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We’re giving thanks for our growing family with a free hosting transfer

'Tis the season of love, family and appreciation and we're incredibly thankful for our more than 13,000 content creators and our growing family of online broadcasters. To help show our gratitude, we're offering all new media hosting customers free transfer of up to 10 gb of your media from your old host to Blubrry now through Dec. 31.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting is highly integrated for those of you who are using WordPress with the PowerPress plugin.

We combine premium stats, media hosting, advance tools and multiple avenues to grow and support your show. You focus on the media creation; we'll take care of the rest. And now, get your existing shows transferred to us . . . on us. Just make sure you have a valid RSS feed with links to the old episodes and contact us at and we'll get you going!

Support the company that supports you!

Happy holidays! We're thankful for you!

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GoDaddy Official TPN Media Sponsor for CES!

The Team from the Tech Podcast Network is proud to announce as the official media sponsor for our coverage of CES 2012. All of the recorded media from the show will be hosted via a GoDaddy 4th Generation Hosting account (4GH)

We will demonstrate under how to get your ex back

absolutely extreme conditions how powerful GoDaddy 4GH hosting is.

We have an amazing product offer as well. Special CES offer 25% off 4GH hosting plans (12 months+) this code will work even if GoDaddy is having a sale! The promo code for this amazing offer is CES2 check it out today!


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If you want to view paradise . . . join us at BlogWorld and New Media Expo!

We’ve got our golden tickets! We’ve got a golden twinkle in our eyes! We’ve got our golden tickets to BlogWorld and New Media Expo! Do you? OK, that didn’t rhyme so well, but we know you don’t mind. After all, you are the media makers and you are the dreamer of dreams and we can’t wait to see you at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Oct. 15-16!

Come with us! We’ll open the doors to a magical world swirling with delicious digital media production, promotion and distribution opportunities! We’ve got so much time and so little to show you! Wait, strike that, reverse it.

Truly, if you want to view paradise — and who doesn’t — come with us, let loose your pure imagination and:

  • Indulge or overindulge your wildest digital media fantasies! Frappe 70 percent love of podcasting with 35 percent passion of blogging and 2 percent butterscotch to cook up a beautiful union with RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato and Creative Manager Brian Yuhnke at the session Blogging and Podcasting Sitting in a Tree … Optimizing a WordPress Site for Your Podcast!
  • We know you want it, you want it all and you want it NOW! And you can have it! Join RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane in his session, The Triple Play: Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a Way to Accelerate Your Show’s Growth and Distribution, to find out what’s in all this everlasting, ever evolving media for YOU!
  • Be transported on TV! With Roku and Boxee, you can be catapulted into the air in millions and millions of pieces and it takes NO time at all to put you back together on TV sets all over the globe AND on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android!
  • Hop onboard! Come find us on the floor in the exhibit hall and we’ll share just where we’re going . . . cuz our excitement keeps on growing and our community pride is showing and there is NO sign of slowing!

We’re clutching our golden tickets to BlogWorld and New Media Expo and counting the hours ‘til we see you there! That’s right, we’re committed to turning you into a Blubrry! . . . er, fan, if you weren’t one already.

Sure, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker and we’ve got some fun plans in the mix. But sorry, no little people with bad hair this time around.;) This year we’re focused on investing in you because, we know full well what happens to men and women who suddenly get the audience growth, monetization and mass media distribution they want . . . They live happily ever after!

RawVoice: Are you in this picture?

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Huge 31% Jump in Revenue Means More Money in Our Podcasters’ Pockets

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there is ‘we’ in ‘RawVoice’ and collectively we have posted a 31 percent ad revenue increase for the second quarter! This gargantuan increase is further proof that we’re kickin’ butt and reflects new advertising buys on 27 percent more shows hosted on Blubrry, Tech Podcasts Network and other RawVoice subsidiaries. Simply put, this translates into more advertising opportunities and more money in podcasters’ pockets.

CEO Todd Cochrane says lots of things are coming together quite nicely to contribute to this increase: “Advertisers are confident in us delivering a healthy return on investment. Advertising with RawVoice enables them to expose their brand to audiences that are consuming media on a variety of devices in the home and on the go.”

Audience growth has been and will continue to be fueled by the increased quality and quantity of podcasts available at Blubrry and the RawVoice community as a whole. At Blubrry alone we have more than 5,500 shows available for advertising!

AND (note that’s a big ‘and’) our expanded media accessibility on multiple platforms such as Roku, Apple iOS and Google Android-based smart phones is also catapulting our growth.

“Our strategy of multi-platform distribution is exposing new audiences to our content creators on venues that accommodate their lifestyle needs,” says Cochrane. “We are the only advertising medium that can guarantee they are reaching their target audiences.”

Our ever-increasing viewers and listeners have the benefit of accessing our top-quality shows and get to check out great products and services that they want and need. The end result is that hosts are able to sustain and grow their shows “ultimately resulting in more ad deals for our content creators,” Cochrane says.

As Quarter 3 gets under way, we’re all confident the advertising and audience growth will continue to benefit media creators. “We are continuing to focus on multi-platform distribution for the shows that are part of the network,” Cochrane says. “The show producers are reaching millions of people monthly we want to continue to take the lead in finding ways to help content creators maintain sustainable incomes for their shows.”

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Time for Quarter 4 Advertising Show Selections

This week I will begin reviewing potential new shows for our Quarter 4 advertising buy. I will also do an intensive audit of the shows that have been on the previous quarter’s campaigns.

This quarter every show will go through a top to bottom review to ensure that it has complied with the campaign requirements from the previous quarter. Shows that have not met campaign requirements will not be retained for Quarter 4.

When looking at new shows to invite to the campaign I look at the following:

  • Show website (multiple elements evaluated)
  • Show production consistency
  • Podcast statistics (Blubrry)
  • If the show is family or adult oriented
  • Show content value
  • Whether the show is thoughtful and credible

Finally I look at your Advertising Survey and evaluate your audience demographics. If your show makes it through this evaluation it goes on a shortlist for consideration. I then match the advertiser to the podcaster and make sure each fits the campaign objectives.

While I want every show to be on a buy, advertising deals are earned by the media creators who are doing the basics to ensure their shows are advertiser ready. If your show is advertiser ready and meets campaign objectives we will be sending you a campaign invite next week.

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Quarter 2 Advertising Notice

ChartFirst a quick update:  I want to share that RawVoice is being very competitive in putting dollars in podcasters pockets. Looking at reports coming from one of our competitors In Quarter 4 2008, RawVoice out performed them by a very large margin in sold advertising inventory.  Resulting in us putting thousands of dollars in podcasters pockets each and every quarter.

Does that mean everyone was able to be in a CPM buy last quarter, sadly the answer is no, we continue to find that Music, Entertainment, Comedy & Gaming podcast continue to be a huge challenge to sell. You can help us though. If you have an advertiser for your show in that category, help us by introducing us to that advertiser, and if we sign an advertising deal you will receive a significant finder’s fee, for the first year that we do advertising contracts with the company.

Quarter 2 Advertising Update – I have started to receive the Quarter 2 Insertion Orders and we have a spending increase in all of the buys which is going to allow me to add a number of new shows to the Q2 buy. Shows that are on the Q1 buy are being reviewed for renewal. Those shows will get notified via email from the Advertising Campaign Management System as soon as we have approvals and the new deliverables.

As always 70% of the Ad revenue go to the Podcaster and 30% to RawVoice this payment rate is one of the best in the new media space.

Shows wishing to get on the Quarter 2 buy need to do two things, first they need to update or fill out the Advertising Survey found at under Manage Account / Make Money.

The second thing you need to do is send me an email with the following. Show Name, Your Name, Contact Telephone Number.

Please note that we will review each and every show that ask to get on the new buy, all shows will have to go through a qualification process but we will work very hard to get all shows wanting on the buys in the deal.

Sidenote : All shows wanting to get on the CPA buys with can do so immediately we have new series of promotion codes as well. This remains a great money maker for many podcasters.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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Just how easy is it to make money with your Podcast?

People ask me all the time how do they get involved with ad deals with RawVoice and our associated sites. Here are the simple steps you need to complete to have a chance at an ad deal.

  1. Signup for
  2. Complete your show Profile
  3. Complete the Ad Survey in your Account Profile
  4. Check out the Current deals we have available
  5. Apply for a Current deal start making money today

If you do not like our current deals, once you have filled out the ad survey (step 3) we will then shop your show for a sponsor. Generally we will put your show into the queue for the next quarter.

We currently have a great deal of ad inventory in both CPM and CPA type ad buys. The CPM buys are generally run quarterly but many of our podcasters have had advertising non-stop for over 3 years. Our CPM buys have paid as high as $52.00 per 1000 downloads as measured by our free stats service.

We are very fair as compared to other companies, Podcasters get 70% of the ad cut. We also do not lock you into any ridiculous contracts, and you are free to find additional advertising unlike some other companies in the space.

Does your Podcast already have a sponsor? Would that sponsor like more exposure? Introduce that sponsor to us and if we sign and additional contract you get paid a handsome 10% finders fee for the first year of contracts.

RawVoice remains a profitable company in the black in a troubled economy, and is not subject to any Investors as we never needed to take outside investments.


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