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Roku Like a Hurricane!

Exciting news Blubrry Podcasters! Blubrry is proud to announce the launch of the Blubrry Channel on Roku. The channel is live with 200 shows and we’ll be adding more shows throughout the coming weeks as we qualify your podcasts.

The Roku Digital Video Player offers your shows unprecedented exposure — seen and/or heard directly on your audiences’ television sets. Sit back in your Lazy Boy and watch your favorite video podcast or clean the house and listen to your favorite audio podcast directly through the exclusive Blubrry Channel on Roku.

And, trust us, that’s only the start. This year marks an apex in the evolution of alternative distribution capabilities for RawVoice and our family of podcasting sites. Keep an eye out: We plan to launch other alternative distribution applications in the coming weeks and throughout the year.

Are you ready to Roku? We’re thinking yes! Let us know what you think!

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PowerPress 1.0.4 Released: Added ‘Find Replace’ Media Tool and Plugin Podcasting Support

Take a look at this! Blubrry PowerPress1.0.4 is now available. This latest version is packed with new and useful features and is completely compatible with the latest release of WordPress 2.9.

Support for Plugin ‘Podcasting’

After the announcement that plugin “Podcasting” was coming to a close we reached out to Spiral Web Consulting to see how we could help. They helped us help users ease the transition to PowerPress from plugin Podcasting.  Through their consultation we now include support for episodes created in Podcasting. If you are a Podcasting plugin user considering switching to PowerPress, check out our note near the bottom of this post for additional details.

Find and Replace for Episode URLs

Blubrry PowerPress now includes a tool found under the PowerPress menu “Tools” page titled “Find and Replace Episode URLs.” This lets you quickly find and replace portions of your episode media URLs.

Because the feature verifies each URL and will stop the conversion if the new address URL is invalid, we recommend you back up your database before using this tool. The feature is perfect for users moving their media hosting to a new web site  or service such as Blubrry’s media hosting.

WordPress 2.6 Support

We only maintain support for the latest three major releases of WordPress, ensuring that our plugin remains innovative and up-to-date. Because of this, support for WordPress 2.6 will be dropped in the next release of PowerPress. If you are using PowerPress with WordPress 2.6, be sure to upgrade WordPress to support future releases of PowerPress.

Note to Plugin ‘Podcasting’ users

PowerPress and Podcasting have been for the most part interchangeable. Episodes created by both plugins are stored the same way. The only difference between the two plugins was how the iTunes duration (time in seconds) was stored. PowerPress 1.0.4 now includes this value from plugin Podcasting as well.

PowerPress 1.0.4 now includes an import plugin Podcasting settings option found under the Tools page. This option will import the key settings from plugin Podcasting to PowerPress.

For Podcasting users who are using the custom formats feature, PowerPress has a similar feature called “Podcast Channels” that will allow you to add multiple media files to one blog post.

The feeds for Podcast Channels in PowerPress are formatted differently than those found in plugin Podcasting. When you do make the conversion, you might need to notify your subscribers of the feed changes. If you need assistance re-mapping your old custom format feed to a PowerPress Channel Feed, feel free to contact us so we can assist you. Include the current feed URL and a link to your blog in your contact submission.

So there ya have it! Lots of new information and we know you’ll benefit from all our latest innovations!

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Blubrry BlogWorld Vegas After Party

The Blubrry Team had an incredible, educational and inspirational long weekend, Oct. 14-18, at the Blogworld and New Media Expo. And not just the kind of inspiration you see in the photo below, rather we gave and received valuable insights about the Blubrry PowerPress, podcasting progress and the people in our communities.  We were able to meet some great people, catch up with friends and spread the word to bloggers and podcasters that blogging louder through RawVoice and Blubrry is more than just an option, it’s the option.

True, socially our highlight of the weekend was the Blubrry Vegas After Party at the famous Peppermill Fireside Lounge Friday night, Oct. 16. The strolling magician, DJ’s tunes, showgirls and of course Little Elvis set the tone and pushed the kitsch over the top at the Peppermill. Yeah, we can honestly say this was our best party yet  — because you told us so.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event such a success! A special thanks to our organizers, Aileen Kenny and Mat Luschek. We hope they’re not busy next year. Even more importantly, we look forward to seeing you there next year!

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PowerPress 1.0 Now Available: All Key PodPress Features Included

powerpressVersion 1.0 of Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin for WordPress is now available. The latest version includes a number of new features/options as well as a settings pages redesign based on user feedback. With this update, PowerPress now includes all of the key features found in PodPress.

The latest version can be downloaded here.

New Features and Options

  • Added 4 new MP3 flash players: 1 Pixel Out Audio Player, MP3 Player Maxi, Simple Flash MP3 Player and AudioPlay player
  • Added “Verify” media option next to Media URL box to check entered URL and detect file size/duration information
  • Added PodPress Stats Archive view
  • Added Password Protect option for Custom Podcast Channels, which allows for Premium Content


  • Relabeled “Custom Podcast Feeds” to “Custom Podcast Channels” to avoid confusion
  • Reorganized settings pages into tabbed sections
  • Added new “Video Scale” setting — users can choose between “scale,” “tofit,” or enter a custom scale value such as 1.5
  • Added new “E-Book PDF” label for download links of PDF files

All of the key features in PodPress included in PowerPress

The new Password Protection for the Custom Podcast Channels feature is a replacement for the PodPress Premium Content feature.  Unlike PodPress’ Premium Content feature, Blubrry PowerPress Password Protection for Custom Podcast Channels has no limit. You can create as many custom podcast channels with password protection as you want (each with its own RSS feed).

The new “Verify” button is an enhanced replacement of the “Detect” buttons found in PodPress. The Verify button goes beyond detecting only the file size and duration, it also confirms that the Media URL entered is formatted correctly and is valid. The new Verify button does all this with only one click.

PowerPress now includes the highly requested 1 Pixel Out Audio Player used by PodPress. PowerPress includes the latest version, which features volume control.

Suggestions and Feedback

We are committed to providing a well developed and mature podcasting plugin for WordPress. Please let us know what you think, leave any feature suggestions in a comment below and/or let us know directly with our contact us form.

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PowerPress 0.9 Released: Someone Ask for More Options?

powerpressThe Blubrry PowerPress plugin for WordPress version 0.9.2 is now available. The latest version includes a large number of new features/options as well as a small number of bug fixes. The latest version can be downloaded here.

New Features and Options

  • Embed player within blog posts with [powerpress] shortcode. (learn more about PowerPress shortcode)
  • Add embed code from sites such as YouTube, Viddler and
  • Custom entry box settings for entering customized iTunes keywords, subtitles and summaries and no player option
  • iTunes URL setting for custom and category podcast feeds (These iTunes listings can be pinged as well)
  • Courtesy functions added for custom themes. See note below

Improvements and Fixes

  • iTunes ping logic improved to support scheduled posts
  • latest iTunes ping result displayed below the iTunes URL setting
  • Fixed bug with `require_once()` calls on some servers displaying a fatal error
  • Fixed scheduled posts deleting podcast episode bug in WordPress 2.8+
  • Completely revamped the “on page” and new window players
  • Removed the “play in page” option as it was a source of confusion
  • Relabeled Redirect Feed URL to FeedBurner Feed URL to clear up confusion
  • Added m4b and m4r to list of detected audio formats

Courtesy Functions for Themes

We added courtesy functions for theme developers to use in the event they are stripping the player from the page content or excerpt. To use the functions, add the following code to your theme template where you would like to display the PowerPress players and links.

<?php if( function_exists(‘the_powerpress_content’) ) the_powerpress_content(); ?>

Suggestions and Feedback

We are committed to providing a well developed and mature podcasting plugin for WordPress. Please let us know what you think and/or leave any feature suggestions in a comment below, or let us know directly with our contact us form.

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Tell us what you think…really

Being the podcasting gurus that we are, you guys might think we know it all . . . and a lot of times we’d probably like to think so as well. But, know what? We don’t. You all have a lot of critical information and amazing insights that will help us improve So right here, right now, we’re asking you to take a second or two, ponder a few questions, make a few suggestions and help us to make more compelling and inclusive than ever.

Thank you for your input.
Click the link below to take our brief survey (it’s only 10 questions)
Take The Survey

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Blubrry PowerPress WordPress Plugin Version 0.7 Now Available

Blubrry PowerPressThe Blubrry PowerPress plugin for WordPress version 0.7.1 is now available. The latest version includes a large number of new features as well as bug fixes. The latest version may be downloaded here.

New Features Include:

  • Simple/Advanced Modes
    • Simple Mode is perfect for podcasters just starting out
    • Advanced Mode includes additional settings, tools and features.
  • Enhanced iTunes Summary option (learn more)
  • Create Unlimited Custom Podcast Feeds
    • Each Feed includes the same extensive feed settings as the default podcast feed.
    • Customize feed title, description and landing page
    • Specify number of episodes per feed
  • Hosted Feed Service Support (e.g.
  • WordPress Nonces support
  • Added WordPress Roles and Capabilities support for User Role Management
  • Additional player settings, specify audio player width and video player width & height
  • PodPress Episode Import Tool
  • Simple Mode for Podcast Entry Box (just enter the media URL and you’re done)
  • A handful of bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixed duration detection bug
    • Improved player in-page loading time
    • Duration formatting improved for episodes that go over 1 hour.

There are many new features in this release of Blubrry PowerPress. Many of these features were the result from the support and suggestions from the the community. Thanks everyone for your contributions. 🙂

Some of the features in depth:

Custom Podcast Feeds
The new Custom Podcast Feeds feature allows podcasters to create additional podcast feeds for syndicating multiple media formats or versions of their podcast. No other WordPress podcasting plugin provides custom podcast feeds. The advantage of using PowerPress Custom Podcast Feeds is you can decide which media file is associated with which feed at the time you edit your blog post.

Enhanced iTunes Summary
The Enhanced iTunes Summary option is intended to save Podcasters time. Many podcasters have asked us to provide an additional text field so you can enter a special iTunes Summary for each podcast episode. When we analyzed what podcasters wanted, we discovered that they simply wantd to enter the same blog post content without the HTML markup. Enabling the Enhanced iTunes Summary option will automatically remove the HTML markup in a readable format for iTunes while including web links and links to embedded images. The web links and embedded images are clickable within iTunes and open in the default browser when clicked.

Simple/Advanced Modes
The addition of the Simple and Advanced modes for managing PowerPress settings was a direct result of the feedback we received from podcasters wanting an easy to configure podcasting plugin for WordPress. Simple mode is perfect for someone starting out who may not understand all of the options and settings available in Blubrry PowerPress. The Simple Mode displays only the essential settings required to get your podcast started.

We are committed to providing a well developed and mature podcasting plugin for WordPress. Please leave a comment below or contact us with your thoughts, comments or feature suggestions so we can continue to improve the plugin.

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Redesigned Program Profiles on Blubrry!

The program profile pages have been redesigned on Blubrry!  The new design is in response to the feedback we’ve received from the community.  The new design focuses on usability.


We now include a subscribe & share widget on the right column that will make it easier for your audience to find your subscription information.  Yahoo and Odeo have been replaced with Google and Microsoft Zune subscription links.  The subscribe & share widget includes links to Digg and as well as to your RSS feed.

We’ve added new Play on iPhone buttons within each post.  In case you were wondering, the Blubrry Player already supports the iPhone.  The new iPhone buttons make it easy for iPhone users to consume your content on

We’re just getting started. Watch more more changes to and the rest of the RawVoice communities!

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