows podcasters and listeners to share a segment of their audio on social networks. Web-based users now have the same features as those that are using the Clammr mobile application. The share button posts an audio highlight that is playable natively in Facebook and/or Twitter with a link back to the full podcast.

The integration in PowerPress 6.2 provides the ability to add features independent of the plugin and yet be fully integrated. Podcasters simply install the Clammr plugin and enable the function in PowerPress.

“Audience growth is the top issue that podcasters cite when discussing where they they would like to see improvements in their experience. We are thrilled to partner with Blubrry to enable social sharing of great podcast moments directly from the PowerPress player,” said Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr. “Podcasters who have enabled the Clammr sharing feature in their Web audio players have seen ten-times the plays for every highlight that their listeners share to their social networks.”

In its effort to support the power of podcasting, Blubrry is open to working with teams building add-on plugins that are compatible with PowerPress, Cochrane said. The Blubrry team greatly appreciates Clammr’s support the plugin and hopes for more social platforms to foster relationships such as this.

“Blubrry and PowerPress have been trailblazers from the very earliest days when podcasting was born. It’s only fitting that PowerPress is continuing to innovate by enabling podcasters to use Clammr to bring a social and viral element to their audio for the first time,” Parvizi said.

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PowerPress podcasters can now CrowdFund their Podcast Directly to Subscribers

Blubrry has added another innovative podcast attribute to PowerPress; podcasters are now able to add donate and monetization links directly to their podcast feed and website. Blubrry is working with Skipcast an iOS podcast application the first of its kind to take donate links from the feed to display the podcasters donate or Patreon link in the application.

SkipCast is proud to partner with Blubrry to provide iOS’s first in-app crowdfunding feature. Providing an easy and safe way for listeners to offer financial support helps guarantee a vibrant and diverse podcasting ecosystem for years to come,” said SkipCast developer Matt Grdinic. “At SkipCast, we’re simply thrilled to be part of this incredible movement.”

PowerPress is the first service to provide donate and support links that will be syndicated within the podcast feed. Podcasters will be able to use this new RSS element for donations, promoting their brand via shirts, mugs, etc., even direct links to sponsors of their show. PowerPress users provide the donate URL in PowerPress and it is syndicated along with the podcast information. With a donation link embedded as an element in the RSS feed, third-party sites like Blubrry and podcast apps like SkipCast can now display that link.

“Our goal is like Subscribe on Android, other third-party apps will add a donate or support link in their apps /sites. Helping podcasters raise money for their shows on and beyond their websites is a lot easier now,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry.

For most, podcasting full-time sponsorship is a challenge so these extra monetization opportunities are a game-changer. This feature guarantees that donate and support links will be circulated to all listeners and that they will know where to donate to the podcast regardless of where they listen to a show. Podcasters can even use the feature to promote affiliate opportunities.

More than 50,000 podcasters use PowerPress for their podcast website, and this feature can easily be enabled with one click. The Podcast Feed markup is part of the RawVoice RSS2 namespace, which is publicly available and can be adopted by any podcast service. Blubrry and SkipCast are proud to be the first podcast companies to provide this tool for podcasters.

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Google Play Music: Good going!

Welcome to the podcast party, Google Play Music! This is great news in the podcasting space and we applaud your announced integration of podcasts into your platform. We at Blubrry are ecstatic and look forward to your launch.

PowerPress is Google Play Music ready and as part of Google’s announcement we have released PowerPress 6.1 for the 50,000+ active podcasters that use the plugin. Though valid iTunes podcast feeds are acceptable for submitting to the Google Play Music Podcast directory, the additional options in PowerPress will give users all of the resources to maximize Google Play Music listings.

“Google Play Music’s new podcasting features will be a great enhancement to the thriving podcasting atmosphere,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “This will be a welcome platform for Android users, who will now have a native podcast presence.”

“Our research has shown that Android podcast consumption to this day has been untapped, and with the market share that the Android platform holds, Google’s native podcasting integration should prove a big win for podcasters,” said Angelo Mandato, CIO of RawVoice.

Podcasters can submit their podcast to Google Play right now via their website. Most users are being accepted within 24 hours.

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Why you should use your own Podcast feed

We are podcasters first at Blubrry, and we practice what we preach in providing tools that allow you to implement best processes for your podcast. We also know the strategic advantages of using a personal podcast feed from your own dot-com when it comes to obtaining the best positioning from Google and Apple for show and episode discovery.

Some companies employ outright scare tactics to make podcasters believe they should use their solution. But let me tell you, those tactics are used for one thing: Control. They want to own your production pipeline.

Todd Cochrane, our CEO and Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, has been evangelizing for the past 10 years the need to control your most important podcasting asset: your RSS feed.

Here are five items to consider when choosing who owns and controls your feed:

  • Intellectual property – Controlling your RSS feed and using your own domain are the only ways to have 100 percent control of your intellectual property. This also ensures you are able to move to any service or host without losing any subscribers or SEO you have established.
  • Brand – Blubrry believes that “you should promote you” and your show/brand instead of promoting us or anyone else. It’s your show. It’s your site. Control all of it.
  • Up-to-date standards – Podcasting is constantly evolving. Using WordPress along with PowerPress ensures that you have the most up-to-date RSS and podcasting standards.
  • Feed maximizer – With feed maximizer in PowerPress, you are free to have the maximum number of episodes in your feed and still stay under any feed size limits. Not all third party feeds will do this.
  • SEO optimization – We have provided within PowerPress the ability to apply SEO techniques that allow your episodes to be positioned at the top of search results on the Web or in podcast directories such as iTunes.

Do not be swayed! It’s your show; build your brand and do not allow a third party to take your RSS feed and hijack links from your site back to theirs. Find out more about Blubrry PowerPress, and protect what’s yours.

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Blubrry Introduces PowerPress Sites

ppstoddBlubrry is incredibly excited to offer podcasters in early August a free WordPress site for every Blubrry Podcast hosting user. PowerPress Sites, WordPress website hosting for your podcast, will allow you to sign up for a podcast-hosting account, starting at $12 a month, and for free have everything you need to create and grow your show.

Each WordPress site is managed by Blubrry taking away the maintenance headaches, and includes Premium Podcast Statistics, meaning you can track your podcast with the most reliable and accurate statistics in the business. With PowerPress Sites, Blubrry is providing a one-stop shop for all of the services you need for a podcast — no one else in podcasting has packaged a best of service package.

PowerPress Sites will employ the best practices for podcasting and focuses on your freedom. Build your podcast with these services, and we’ll stay out of your way: We want you to use PowerPress sites to build an amazing brand and show; the best part you are 100% in control of your brand and listener experience. You can upgrade and grow your site as your podcast grows — without worrying about moving to another site when you outgrow the one you have.

Setup includes answering a few quick questions; you’ll have yourself a podcast optimized WordPress site in minutes. The basic level service even includes essential plugins pre-loaded. This is a full functional content management system to diversify your content by, Including pictures, blog posts, and videos. You want to build a huge audience, right? We are providing the tools to do so a well-rounded website from PowerPress Sites accomplishes just that.

PowerPress Sites, available in early August, is provided for free with every podcast-hosting account. If you’re interested in all the features, read about them on our PowerPress Sites WordPress Hosting Page.

Here only some of what you get with every hosting account.

PowerPress Site
– PowerPress – Post, Upload, Publish
– Quick setup guide
– Managed WordPress site
– Mobile Ready Template
– Podcast Optimized Template
– Essential plugins Pre-Loaded
– SEO optimization
– World Class Media Hosting (CDN)
– 25% Storage Overage Allowance. (No Fault)
– Replace Media anytime (Long Tail Podcasting)
– ID3 Tagging
– Download and Play totals
– Trending
– Applications
– Traffic Sources

See our Press Release!

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