Dissecting Diversity in Podcasting with Dave Lee

What type of audience is your podcast reaching? You know you’re reaching the correct audience based on your topic and niche, but what about the diversity of the types of people listening to the show? Dave Lee from Waves of Tech from the Modern Life Podcast Network talks with MacKenzie about the issue of diversity in podcasting. They discuss multiple points brought up in an article on NewStatesman and how we can all do better to be aware of what is going on, outside of our bubble. To get the episode started MacKenzie and Dave chat about steps to sustain your podcast and a chronicle about internet connections. Thanks again to Dave for sharing his insight on the show Waves of Tech and what they’ve accomplished the past ten years. Thanks for listening and please subscribe!

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Show notes:

7 Steps to Creating and Sustaining a Brand-Centric Podcast

Waves of Tech – Dave Lee

How Can We Solve Podcasting’s Diversity Problem?

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3 thoughts on “Dissecting Diversity in Podcasting with Dave Lee

  1. The diversity problem is much deeper. If you look at the top podcast rarely have they had anyone of color on as guest. White men do not see themselves or are inspired by POC so they just fully ignore other voices. Until there is a better level of respect for people of color and people who are different things will not change.

  2. POC who yearn to be included in the podcasting mainstream (white), may tweak their programming for them and not POC. Integration should not be your focus as a Black media producer, simulation of non-black platforms is better. While we help our clients distribute podcasts to the big podcasting directories, we stress owning your on platform. Black Talk Media Project through Black Talk Radio Network has addressed the lack of black voices in podcasting since 2008. Our approach is to focus on new media technology training and platform building to encourage new media black ownership.

  3. Glad to see you talking about this. With so many radio stations and other traditional media outlets now owned by nameless, faceless companies, I think it’s more important than ever that we look at different media options.

    I think podcasting will get more and more diverse and time goes on. Nerdy white guys are always the first to jump into computer-related stuff. Or were… That’s changing too. 🙂

    Regardless, it’s good for us to be aware of this and be having the discussion.

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