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Take action: Ask Microsoft to add a podcasting app to Windows 8!

We need all podcasters to send a strong, positive message to Microsoft that podcasting is important. Windows 8 is due to launch with no podcasting support. While many of us may use iOS devices, have an Apple computer, or even be an Android user, the thing we need to remember is that hundreds of millions of potential listeners and viewers use the Windows programs.

Microsoft's goal with Windows 8 is to create synergy between the desktop, tablet, windows phone, and ultimately Xbox. Very similar to what Apple has already accomplished. Microsoft recently posted a list of Windows 8 Apps that will launch with the platform. Absent is any mention of podcasting support. We encourage each of you to leave a positive comment on th

e Microsoft Blog post asking for podcasting support.

This will take less than 5 minutes; we need to let Microsoft know we want our Windows users to have the same ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts afforded users on other platforms. Follow this link and ask Microsoft politely to add a podcasting app to Windows 8! Ask your audience members to ask for this support as well.

Get word out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.. Let’s create a ground swell of pro-podcast comments to send a clear message to Microsoft that we want a podcast app for Windows 8.

Let our Voices be heard.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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Blubrry Proudly Sponsors Wordcamp Denver

Wordcamp DenverWordCamp Denver is a conference created for enthusiasts, users, developers, designers, and fans of WordPress in the Denver/Boulder area. As the popularity of Powerpress, our podcasting plugin for WordPress, increases. We thought Wordcamp would be a great place to embrace the community.  Join team member, Brian, this Saturday 2/28 at the Denver Art Museum and please say hello. (Tickets are still available for the Afternoon sessions) For more information goto:

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The Blubrry Jam To Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Blubrry Jam To Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Today we launch our first of hopefully many charitable campaigns within the Blubrry podcast community. The Blubrry Jam To Fight Cystic Fibrosis is a campaign that will benefit the Exercise For Life scholarship fund that provides financial assistance to those living with cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an incurable disease of the the lungs that cuts the life expectancy of those afflicted to just 37 years.

We are teaming up on the campaign with podsafe music artist Brother Love and the Boomer Esiason Foundation. The Boomer Esiason Foundation started the Exercise For Life program after being inspired by Cystic Fibrosis Podcast host Jerry Cahill. Jerry is 50 years and living with CF. Jerry has improved his quality of live and extended his life expectancy by focusing on fitness throughout his life.

The campaign is running from March 15th thru May 15th and includes a live benefit concert in New York City on April 7th. On that night Brother Love will debut his long awaited follow up to Album Of The Year. Attendees of the live event will receive the new Brother Love CD as a gift for supporting the cause.

Everything you need to know about the campaign can be found over at In short we’re asking all members of the worldwide podcast community to support the effort via donations and promotion of the campaign. If you’re a Blubrry podcaster, please replace any mentions of Blubrry with a mention of the Blubrry Jam for the length of the campaign. If we all come together we can really make a difference in the lives of those who are financially, physically and emotionally affected by this disease.

A special thanks to for hosting our campaign videos and assisting us with promotion of the campaign.

Please direct any questions about the campaign to Rob Safuto at marketing[at]rawvoice[dot]com.

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A Real Good Cause

Every once in a while we want to highlight some good causes that you can be a part of as a podcaster. I think that the Boomer Esiason Foundation Team Boomer campaign is one of those causes. Jerry Cahill has been podcasting for the foundation since 2005. And in my opinion he has set the standard for non-profit organization podcasting.

There’s a new fund raising drive in place that’s powered by this cool widget from ChipIn. You can help to support the cause too by either donating or placing the ChipIn widget on your podcast website til end of the campaign on May 22nd, 2007. Either way, we thank you for helping Blubrry to help support good causes.

Team Boomer Information

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