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PowerPress podcasters can now CrowdFund their Podcast Directly to Subscribers

Blubrry has added another innovative podcast attribute to PowerPress; podcasters are now able to add donate and monetization links directly to their podcast feed and website. Blubrry is working with Skipcast an iOS podcast application the first of its kind to take donate links from the feed to display the podcasters donate or Patreon link in the application.

SkipCast is proud to partner with Blubrry to provide iOS’s first in-app crowdfunding feature. Providing an easy and safe way for listeners to offer financial support helps guarantee a vibrant and diverse podcasting ecosystem for years to come,” said SkipCast developer Matt Grdinic. “At SkipCast, we’re simply thrilled to be part of this incredible movement.”

PowerPress is the first service to provide donate and support links that will be syndicated within the podcast feed. Podcasters will be able to use this new RSS element for donations, promoting their brand via shirts, mugs, etc., even direct links to sponsors of their show. PowerPress users provide the donate URL in PowerPress and it is syndicated along with the podcast information. With a donation link embedded as an element in the RSS feed, third-party sites like Blubrry and podcast apps like SkipCast can now display that link.

“Our goal is like Subscribe on Android, other third-party apps will add a donate or support link in their apps /sites. Helping podcasters raise money for their shows on and beyond their websites is a lot easier now,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry.

For most, podcasting full-time sponsorship is a challenge so these extra monetization opportunities are a game-changer. This feature guarantees that donate and support links will be circulated to all listeners and that they will know where to donate to the podcast regardless of where they listen to a show. Podcasters can even use the feature to promote affiliate opportunities.

More than 50,000 podcasters use PowerPress for their podcast website, and this feature can easily be enabled with one click. The Podcast Feed markup is part of the RawVoice RSS2 namespace, which is publicly available and can be adopted by any podcast service. Blubrry and SkipCast are proud to be the first podcast companies to provide this tool for podcasters.

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Google Play Music: Good going!

Welcome to the podcast party, Google Play Music! This is great news in the podcasting space and we applaud your announced integration of podcasts into your platform. We at Blubrry are ecstatic and look forward to your launch.

PowerPress is Google Play Music ready and as part of Google’s announcement we have released PowerPress 6.1 for the 50,000+ active podcasters that use the plugin. Though valid iTunes podcast feeds are acceptable for submitting to the Google Play Music Podcast directory, the additional options in PowerPress will give users all of the resources to maximize Google Play Music listings.

“Google Play Music’s new podcasting features will be a great enhancement to the thriving podcasting atmosphere,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “This will be a welcome platform for Android users, who will now have a native podcast presence.”

“Our research has shown that Android podcast consumption to this day has been untapped, and with the market share that the Android platform holds, Google’s native podcasting integration should prove a big win for podcasters,” said Angelo Mandato, CIO of RawVoice.

Podcasters can submit their podcast to Google Play right now via their website. Most users are being accepted within 24 hours.

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Blubrry Introduces PowerPress Sites

ppstoddBlubrry is incredibly excited to offer podcasters in early August a free WordPress site for every Blubrry Podcast hosting user. PowerPress Sites, WordPress website hosting for your podcast, will allow you to sign up for a podcast-hosting account, starting at $12 a month, and for free have everything you need to create and grow your show.

Each WordPress site is managed by Blubrry taking away the maintenance headaches, and includes Premium Podcast Statistics, meaning you can track your podcast with the most reliable and accurate statistics in the business. With PowerPress Sites, Blubrry is providing a one-stop shop for all of the services you need for a podcast — no one else in podcasting has packaged a best of service package.

PowerPress Sites will employ the best practices for podcasting and focuses on your freedom. Build your podcast with these services, and we’ll stay out of your way: We want you to use PowerPress sites to build an amazing brand and show; the best part you are 100% in control of your brand and listener experience. You can upgrade and grow your site as your podcast grows — without worrying about moving to another site when you outgrow the one you have.

Setup includes answering a few quick questions; you’ll have yourself a podcast optimized WordPress site in minutes. The basic level service even includes essential plugins pre-loaded. This is a full functional content management system to diversify your content by, Including pictures, blog posts, and videos. You want to build a huge audience, right? We are providing the tools to do so a well-rounded website from PowerPress Sites accomplishes just that.

PowerPress Sites, available in early August, is provided for free with every podcast-hosting account. If you’re interested in all the features, read about them on our PowerPress Sites WordPress Hosting Page.

Here only some of what you get with every hosting account.

PowerPress Site
– PowerPress – Post, Upload, Publish
– Quick setup guide
– Managed WordPress site
– Mobile Ready Template
– Podcast Optimized Template
– Essential plugins Pre-Loaded
– SEO optimization
– World Class Media Hosting (CDN)
– 25% Storage Overage Allowance. (No Fault)
– Replace Media anytime (Long Tail Podcasting)
– ID3 Tagging
– Download and Play totals
– Trending
– Applications
– Traffic Sources

See our Press Release!

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Blubrry Podcasting News 7-2-15

On this episode of the Blubrry PowerPress Community podcast. I talk about our new service and our just kicked off Patreon campaign. I also invite all of our community to Podcast Movement at the end of July.

Check out
Support our PowerPress Patreon Campaign

Get your tickets now for Podcast Movement use the promo code “NMS” and save 10%. Todd and MacKenzie will be at their along with up to around a 1000 podcasters. The event is shaping up to be the primary podcast event of the year.

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Blubrry Partners with Reactor for Mobile Podcast apps

Blubrry now provides content creators a mobile app that complements and integrates with their WordPress / PowerPress powered site. Blubrry has partnered with Reactor by AppPresser, which specifically creates applications for WordPress-based sites.

With Reactor and its App Creator, Blubrry / PowerPress podcasters are able to build, design and retain control of their app to highlight / play their podcast content, and provide access to content on their website.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to partner with Reactor to benefit our family of podcasters, Reactor’s tools enable podcasters to create and manage all aspects of their fans’ mobile app experience. Our philosophy has always been to have podcasters maintain control of their brand, content and listener experience.

Scott Bolinger, AppPresser co-founder, said the partnership is a win-win for podcasters.

“Reactor can take your existing podcast audio and video and allow you to create a mobile app without re-uploading your media anywhere else,” he explained. “When you add a podcast to WordPress, it will be automatically added to the mobile app.

“We are excited to partner with Blubrry to help podcasters easily create mobile apps,” Bolinger added. “Reactor allows you to create a mobile app that integrates your existing WordPress content, and now that includes your Blubrry media.”

Users are able to choose from different plans for their apps; plans include a one-time payment or a subscription that allows for more app modification. Blubrry encourages its users to explore the possibilities at

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Blubrry Update May 2015

Todd get’s you caught up with what’s new at He shows off One Click and also talks about the expansion of

Show Links:

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One Click Subscribe On Android

One Click launched April, 2015 and will be rapidly adopted as our Android podcasting app partners update their Android Podcast Applications.

What is One Click? It is just as it sounds.. Finally Android Listeners will be able to One Click subscribe to podcasts. One of two actions will occur when you implement One Click on your website.

  1. If the listener has a one click supported app on their mobile phone the App will automatically load and the listener will subscribe.
  2. If they do not have an app they will be sent to your personalized page. Your show info and Album art will be displayed and below that will be list of One Click enabled applications of which the listener can install and start enjoying your show.
  3. Get your embed code for your site by putting your podcast feed URL in the feed submission box on website

Here’s why our new One Click Subscribe on Android rocks:

  • Podcasters using PowerPress only have to activate the subscribe widget on their sites sidebar to implement One Click Protocol.
  • Podcasters that do not use PowerPress can use the embed code they build by submitting their Podcast Feed URL found on the home page.
  • The main goal of Subscribe on Android is to assist listeners with subscribing to podcasts on Android. The site has no advertisements, players, etc…, nothing to distract the listener. The site has only one goal, One Click subscribe on Android.

Help us spread the word on One Click Subscribe on Android so that we can get all Android apps to support the protocol to further build your Android audience.

Android App developers click here to find out how your app can support One Click

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Blubrry Introduces Podcast Subscribe Tools in PowerPress!

Podcast directory Blubrry introduces podcast subscribe tools to bolster audience subscriptions among its podcast community. The new tools offered through its PowerPress podcasting plugin enable content creators using WordPress to easily provide options on their website that encourage listeners and viewers to subscribe.

“These tightly integrated tools alleviate the hassle of subscribing to a podcast,” explained Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “Up until today, subscribe options from podcast website to website were inconsistent or, in most cases, nonexistent. Our new subscribe tools standardize and streamline the process.”

“More and more often podcasts are discovered from a Google search on a mobile phone,” said Angelo Mandato, CIO of RawVoice. “Mobile Web traffic for podcast websites is at an all-time high. The new subscribe tools provide the means to convert those visitors into subscribers.”

The new podcasting subscribe tools include:

  • A how-to-subscribe page with easy-to-follow, customizable instructions
  • A Windows, MAC and iPhone/iPad one-click subscribe on iTunes option
  • An Android one-click subscribe option
  • An in-page subscribe embed that includes show artwork, mobile friendly subscribe buttons and an easy-to-copy feed input box
  • Mobile friendly subscribe buttons within a WordPress sidebar widget
  • Subscribe links below every website media player
  • Support for iTunes affiliate links
  • Retina-optimized icons for high resolution displays

The new subscription tools utilize responsive design, are mobile ready and can be displayed on any page.

“What we have done is create a unified podcast subscribe experience across tens of thousands of podcasters’ sites that use the PowerPress plugin,” Cochrane said. “We have implemented best practices learned over 10 years of podcasting to help podcasters build their core audiences across all media device platforms.”

The new subscribe tools are available exclusively in the Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin, available for free at Blubrry PowerPress includes all the essential features for podcasting including iTunes complaint podcast feeds, Web players and much more.

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Blubrry PowerPress Podcast Media Migration Tool

Always improving and ever evolving, the Blubrry team has added a podcast media migration tool to PowerPress, the most popular podcast plugin for WordPress.

The new process is easy, said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “It removes the hassle of migrating media,” he said. “It used to be difficult to migrate, but this new tool makes it simple and no-hassle.”

Podcasters aiming to migrate their shows to Blubrry Podcast Hosting service can do so in a simple, three-step process:

1. Request migration
2. Wait for migration to complete
3. Update the site with with just one click

By design, the system migrates each file linearly; this is optimal for podcasters who are currently hosting their media on their website or with a service that cannot serve multiple files at a time. Depending on the source, the process could take a few minutes to a few hours. Once completed, the website and podcast can be updated to the new media URLs with just one click, he said.

“This is something folks have asked for as part of our Blubrry support services,” Cochrane said. “It was a priority for our team and we’re confident our PowerPress users will find it to their liking.

As of this release, Blubrry has migrated more than 200 shows, consisting of over 20,000 audio and video files. “Now that we’ve made it easy, we’re seeing an explosion of migrations to our podcasting hosting service” Cochrane said. “It’s just one more step in the podcasting evolution.

“We are always listening; we’ll always consider requests from our fellow podcasters and Blubrry family.”

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Podcasters Beware of Signing Your Rights Away

By Barry Kantz, Attorney. Barry is a shareholder and general counsel for Rawvoice, Inc

Early one morning, with a little time on my hands, I was casually reading through the terms of service for a new company offering services to podcasters. You know, one of those companies that claim to take you from a podcasting idea to a professionally produced podcast in three simple steps. I’m going to keep the company’s name to myself and simply call them ROA, short for Rip-Off Artists. A simple Google search will locate this company and companies like them if you want to identify them.

I’ve been podcasting since early 2005 and I’m an attorney so I get my kicks by reading boring legal documents and by producing a podcast that hopefully brings valuable information to my niche audience. Unfortunately, during the many years of my love affair with podcasting, I’ve seen too many rip-offs pop up in the podcasting space.

ROA’s terms of service says, in a nutshell, that any material you submit to them is owned by them and owned by them forever. I wasn’t surprised when I read this in ROA’s terms of service because I’ve seen this way too often. However, what does surprise me is why anyone would sign up to submit their content to a company that is taking away all their ownership rights.

Damn folks, listen up here! You are giving away all of your hard work. You know, all that time you put into developing your show’s topics, the branding attached to your show, the time you invest in creating each episode and in scheduling guests on your show; all of that and more is up in smoke. And, to make the screw bite even a little deeper, you’re paying ROA $197 a year to use their services. Exactly who is using who here?

Now let’s say that you’ve just scored a big advertising deal for your show and you’re as tickled as a puppy in tall grass. Your show with the new ad is now published and a few hours later you receive a call from ROA. The nice man from ROA says they want you to send them the checks, the full amount, for the ad deal you just scored. “A cold day in hell,” you say. The nice man from ROA explains you have an agreement with them, remember those terms of service? And he explains that ROA owns your show, and the rights to those ad dollars, since you produced your content using ROA’s service. Now do you remember those terms of service? No? You probably didn’t read them did you?

Now you’re thinking that you will simply quit using the services from ROA, essentially ending the contract, terminating those terms of service, and go about your merry way, producing content, obtaining ad deals and living happily ever after. Sorry, ROA’s terms of service continue on to infinity, “even if this agreement is later terminated.”

So what’s a gal or guy to do? The simple answer is to start all over again with a new show: a new name, new taglines, a new logo, new bumper music, new everything. I mean everything, even if you only used ROA’s service to produce one show. A few of us grizzled podcasting veterans can point to a few shows who had to start over because they agreed to give up the ownership of their show to a rip-off artist.

The easy, and recommended solution for this problem is to read the terms of service, or have your attorney read them if you become narcoleptic while reading legal documents. Do this before, with the emphasis on before, you use any services related to your podcast. My philosophy is you own what you produce and I believe it should be your philosophy, too. Take the time to protect what you own.

Barry Kantz is an attorney who drafts terms of service, user agreements and privacy statements, as well as other business related legal documents. Barry is a shareholder and general counsel for Rawvoice Inc., a competitor with some very reputable podcast service companies as well as a competitor with some rip off artists.

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