Google SEO Announcement for Podcasters – Your Podcast 002


In the second episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike go over some general podcasting tips – including a lesson learned from Mike — current news, and lastly tech topics. If you’re not using PowerPress yet but are interested in ensuring SEO for your show, read the Google announcement below and consider updating your website. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show to be the first to get new episodes every other Monday.


  • Do not update or let your computer do any kind of update before a recording with someone else. (Mike was on his laptop with a USB headset this episode due to NOT taking this advice).
  • How recording your podcast live can help you become a better podcaster.
  • Editing pros and cons – how much do you edit? 
  • When should you update your show’s artwork?


To enable SEO in PowerPress: Feeds Tab — Check the box ‘Include podcast feed links in HTML headers’ — Save Settings. (Make sure you are in advanced mode in PowerPress to see the Feeds tab) 

This is another example of why it’s good to have your own website be where your RSS feed comes from.

Tech Topics

  • Subscribe links – how to populate them (PowerPress and Generator).
  • Why you should be asking people to subscribe to your podcast, rather than saying “Find us in iTunes.”

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4 thoughts on “Google SEO Announcement for Podcasters – Your Podcast 002

  1. Really like your show! I have been looking for a new podcast to listen to about the mechanics of podcasting. Totally agree, video, especially live video makes you a better podcaster and editing is a “Time Such” – “Limit the editing and spend time editing” – “A New Your Minute.”

    PS Nice Players

  2. Hi – I don’t see this option on my plugin. “To enable SEO in PowerPress: Feeds Tab — Check the box ‘Include podcast feed links in HTML headers’ — Save Settings”

    I have a new Podcasting SEO menu link, is there something I should make sure is enabled in there?

    1. To see the Feeds Tab, make sure you are in Advanced Mode in PowerPress. Click the blue button that says “switch to advanced mode” in the PowerPress settings.


  3. Hi, and thanks for all the tips in the show.
    Regarding the ‘Include podcast feed links in HTML headers’, I have checked that box in the Feed tab. But I am using the Post Type Podcasting Feed, and there, there is no such option. How can I check if the right feed links are being included in the HTML headers? And if it is not, how can I set it so it does?
    Thanks a lot!

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