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Building Your Show – Your Podcast 012

Podcast Movement is this week, the importance of building YOUR show, the Blubrry Affiliate Program, Sound Devices’ MixPre-6, and migrating to Blubrry. Todd and Mike cover all these topics and more on today’s, Your Podcast.

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  • Podcast Movement – Starting on Wednesday, if you can make it, use the promo code BLUBRRY at checkout for a 10% discount. There are still tickets left, join us there!


  1. Blogging and shownotes – Write a blog post (shownotes) for each episode and write posts that are similar to your topic in-between episodes of your podcast. Doing so builds SEO for Google and other search engines. It also gives your listeners something form you on the off times.
  2. Get local – Offer to speak at groups in your area community about your topic. There are a lot of groups out there that need guest speakers. It’s way to get your name our there out in your community. It’s also a great way to get your name out there as a subject matter expert.
  3. TV and Radio in your area – Reach out to the local broadcasters. Offer to appear in their newscasts or shows to talk about your subject. It could lead to bigger media contacts in the national or international media on your topic.
  4. Writing – Consider writing a book or e-book. Being published in your field can be a great way to earn the title of subject matter expert.
  5. Keep listening – Lots more small tips in the episode.


  • Migrating to Blubrry – PowerPress Sites (Free or Deluxe) is the easiest way. ‘Import Podcast’ and ‘Migrate Media’ will move your posts and content to Blubrry in a few easy steps.
  • Stats at Blubrry – How they work. We explain the delay between when an episode is posted, and when it shows up in the stats dashboard.
  • Email address changes – Why we have to do it for you. Just contact us at to change your login email at

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here: Note: This week might be a little slow on support. Most of our support team will be at Podcast Movement in California and will have limited access to email and phone.

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Columbus Podcast Festival and Blubrry Updates

If you’re interested to know what Blubrry has been to up, this is a great time to catch up on the PowerPress Podcast. MacKenzie doesn’t have a guest but talks about what the Blubrry team has been doing, such as attending the Columbus Podcast Festival and working on PowerPress Sites Deluxe. If you haven’t heard, Twitter is also up to something new concerning live streaming, with an unknown launch date. Shawn Thorpe graciously shares another PowerPress tip at the end of the episode as well. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show!

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Show notes:

Columbus Podcast Festival
PowerPress Sites Deluxe
Twitter – Live Streaming

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Blubrry Presence at NAB and A PowerPress Import Tip

Thanks to Blubrry team member, Shawn Thorpe, for being on the show today. Last episode he provided a PowerPress tip and we talk about another important PowerPress clarification this week. Todd and Mike will be going to NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, this week April 24-28. Todd will be on a panel about podcasting and radio, and Mike will be enjoying the show. This means he’ll also be unavailable for phone support, but email will still be up and running. We also briefly discuss the changes from iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show!

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Show Notes:
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Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts and PodcasterPro® by Adam Curry – Your Podcast 003

In the third episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike go over some breaking news — Apple has rebranded iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. They also talk about Adam Curry’s new device for podcast production, some topics around advertising, slow feeds, rebranding your show and even an listener question.
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Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts
– Adam Curry’s – PodcasterPro®
Podcast Movement – Anaheim CA  August 23-25th
For a discount on tickets, use promo code: “blubrry” for 10% off!

– Advertising deals – Medical related, and military related.
– Slow, aka cheap hosting service and RSS feeds.
– Sequencing your show in a methodical way.

Listener Question:

from Michael Harren
“Hi gents!

I’m really loving what you’re doing with “Your Podcast ” I’m already a big fan.

Your last episode made start questioning something I have recently started doing in an effort to get my podcast to as many ears as possible.  My podcast lives at which is a self-hosted WordPress site and I happily use powerpress. A couple months ago I decided to also upload each new episode to soundcloud and mixcloud thinking that if I am clever with my tagging on those site, I might get some new listeners who would then follow the link back to my site.

Now I am starting to wonder if that is not such a good idea after all — do you have any thoughts about this? Am I shooting myself in the foot by taking attention away from my own website?

Thanks and keep up the great work! I’m so grateful for everything y’all do at blubrry!”

Rebranding or changing services? You must do it in a particular order to keep your subscribers.
1. Keep your old site/domain alive for a while (30 days is good for most situations).
2. Move your media — if needed (PowerPress has import and migration tools built in).
3. 301 redirect your old feed to your new feed.

If your current service will not 301 redirect your feed, then double post to the new and the old feed for 4 episodes (or 30 days) with an announcement in the old feed saying you are moving and where you are moving to. You must keep both services running for that time to be sure to get most of your subscribers to move.

See: Migrating to Blubrry

To ask questions or to comment on the show, contact Todd and Mike here:

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Start Making Your 2017 Podcast Event Plans Now!

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is just a little over a week away. By now, you’ve probably checked off most of the names on your holiday gift list – so why not give yourself the gift of knowledge, networking, and a more successful podcast by taking advantage of 2016 pricing on next year’s podcast events? Here are 5 events to consider as you’re planning your calendar for the new year:

  • Podfest Multimedia Expo: The first event on our list, PME is just around the corner from Feb 23-25, 2017 in Orlando, FL. The event includes a jam-packed schedule including hands-on workshops, keynotes, breakout sessions and a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony. Tickets start at $319. We’ll see you there in February!
  • Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference: Slated for September 8-9, 2017 in Philadelphia, MAPCON serves podcasters in the Northeast. It’s a more intimate event that offers plenty of opportunity for one-to-one networking as well as goodies like free professional head shots. Tickets aren’t on sale for the 2017 event yet, but to experience last year’s content, order a virtual ticket to the 2016 conference for just $100.
  • Los Angeles Podcast Festival: The mission of this grassroots podcaster’s event? “…to shove podcasters and fans together in a small enclosed space. To meet. To mingle. To love.” The event was launched on Kickstarter over 5 years ago and has amassed a loyal following since, featuring names like Wil Wheaton, TJ Miller, and Bill Hader among its 2016 guests. 2017 dates have not yet been formally announced, but watch the website for more details.
  • International Podcast Day: The only international holiday dedicated to the art and craft of podcasting! IPM is completely virtual, and it’s free to participate. Follow IPM on Twitter for information on the 2017 event.
  • Podcast Movement: To our collective mind, if you have to choose just one Podcast Movement is THE event to attend in 2017. Why? “Podcast Movement brings in the big names, but also focuses on being helpful to podcasters and companies with lower profiles,” says MacKenzie Bennett, Services and Affiliates Coordinator at Blubrry. “You’re going to find all kinds of people to share ideas with and learn from.” Podcast Movement 2017 will be held August 23 – 25 in Anaheim, CA. Currently, registration is as low as $289, but this is as low as it’s going to get and prices will certainly go up sometime in the new year. So why wait? Lock in your price now, and help yourself get off to a great start podcasting in 2017!


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Ways to Stream an Event and International Podcast Day

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300International Podcast Day is coming up quickly and MacKenzie and Steve Lee talk about how you can celebrate and just what this day is about on the latest PowerPress Podcast. First off, for an event such as Podcast Day, streaming services are very important, and we discuss the value of a service, Voice Republic based out of Europe. For those of you that are looking to live stream your seminar or speaking session, particularly with a piece of hardware, this may be your answer. We dig into why International Podcast Day was started, who works on it, how people celebrate – such as conversations from 14+ countries all over the world, and most importantly bringing the podcasting community together. Steve has also started a podcast network, Modern Life Network, so in the discussion about creating a network from your podcast, he had some personal insight on the matter. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show, and please leave a review for PowerPress! Happy podcasting.

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Show notes:

Voice Republic

International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day Twitter feed

Email the Podcast Day team

How to Turn Your Podcast Into A Media Network

Email MacKenzie

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Podcast Mid-Atlantic and Transcribe Services

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300MacKenzie is happy to have Joe Pardo back on the PowerPress Podcast, this time to talk about his event, Podcast Mid-Atlantic. Before they discuss the event, MacKenzie and Joe have some pretty strong opinions on transcribing your podcast – did you know that Auphonic has put out a beta for this? Those of you that are interested in making transcribing or speech recognition services better, get involved with this private beta. September 9-10 in South Philly, podcasters will gather for a podcasting event meant for fostering creativity and community. Listen to get all the details about the event and why you should attend. Blubrry is happy to be sponsoring this event and hope that everyone involved has a great time. At Blubrry we’re always happy to encourage growth in the community. Lastly, Tascam recently released two new soundboards, made specifically with podcasters in mind! It’s not everyday that a podcast specific product is debuted, and from a largely known company such as Tascam. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show.

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Show notes:

Auphonic Speech Recognition Service – Private Beta

Podcast Mid-Atlantic

Use the promo code ‘Mapcon25’ for 10% off

Tascam Podcasting Soundboards

Email MacKenzie

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Podcasting Awards Events You Should Know About

With the increase in podcasting popularity comes an ever-growing and enthusiastic audience, eager to acknowledge and honor their favorite podcasters. Whether you’re a podcast creator or loyal listener, here are several of the awards programs and events celebrating podcasters this year:

General Podcasting Awards:

academy of podcasters

  • Academy of Podcasters Awards: This event awards winners in 15 categories, with nominations based on a combination of iTunes rankings and input from industry leaders. 2016 finalists will be announced on May 10, and winners will be announced in Chicago on July 6 as part of the Podcast Movement event. (psst…interested in attending Podcast Movement? Enter “blubrry” at checkout for a $40 discount on your registration fee!) The Academy of Podcasters also honors Hall of Fame inductees every year – this year, inductees will include Mignon Fogarty, featured in our recent feature on women podcasters!
  • Podcast Awards: Back for its 11th year with brand-new rules and judging criteria, nominations for the Podcast Awards will be open April 15 – April 30. Finalists are chosen in 20 categories, with winners based on a combination of criteria including total number of nominations, quality of art, website, and show notes, consistency, longevity, and more. The awards ceremony takes place via a live online event that draws around 25,000 viewers.
  • The Webby Awards: The Webby Awards, now coming into its 20th year, offers a radio/podcast sites category that has honored, among others, the websites hosting the podcasts HowStuffWorks and Slate’s GabFest. Nominees for the People’s Voice awards have been announced, and voting is happening now. 

Niche Awards:

star wars podcast

  • Star Wars Podcast Awards: Proving that no niche is too specific to grow into a thriving podcast community, the Star Wars Podcast Awards “celebrates the Force” while celebrating podcasters.
  • The Iris Awards: The Iris Awards are a yearly event honoring content creators in the parenting niche. While previously the conference has mainly recognized parenting bloggers, vloggers and social influencers, this year a “best parenting podcast” category was added, suggesting that podcasting is rapidly expanding its reach into a variety of lifestyle niches.
  • RPG Podcast Awards: With the purpose of recognizing “artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in both gaming podcasts and in the games that inspire such podcasts,” the RPG Podcast Awards announces three nominees in each category in early summer, and announces winners at the the yearly Gen Con event.
  • Parsec Awards: The Parsec Awards honors podcasters in the speculative fiction niche. Nominations are open in 15 categories from now through May 31 for the 11th annual event.

Know of a podcasting awards program that we didn’t mention? Tweet us @blubrry and let us know about it! 

Considering joining Blubrry at the Podcast Movement in Chicago this July?
Use the code “Blubrry” at checkout for a $40 discount!

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New Media Expo University: Apply for a Scholarship

We’re going to be at New Media Expo (NMX) Jan. 6-8, and we’d love to see you there, too. So we’re letting our communities know that the NMX organizers are accepting applications for an expenses paid scholarship to New Media Expo, Jan. 6-8, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.

“The scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to learn and network with the leading minds of online content creation. If you are an aspiring or budding content creator, but you're looking for that kick start in the right direction, this scholarship is for you,” writes Deb Ng dean of students at New Media Expo University and director of community. Organizers have formed New Media Expo Universi

ty (#NMXU) to help the careers of aspiring bloggers, podcasters and Web TV & video professionals. The scholarship will include:

  • Airfare to Las Vegas from any destination in the Continental U.S.
  • Hotel accommodations at The Rio All-Suite Hotel during the event.
  • A three-day pass to New Media Expo.

The winner and runners up will be announced Nov. 8 and will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges, including RawVoice founder and Geek News Central podcaster Todd Cochrane.

Visit New Media Expo University and apply now. Because we want to see you there!

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RawVoice to present latest on podcast developments at BlogWorld NYC

Be a part of it, BlogWorld New York register today! RawVoice will be there and we’re hoping to catch up with you June 5-7 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th St., on the West Side of Manhattan. We’ll have a kiosk in the Podcast Pavilion and will be talking about our latest developments in digital media hosting, advertising, statistics and, of course, the release of PowerPress 4.0.

To top things off in the Big Apple, RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane will be taking part in two sessions:

The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content Strategies, 2:30-3:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 6, Room 1A15

  • Clear understanding of all the core podcast distribution “Must Be On” pla how to get your ex back

    tforms and tips to get featured

  • Understanding of the future direction and trends around podcast and web TV content distribution
  • How Audio and Video Podcast distribution and audience use is diverging based on screen size

The State of Podcasting for 2012, 3:45-4:45 p.m., Thursday, June 7, Room 1A16

  • Learn about where podcasting has been.
  • Learn some very interesting new stats for podcasting, here in 2012.
  • Gain a better understanding about the future of the podcasting industry.

BlogWorld is a social media event that hosts thousands of attendees from more than 50 countries and features more than 200 speakers. It is the only industry-wide event bringing the global community of content creators and publishers together all under one roof. Be there and be square or hip or whatever you want to be. Be a part of it, meet us at BlogWorld New York.

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