Moving On and Taking Ownership – YP35

There comes a point that every podcaster must ask themselves: am I doing the best things possible I can for my audience and the growth of my show? Sometimes it is appropriate to move on to a different network, platform, format, etc. It’s important to consider the factors and amount of work necessary for a quality show. Todd and Mike discuss some shows moving on and why podcasters should take be seriously considering taking ownership of their podcast and shows.

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  • Hijacking feeds: has been fielding this dilemma for a while, here is their statement.
  • Google Podcasts: Todd’s take since he was gone when the news came out.
  • SSL Certificates: We now recommend that you think about moving your site to HTTPS if you are using PowerPress on your own WordPress site. We will have some helpful articles on Blubrry soon (It’s a work in progress, so please be patient).
  • PowerPress 7.3: We’ve replaced the Google Play subscribe link with Google Podcasts and added a Spotify subscribe link.
  • Our Subscribe on Android feature now includes Google Podcasts.
  • Multiple podcasts: Do you really need to do more than one show right off the bat? When you are new at podcasting in general, we suggest you start one, get used to the workload and it functions, and most importantly how much work it is, and then decide if you really want to do another one. As Mike always says, “1 is X amount of work and 2 or more is 4X.”


  • “My show isn’t updating on (insert directory here)”
    1. Include the account email, especially if you are contacting us from a different email address.
    2. Your website link.
    3. Episode (which one?): Episode name, because numbers don’t always make sense.
    4. Give direct links so we can see exactly where the problem is.
    5. Screenshots, please don’t send them. Links are much more helpful, send those instead (unless we ask for a screenshot). Also, videos generally will not help.
    6. Please, specify WHERE they are not showing up / updating. It’s not always iTunes/Apple Podcasts App.
    7. Remember 24 hours is NOT abnormal for update times on directories.
  • Apple Podcasts is no longer iTunes, make note of this. Apple’s team is getting very serious about rebranding “iTunes”. When it comes to podcasting, it’s Apple Podcasts, not iTunes.

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