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Opportunities and Marketing Your Podcast with Michael Arias

Big thanks to Michael Arias for being our guest on this week’s episode of The PowerPress Podcast with MacKenzie. Michael’s show The Dental Marketer is only six months old, but he’s already seeing ways to profit. We talk about new opportunities that arise — personal and professional — and learn how Michael found his niche and discovered how passionate he is about podcasting. After talking about his show, MacKenzie and Michael discuss live podcasts and how they’re gaining in popularity. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

How to Produce Podcasts That Create Innovative New Opportunities
The Dental Marketer
Live Podcasts
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Email MacKenzie

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Blubrry proudly partners with Appendipity Podcast Themes

Appendipity and BlubrryBlubrry is proudly partnering with Appendipity, a leading creator of WordPress themes for podcasters. The collaboration provides’s podcast media hosting and statistics clients standout themes that keep audio and video podcasts front and center in the marketplace. The professional, unique themes are optimized to work with Blubrry PowerPress, the leading plugin for WordPress, to leave a lasting impression on podcast audiences.

“At Appendipity we create, design and develop Premium WordPress themes specifically for podcasters,” said Joey Kissimmee, founder. “All Appendipity themes are 100 percent compatible and integrated with PowerPress to make your podcasting efforts as easy and seamless as possible.”

In addition to the initial collaboration, RawVoice will continue to work with Appendipity to inform them when plugin changes and upgrades will be implemented. This allows for effortless transitions for podcasters using both of the companies’ services.

“We are delighted that Appendipity, a leading-edge creator of themes in the podcast space, is the first template creator to specifically work with us to ensure smooth integration between PowerPress and their podcast themes,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice CEO. “We are pleased to recommend them.”

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PowerPress Wonder Why?

PowerPress did not just happen, it came to be because of  a vision to give Podcasters better tools so they can focus on creating content letting PowerPress and our tools do the heavy lifting. Support the team that is supporting you! I show you the power of how we continue to power your podcast with hosting and podcast publishing as easy as 1,2,3.

Become a Customer Today and Support the PowerPress Team

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Listen To Affiliate Success

Here are some audio examples of how different podcasters have been promoting products from the Blubrry Affiliate Advertising Program with great results! You will notice how they work the promotional message into their own style – it sounds very natural and listeners respond.

Examples include:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Skype
  • Back To Basic Toys
  • Rhapsody Player

Blubrry Affiliate Audio Examples – Listen Here!

We are very happy to be offering affiliate opportunities for podcasters – and there are more great deals to come!

To join the Blubrry Affiliate Advertising Program yourself, just click here!

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Don’t forget about the Tech Podcast Network

We love all of our Blubrry Podcast Community members but we want to remind all of you that we have a special community just for those shows that are creating tech and science content.

Since early this year the Tech Podcast Network has been part of the extended RawVoice family of podcasting communities and we encourage all tech shows that qualify for membership to apply.

The bar is much higher to become a TPN member but we know their are a lot of great Tech Shows that are part of that would be a great fit in the Tech Podcast Family.

Check the site for details some membership criteria for being part of the network does apply. Join one of the best Technical Brands in the Podcasting space today.

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Mahalo Us


How appropriate. You may or may not know that our CEO Todd Cochrane lives in Hawaii. Mahalo is a Hawaiian expression which means, “Thank you.” Mahalo is also a new search site that has a podcast page that could use the input of Blubrry community members and fans.

We want to make sure that our community gets the most visibility possible. Maximum visibility benefits everyone. So if you could take a few moments to register for a Mahalo account, then add as a ‘submitted link’ we would be ecstatic.

Mahalo in advance!

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Podcamp Atlanta

Rob Safuto our Director of Marketing will be at Podcamp Atlanta. If you are a Podcaster and in attendance of Podcamp Atlanta you will want to hook up with Rob, and talk to him about our properties. Ask him about the “Best Deal in Podcasting” he will happy to share the philosophy of our team.


The weather has conspired against us folks. My flight out of Newark was called back to the gate after about an hour on the tarmac. We’re locked in a serious winter storm here. All flights were canceled out of Newark today and everything is booked tomorrow. Hence, I will not be at PodCamp Atlanta. I am beyond bummed. Especially since I was bringing down 200 folders for the PodCamp folks to stuff with all kinds of info. I’ll hold onto the folders and we’ll get em next year!

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Blubrry Wants You

Tell your friends about Blubrry. And be our friend on MySpace too! Check out our profile at We’re slapping the badge below on the pages of podcasters’ MySpace profiles who we’d like to become a part of Blubrry. Feel free to grab it yourself and slap it onto your friends profiles.

Blubrry Wants You

Thanks to our man Brian who puts together graphics like this on a moments notice.

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