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International Women’s Day, 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, a holiday in some places and completely ignored in others. Sometimes it’s a day of protest, sometimes a day to celebrate womanhood, and sometimes both. And, before you wonder when International Men’s Day is, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to shine a well deserved light, interview-style, on two of Blubrry’s amazing employees, MacKenzie Bennett and Lena Taupier. They’re integral parts of the team that brings you world-class podcast hosting, IAB Tech Lab Certified podcast stats, and the ubiquitous PowerPress WordPress podcasting plugin.

MacKenzie is Services and Affiliates Coordinator at RawVoice, parent company of Blubrrry.

Lena is Lead Software Developer at RawVoice.

Blubrry (B): thanks for taking some time. I know you have plenty to do, so let’s just jump right in. Are you a podcaster?

MacKenzie Bennett (MB): I am, for Blubrry. Outside of work, I don’t have a podcast, maybe one day.

Lena Taupier (LT): No, but I have become a podcast addict.


B: What’s your show show called?

MB: I host the PowerPress Podcast. It’s you guessed it, pretty meta, and all about podcasting news and Blubrry podcasters.


B: How long have you been podcasting?

MB: it’s been about three and a half, four years, now.


B: Why did you get into it?

MB: When I started at Blubrry four years ago I had never been on a podcast. They wanted to me to host with a fresh, unbiased perspective.

LT: I had listened to a couple of episodes here and there over the years but it wasn’t until I started working at Blubrry that I truly became a podcast addict.


B: What’s your favorite thing about podcasting?

MB: People. I interview guests on almost every episode and each time I get to learn about their show and discuss what is new and fun (or awful) in podcasting.

LT: I love that it’s such an open medium where literally anyone who has an interest in a particular area can start creating content that others can consume. I also appreciate how easy it is to listen on the go. Nowadays there’s nothing I’d rather be doing on long drives than listening to my favorite podcasts!


B: Speaking of, what are your current favorite podcasts and why?

LT: Freakonomics – This show explores a wide variety of topics, from the cost/benefit of having 6,500+ languages in the world, to the parking problem in America. I really love numbers and statistics and the hosts do a great good job of gathering data to backup their findings so it’s really interesting. Snap Judgement – This show interviews people from all over the world who have interesting life stories. I am always in awe of the diverse and profound life experiences that I hear about in each episode.


MB: I’m not a subscriber. Rarely will I listen to every episode of shows I love. For that reason, I love series – ones I can’t skip episodes on. Recently finished Happy Face; typical crime show, but sue me for loving to learn about murderers.


B: How long have you been with Blubrry?

MB: 4 years almost to the day! March 9, 2015 was my first day.

LT: 3.5 years and counting!


B: What’s it like working at Blubrry?

LT: It’s very fast-paced and exciting because things are constantly changing due to the nature of the podcast industry. As a software developer, I really enjoy that aspect because it means we get to work on new, exciting projects quite frequently. I also really like that we have an open environment where new ideas are encouraged and we have the flexibility to explore and use new technologies.

MB: Insightful. Constantly learning, but also exciting being part of the new releases, services and changes in the industry.


B: What are you most excited about in the world of podcasting for 2019?

MB: Hard to say at the moment. Edison Research Infinite Dial numbers just came out and I’m surprised how interested I am at looking forward to digging into what is causing listener growth.

LT: I’m excited about all the tools and technologies that are popping up to help make podcasts more discoverable. For example, as AI transcription from audio to text improves, it will become much easier to search through and discover new podcasts based on specific topics.

B: If you could interview anyone (living or dead)  for your podcast, who would you choose and why?

LT: I would interview Marie Curie. She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only person ever to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences. I would love to hear about her earlier years and what it was like to be a female scientist at that time.

MB: Honestly, my first thought was a pirate. I think they’re hilarious, full of good stories, and would love to get their perspective on my horrible Halloween renditions of them over the years.


B: Thanks for chatting, and thanks for what you do for Blubrry! Anything else you’d like to add?

MB: Look out for your other female podcasters. Bond with them, learn with them.

LT: Thanks!

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Podcasts about Love, Relationships, and Friendship


Podcasts about love, relationships, and friendship

Love, Friendship, and Podcasting

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, one of our most basic desires–after physiological (food, shelter, etc) and safety– is for love and belonging. To feel connected to another person, to be accepted by social groups. So, seeing as how Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, we thought we’d take a break from nerding out over podcast stats data and highlight some interesting podcasts about love, belonging, and friendship. In no particular order, here are a handful of love and friendship podcasts that might be worth a listen.

  • The Art of Relationships Podcast, Signs of a Healthy Relationship. “Friendships come and go, but what are the signs of a long-lasting, healthy friendship? Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff discuss the signs of a healthy friendship.”
  • This Is Love. “The creators of the popular podcast, Criminal, surprised everyone when they turned their attention to an investigation of a very different kind. This is Love explores perseverance, obsession, and what happens when we risk betting it all.”
  • Call Your Girlfriend, Friendship Dilemmas. Self-described BFFs, Amina and Ann, host this long-running podcast covering the gamut of all things friendship. In this episode, they highlight some audience questions about friendships: “friendships where privilege gets in the way. Friendships where one of you has moved on and doesn’t know how to talk about it. Friendships that are post-breakup. Friendships where fat shaming comes into play.”
  • Love is Like a Plant, The Valentine’s Day Episode. In this episode, Elle and Sarah talk about Valentine’s Day, why it’s a charged holiday and how to enjoy it even if you’re not one part of a couple.
  • So This Is Love. This. Is. Adorable. What if you could read someone’s journal about falling in love? Ok, that’d be a little awkward. But, what if they made a podcast about it? In this podcast, husband and wife, Aaron and Leslie, decided to invest in their relationship by hosting a podcast together and highlight entries from Leslie’s journals going all the way back to when they first started dating.

Here’s to you, dear reader, from all of us at Blubrry. We love you and appreciate the opportunity to help you share your stories with the world with our podcast stats, podcast hosting, and PowerPress WordPress podcasting plugin and podcasting websites.

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Podcast Movement recap with Michelle Ann Owens

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300MacKenzie was joined by Michelle Ann Owens on the PowerPress Podcast to recap Podcast Movement and discuss Michelle’s show, Nothing Off Limits. The two met at Podcast Movement last week and in this episode spend time talking about the benefits of going to events such as PM and how Michelle is growing her show that she recently launched. MacKenzie and Michelle learned a lot at the show and are excited to move forward with that knowledge. They also talk about Audible – Amazon and Audible have finally stepped into podcasting. Audible customers are now able to find podcasts in their app. Pros and cons are debated about this new outlet for podcasters; do you think it’s a good thing for the podcasting community? Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe to the show to never miss an episode.

Love PowerPress? Please leave a review here!

Show notes:

Podcast Movement
Nothing Off Limits
Michelle Ann Owens
Lady Fox Entertainment Twitter
Email MacKenzie

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4 Ways To Promote Your Podcast (Beyond iTunes!)

Of course you already know that submitting your podcast to directories like iTunesGoogle Play Music Podcast Portal, and the Blubrry Podcast Directory are the first steps in getting your show out to the wider world. But in today’s noisy internet ecosphere, just listing your show and hoping people will find you usually isn’t enough! Instead of relying on any one directory or list to elevate your podcast in the ranks, focus on a long-term strategy that incorporates audience development, consistency and a few clever promotional techniques. Here are some ideas for elevating your promotion strategy and getting more people to tune into your show: Continue reading 4 Ways To Promote Your Podcast (Beyond iTunes!)

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Be A Better Podcaster with Blubrry: FREE Tutorial


Podcasting can be confusing.

From ever-changing guidelines and recommendations to evolving technology, getting a show running and keeping it up-to-date can take a lot of work and know-how, even for experienced podcasters.

We want to help! As leaders in the podcasting community – and podcasters ourselves! – the team at Blubrry is dedicated to making the technology of podcasting simple so that podcasters can do what they’re good at: create great content and connect with audiences.


That’s why we’ve created a FREE guide that will make sense of all those challenges podcasters face. From setting up your RSS feed to creating iTunes cover art to making sense of stats and more, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to start? Just fill out our quick signup form and you’ll start receiving helpful, exclusive emails weekly that will help you get started podcasting, step-by-step…or, if you’re already a podcaster, help you take your show to the next level.

We’ll never sell or share your email, and we’re just as allergic to spam as you are. No tricks or hard sales tactics: just helpful content to help you up your podcasting game.

Click here to get started.

Thanks, and happy podcasting!

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Meet Mike Dell, Blubrry’s Lead Support Tech

From the hardworking customer support techs who are the front lines when you’ve got a question or concern to the behind-the-scenes people making our services and products among the best in the business, Blubrry boasts a staff of dedicated men and women who, above all, are passionate about podcasting and want to help all podcasters create the best shows they possibly can.  This is the first post in a new series featuring our awesome team members here at Blubrry! We hope you’ll enjoy getting a sneak peek at the awesome people who power our company.

mike podcasting

Name and Position: Mike Dell, Lead Support Tech

Worked at Blubrry Since: 2009

Tell us about a typical day at Blubrry. 

I spend most of my time answering support tickets for people who are having issues with our services or need help with podcasting in general. For example, maybe they can’t get a feature to work so I walk them through it, or they need help setting up PowerPress for podcasting. Sometimes I do one-on-one consulting, where I’ll do a screen share with the customer and help them get their website looking the way they want it, show them how to set up their RSS feeds, and that kind of thing.

What’s the thing that causes newer podcasters the most confusion? 

People don’t always understand that the RSS feed is the center of a podcast. They say “I want to put my podcast on iTunes,” but podcasts don’t work that way. You have to have an RSS feed, and everyone centers around that. That can be a hard concept for people to understand. I always describe it like this: your RSS feed is like the transmitter from a radio station. Whatever radio you’re listening to a show on, the show itself is coming from the same transmitter.

You’ve been at Blubrry since 2009. How have things changed in the industry since then? 

I started podcasting in 2005, so I’ve been at it for 11 years now. It’s completely changed. When I first started you had to be a geek to even listen to podcasts because the technology wasn’t user-friendly. With podcast apps in pretty much all smart phones and some newer cars, it’s a whole lot easier for the listeners.

On the other hand, the technical side for producers hasn’t changed a whole lot – but our tools make it a lot easier. The basics are still there: you still have to have an RSS feed and host your files on a server, but once you get set up it’s easy.

What makes working for Blubrry special? 

All of the founders of Blubrry were podcasters first. We’re grassroots.

I knew most of the people involved with RawVoice and Blubrry prior to coming to work there. We’re laid back when we need to be and we get right down to business when we need to. I also love that our whole business model is based on doing what’s best for the community and podcasters first. We don’t do anything as a company that’s not good for the entire industry. We aren’t the cheapest service in town, but I feel we are the best. It’s great to work for a company where you believe in the product, and everybody at Blubrry is passionate about the product.

Speaking of…tell us about your podcasts!

I have a podcast called Podcast Help Desk to help people learn more about podcasting. I also do one called Geek of the North, where I take something that’s not normally thought of as technology and explain it as technology – for example, I recently did the technology of garbage trucks. I talk about snow removal, nascar tracks, all kinds of stuff. And sometimes I guest host the PowerPress podcast, and that’s a lot of fun.


Tell us about your hobbies and life.

I live in Traverse City, MI with my wife, dog and cat, in a 1940s log cabin about 600 yards from Grand Traverse Bay. I call myself an attempted banjo player and like going to music festivals in northern Michigan.

What’s the best part of your job? 

Yesterday a customer emailed me and said, “When was the last time I told you your support was awesome?”

That kind of thing happens a lot, and it always makes my day.



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New iTunes Podcast Directory Recommendations: What Podcasters Need To Know Now

The higher your podcast ranks in iTunes, the easier it is to grow your audience – so it’s crucial to keep up on and follow their recommendations.

This month, iTunes made a number of changes to the iTunes Store podcast directory that could have a direct impact on the success of your podcast.

Here’s what you need to know (and do) to comply with the new iTunes Podcast
Directory Recommendations:

iTunes Podcast Image Recommendation Change

Apple now recommends using a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPG or PNG in the RGB color space in a compressed format. Saving your image as a JPG with your favorite image editing software should automatically compress your image to optimize for mobile devices.

If you are saving your image as a PNG, please be aware that your image must be saved in the RGB color space. If the image is saved as a CMYK color space (used for printing), it will not be accepted by iTunes. (See our guide to logos, branding and theme for more information on color spaces and other crucial things to keep in mind while designing your cover art.)

The minimum size of 1400 x 1400 may continue to be used and will look acceptable on a tablet or phone – but while it’s not an urgent change, the larger 3000 x 3000 size will look best when viewed in the Apple TV podcasts app.New iTunes Podcast Directory Recommendations February 2016

iTunes Podcast Explicit Setting Change

Apple has changed the iTunes explicit setting. You must now select “clean” or “explicit” – the ‘no’ option is no longer available.

The “explicit” setting previously allowed for a 3rd option referred to as “no” (also referred to as “none” by some services). Nothing was displayed next to your podcast on iTunes if neither “clean” or “explicit” were set. With this change, there is no longer a neutral option.

If you don’t set your podcast as either “clean” or “explicit,” it appears that Apple will now make that determination for you. To guarantee that your content is marked correctly, please update your explicit setting as soon as possible.

The explicit setting is available both at the program/show level as well as the episode level. If all of your episodes are explicit or clean, you will only need to set this attribute at the program/show level.

We are still waiting on a response from Apple staff how to handle the situation with mixed explicit and clean episodes. We assume the previous behavior still applies:

  • If your program is marked “explicit,” then all episodes within that show are also considered explicit. A “clean” episode for an explicit show/program is not applicable.
  • If your program is marked “clean,” then all episodes are considered clean unless otherwise marked explicit.

The explicit setting is very important to maximize your distribution on iTunes. Some territories and countries such as India do not allow explicit content.

iTunes does enforce its explicit settings. Do not assume you can mark content as clean even though it includes explicit content – many podcasters have learned the hard way that mis-labeling your show will lead to being removed from the iTunes podcast directory.

Managing Podcast Submissions to iTunes has Changed

Podcast submissions to the iTunes podcast directory are now managed by the new Podcast Connect website. The new website allows you to submit new podcasts, as well as refresh, hide and delete your current podcast listings.

iTunes Podcast Connect

In February, 2011 Apple dropped the update listing protocol, leaving podcasters with no way to refresh their podcast listings on iTunes. The new Podcast Connect website includes a Refresh Feed option, we applaud and appreciate the addition.

Check back here at the PowerPress Podcast blog weekly for important updates and information that can help you improve your podcast’s chances for success!

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Temporary issue with iTunes listings limited to 20 episodes

Podcast show listings are currently limited to 20 episodes because of a temporary issue in iTunes. Apple staff are aware of and working on the problem. The problem only affects podcast directory listings in podcasts’ iOS app and desktop iTunes.

Subscribed users to your podcast can still see all of the episodes available in your podcast feed. The issue is only with directory listings (when viewing your podcast from within the iTunes store).

Once the problem is resolved, iTunes will once again display up to 300 episodes, depending on what you have configured in your podcast feed.

PowerPress users wanting to change their episode limit

The WordPress default displays 10 items (episodes) in feeds. You can override this default by going into PowerPress Settings >  Feeds tab and changing the value in the “show the most recent” setting to a larger value, as high as 300. Keep in mind that the higher you set this value the larger your feed’s file size will be. If you set this value higher than 50, we strongly recommend enabling the “feed maximizer” option, which ensures your large feed does not include blogging meta data that is not needed for podcasting.

Testing your podcast feeds

We recommend viewing your feed with the Firefox Web browser if you want to preview and test your podcast feed. Firefox specifically formats RSS feeds in a readable way and will display an error or a blank page if there is a problem parsing your feed. We no longer recommend using Feed Validator services. As of now, none of the feed validating services support secure (https://) URLs.

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Blubrry proudly partners with Appendipity Podcast Themes

Appendipity and BlubrryBlubrry is proudly partnering with Appendipity, a leading creator of WordPress themes for podcasters. The collaboration provides’s podcast media hosting and statistics clients standout themes that keep audio and video podcasts front and center in the marketplace. The professional, unique themes are optimized to work with Blubrry PowerPress, the leading plugin for WordPress, to leave a lasting impression on podcast audiences.

“At Appendipity we create, design and develop Premium WordPress themes specifically for podcasters,” said Joey Kissimmee, founder. “All Appendipity themes are 100 percent compatible and integrated with PowerPress to make your podcasting efforts as easy and seamless as possible.”

In addition to the initial collaboration, RawVoice will continue to work with Appendipity to inform them when plugin changes and upgrades will be implemented. This allows for effortless transitions for podcasters using both of the companies’ services.

“We are delighted that Appendipity, a leading-edge creator of themes in the podcast space, is the first template creator to specifically work with us to ensure smooth integration between PowerPress and their podcast themes,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice CEO. “We are pleased to recommend them.”

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Blubrry PowerPress 4.0 Released

Blubrry PowerPress 4.0 brings the latest essential features for media creation to WordPress, including the hottest updates to the new iTunes specifications.

“I am proud of this release of PowerPress, in supporting the latest iTunes podcast specs, additionally this update introduces innovative features first to market for the 10’s of thousands of media creators that rely on PowerPress,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice.

iTunes upgrades include:

  • An updated iTunes image requirement — RGB 1400×1400 — throughout the plugin for better cover image quality throughout.
  • “Feature Episode” that allow podcasters to designate a primary episode, which can be used to introduce the podcast or lead in to a new series.
  • An iTunes Order feature that allows a podcaster doing a series of episodes to have each listed in the desired
    get your ex back read more


Other PowerPress 4.0 offerings include:

  • A new video player option: VideoJS HTML5 JavaScript player — a player that has its own plugin. By adding this plugin, the new player will be available as an option in PowerPress video players list.
  • A Feed Episode Maximizer “option” for shows with episodes in excess of what can currently be included in a feed. This feature allows the podcaster to maintain the latest 10 episodes in iTunes with all of the extensive episode data. The rest of the episodes are listed in a way that maximizes the number of episodes that can be listed on iTunes / Zune etc. Perfect for the serial podcaster with an extensive episode library. is a media community and directory that gives content creators the power to make money through advertising, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. Blubrry PowerPress 4.0 brings the essential features for media creation to WordPress, offering full podcasting support, web audio/video media players and more.

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