Everyday Superhumans, a Podcast for the Passionate

Non-profit organizations – have you ever thought about how many there are just in your neighborhood? Kyle Smith of the podcast, Everyday Superhumans, shares his experience as co-host of the show and how it evolved into focusing solely on non-profit organizations, and highlighting those that are trying to bring a little more humanity to the world. Give it a listen to hear about passionate humans in the Austin area.

Government agencies and organizations are trying to improve their outreach via podcasts. Easier said that done to gets facts straight from the source nowadays, and this is a way to ensure that information is being shared with their desired audience. Are you listening to any podcasts hosted by a government source? Maybe one you’re interested in will start a show soon.

Advertising on a podcast, when you don’t have a traditional sponsor. It’s possible and prepares you for when the day an advertiser calls on your show. Advertisers are looking for a success story and they want reassurance beforehand that you’ll be able to provide a quality ad for them. Give them no doubt you’re ready for this by recording a sample. More tips are included in the episode, including leaving two seconds on air where it would be appropriate to slide an ad into the episode.

Thanks for listening and please subscribe. If you’re interested in being on the show or have any comments, reach out: mackenzie@blubrry.com.

Show notes:

Government Agencies Try Podcasting: Only seems fitting they give the audible medium a try, audiences are bound to show up soon.
Everyday Superhumans: Restoring your faith in humanity. One episode at a time. Hosted by Kyle Smith and Charlie Hilton, based out of Austin, Texas.
Advertising for the future: Learn why you should start advertising before an advertiser reaches out to you.

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