IAB Certification at Blubrry – yp47

Todd and Mike talk about Blubrry being the first Podcast Company with IAB Certification for the podcast stats and what this means for you and the industry.  Also, get in on our 30 day giveaway #buildyourblubrry. They talk about Apple Reviews and Ratings, RAD and lots more!

We hope you and yours have a great Holiday season!

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  • When to use Category Podcasting and when NOT to use it in PowerPress. If you only have 1 podcast on your site, you DO NOT need to use Category Podcasting. Categories on your site work with the standard RSS feeds.
  • Apple Podcasts removal: What to do if this happens to you.
  • What to do if your Spotify listing doesn’t show up. Passthrough coming soon?
  • Changing the title of your show.

Special guest host next time on Your PodcastSee ya next year!

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