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Make sure your show is up to snuff with Blubrry stats and better branding

Statistically speaking, if you’re not taking advantage of Blubrry’s free stats, you could be missing out big time. We estimate that between 4,000 and 5,000 shows in the Blubrry directory that are not enrolled in our stats could be eligible for advertising consideration. Did I mention that those are the free stats?

Blubrry has helped thousands of shows earn hundreds of thousands in advertising dollars. That’s a lot of dough and, granted, not every show made big bucks. But a small profit is better than no profit and advertising is a valuable tool in getting your show more exposure. Learn more about and register for the Blubrry stats here.

While you’re at it, be sure to fill out the advertising survey to give us some deeper insight into your show. It only takes 10 minutes, honest, and helps us as we are trying to match advertisers to podcasters. Don’t miss out. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Speaking of missing out, shows that aren’t branding or marketing themselves correctly are being passed over by prospective audiences and advertisers.

Putting your best face forward does not stop at your own websites. As we monitor the directory, we’re finding inadequate profiles and bad emails. If you’re not clear about the intention of your show, how can your audiences be? How will they or we contact you for more information?

Here are a few examples of shows that are well branded.We encourage you to follow their lead:

Note the cover art for each is crisp and unique, and reflects the theme of the show. The show description is concise, but reflects what audiences will see/hear each time they tune in. These shows use spell-check and their tone is friendly and informative.

Good branding will also help your SEO and your marketability. Find out more best practices is our Blubrry Podcast Manual. It’s a great guide to get you — and keep you — going strong.

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Get a taste of the Blubrry and TPN Channel App on Google TV

Not much more app-etizing than Blubrry and Tech Podcasts Network (TPN) on Google TV! Yes-sir, now your favorite shows are accessible on yet another platform. With Google TV, Blubrry and TPN provide content creators the ability to access new markets that reach a worldwide audience of all demographics. Audiences can see network shows and manage their playlist through MyCast, wheth

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er they have a Blubrry or TPN user account or not.

The Google TV app is one more in our RawVoice cache that also includes:

  • Roku
  • Boxee
  • LookeeTV
  • Samsung Smart TV

So, it’s official, Blubrry and TPN content creators can be ogled on Google TV in addition to just about every medium available. And audiences can subscribe to a show as easy as pressing a button.

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The fantasy of error-free hard drives

Congratulations! You’ve just recorded your 100th episode. That’s quite a milestone and it’s appropriate to take some time to stroll down memory lane and check out some of your older shows. What? The first 30 shows were on a hard drive that crashed? That’s OK, you can restore your old shows from a back up… right? I hope so…

Unfortunately hard drives aren’t as reliable as we would like them to be and every so often they crash. If the data isn’t backed up somewhere, it will take a lot of luck, plenty of money and a hard drive recovery service to possibly restore some of it. The last thing you want is lose all your podcasts, photos, financial data and whatever else you stored on that thing.

There are several ways to back up your important data. Your operating system (OS) has a built-in application and that’s a great start. You can set that up to back up to a completely different hard drive. There also are applications such as Synctoy that allow you to run backups and mirror data in two locations such as a second drive. Generally, a solution like this has both drives in the same location. This works out well if your primary hard drive decides to call it a day, but if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where your house gets trampled upon by a stampede of laser-wielding unicorns, both the drives could be kaput.

I have a friend who on a regular basis backs up a third drive and stores it in a safe deposit box at his local bank. This is a great idea, but quite frankly that’s a lot of extra time that most of us don’t have. Fortunately for us, in the past few years several online “cloud”-based services have appeared, making digital archival quick, easy and inexpensive. Most of them are straightforward and function fairly similarly. You pay the service a few bucks a month, download and install its application and let it do the rest. The application locates all the important data such as profiles, media, photos, documents, etc. (You can control this if you desire.) It uploads and stores the data in the cloud on the secure redundant servers. On a predetermined, regular basis, the application will scan your computer for new or changed data and back them up. You can now rest assured.

Mozy, Live Sky Drive and Carbonite are only a few of the online backup options out there. Take a look at those and research some others to decide what is best for you. Personally, I use a combination of backing up to another hard drive as well as an online service. I’ve been very happy with it and feel a lot more comfortable knowing that when my house gets attacked by a pack of rabid gnomes, my digital data is safe.

~ Brian, creative director

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How do I get listed on iTunes and other platforms?

One of the support questions that I’m asked most often is: “How do I upload my podcast to the iTunes music store?” The off-the-cuff answer is, you don’t.

Let me explain. What you do is submit your podcast feed to iTunes. Apple reviews your podcast mostly to make sure your content can be played on Apple devices. Once they approve your show, you are listed in the store. Your files are downloaded from wherever you store them for your podcast. They don’t come from iTunes’ or Apple’s servers.

Blubrry PowerPress, an easy-to-install podcasting plugin for WordPress, helps you get your iTunes listing – along with other platform listings such as Roku, Boxee and Zune Marketplace – looking good by giving you an easy way to make your feed compliant with those services.

Here’s what to do:

  • Go to your PowerPress settings and click the “iTunes” tab.
  • Fill out all the boxes and your listing will be complete.

Make sure you have good cover art. You can even change your iTunes cover art right from PowerPress:

  • Check the box next to “Upload New Image.”
  • Select your image on your computer and PowerPress will take it from there.

Just remember, iTunes can take awhile to update photos or other changes to your listing. They will get around to it.

Please remember, too, that iTunes isn’t the only game in town. There are an impressive number of podcast listeners and viewers that use other forms of podcatchers and set-top boxes. The good thing is, if you make your show look great on iTunes, it will look great on all the others. Also, don’t forget to list your show on and go through the “Get Featured” setup there. It is well worth your time and effort.

If you are new to podcasting or the Blubrry / RawVoice services, feel free to contact us at support. Also check out the videos and other helpful resources at or our forum at

~ Michael Dell
Technical Support

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Huge 31% Jump in Revenue Means More Money in Our Podcasters’ Pockets

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there is ‘we’ in ‘RawVoice’ and collectively we have posted a 31 percent ad revenue increase for the second quarter! This gargantuan increase is further proof that we’re kickin’ butt and reflects new advertising buys on 27 percent more shows hosted on Blubrry, Tech Podcasts Network and other RawVoice subsidiaries. Simply put, this translates into more advertising opportunities and more money in podcasters’ pockets.

CEO Todd Cochrane says lots of things are coming together quite nicely to contribute to this increase: “Advertisers are confident in us delivering a healthy return on investment. Advertising with RawVoice enables them to expose their brand to audiences that are consuming media on a variety of devices in the home and on the go.”

Audience growth has been and will continue to be fueled by the increased quality and quantity of podcasts available at Blubrry and the RawVoice community as a whole. At Blubrry alone we have more than 5,500 shows available for advertising!

AND (note that’s a big ‘and’) our expanded media accessibility on multiple platforms such as Roku, Apple iOS and Google Android-based smart phones is also catapulting our growth.

“Our strategy of multi-platform distribution is exposing new audiences to our content creators on venues that accommodate their lifestyle needs,” says Cochrane. “We are the only advertising medium that can guarantee they are reaching their target audiences.”

Our ever-increasing viewers and listeners have the benefit of accessing our top-quality shows and get to check out great products and services that they want and need. The end result is that hosts are able to sustain and grow their shows “ultimately resulting in more ad deals for our content creators,” Cochrane says.

As Quarter 3 gets under way, we’re all confident the advertising and audience growth will continue to benefit media creators. “We are continuing to focus on multi-platform distribution for the shows that are part of the network,” Cochrane says. “The show producers are reaching millions of people monthly we want to continue to take the lead in finding ways to help content creators maintain sustainable incomes for their shows.”

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Be in Control of Your Show

At, our team members are podcasters and we understand the importance of building your own brand on your own website. Far too many media creators start their shows on services that lock them in, with no ability to grow. Thursday, Feb. 11, I completed my 551st show at Geek News Central and, while I have been podcasting since 2004, I am always looking at ways to increase my number of listeners and viewers. The show could not have evolved into what it is today without the flexibility to use and adopt new tools.

At, we integrated our free statistics and podcast hosting media uploader into PowerPress, our Podcast Plugin for WordPress, to save you time and allow you to focus on creating media — and build your brand — without being locked into a rigid hosting service. Sure, the attraction of free hosting is often too great for people to resist, especially in this economy. However, many of these folks are saving a small amount of money each month and essentially allowing the soul of their show to be locked into someone else’s vision.

Not us. Take Geek News Central for example: During the past five years I have had three new template designs; I added a variety of plugins to support the fast-changing social media scene; and I have been able to add new content channels at will. Many of the features we have added to PowerPress were driven by the podcast community at large and my own desire to grow my show and explore new horizons.

Five years ago, we  podcasters had it tough: nearly everything had to be done by hand. Heck, some content creators are still writing their RSS feeds by hand. I don’t have time for that and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. I love the ability to publish my show in three steps:

  • Write the Blog Post
  • Upload the Media from my Weblog
  • Push Publish

You can’t get any easier than that. Keep in mind that in addition to quick and easy publishing, you are controlling your site, your image, your content  . . . and you never have to worry that the company that hosts your website will go out of business.

It all adds up: WordPress + PowerPress + Blubrry Podcast Hosting + Blubrry Podcast Advertising Services + All of our Great Tools = One heck of a winning combination that no other new media company can offer!

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Blubrry Services Help Site

blubrryDid you know you can check out the blubrry help site when you have questions on a feature or service?

Our help site at is growing steadily and features written information and demo videos to assist members of our community and our customers. We want you to be able to more effectively use our products while lowering the number of support tickets. Some of the videos and help topics are short and snappy and some of them are long and detailed. All are highly informative.

Don’t see a topic covered? Let us know and we will fill the void. We will even be posting training topics by top leaders in the podcasting space that will help you build and grow your podcast.

Be sure to subscribe to the Blubrry Help Podcast as well so that you get all of the topics we cover delivered directly to your media player!

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Tell us what you think…really

Being the podcasting gurus that we are, you guys might think we know it all . . . and a lot of times we’d probably like to think so as well. But, know what? We don’t. You all have a lot of critical information and amazing insights that will help us improve So right here, right now, we’re asking you to take a second or two, ponder a few questions, make a few suggestions and help us to make more compelling and inclusive than ever.

Thank you for your input.
Click the link below to take our brief survey (it’s only 10 questions)
Take The Survey

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Countdown to Hosting coming to Blubrry starts Now!

BlupostOne of our big goals of 2008 was to get the hosting platform launched. The beta testers have beat the system up, and all we were waiting on is the finalization of some templating code to allow each client to have more control of his web pages.

I created a video demo of how easy it was to use the entire publisher system last month, and for some reason never posted a link to it. So I hope you will take a look at the publisher video and give us some feedback on the system. (Video)

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Have you Looked at your RSS feed Lately?

Why is it that podcasters will spend hours editing the content of their podcast but fail to spend 30 minutes one time to make sure that their RSS feed is setup properly. In some cases I blame whole heartedly the service they are on for hijacking the internal data of their RSS feed and not giving podcasters many choices in configuring them.

But in large part we see huge numbers of shows that have simply failed to put the time into making sure that their RSS feed is representing their show as well as their content.

We see massive numbers of shows rss feeds fail validation each and everyday. We see shows that are whole heartedly missing important data many shows have no description, no keywords, no contact information, no titles, no iTunes specific tags etc. The list goes on and the issue is growing each day.

Every year I have posted a state of the RSS feeds as a report I do for the annual Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. This year I would like to see a trend be reversed and quite honestly it would help us and all of the other sites that are syndicating content.

This Saturday I will be doing a online Tech Podcast Round Table event that will discuss RSS in detail and show you what should be in your rss feed and how taking a few minutes to get it squarred away will pay off big dividends. I hope you will join me.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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