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Amazon Outage Affecting

Oct 23 04:15 All Services Restored

Oct 23 04:15

Upon Amazon restoring our EBS we found that one of the drives was corrupt. Angelo restored the drive from backup and we where finally able to bring the remaining services back online. Our backup management plan proved effective. Over the next 24 hours we will review all of our server configurations and put in place new infrastructure to reduce the risk of having a pro-longed outage in the future.

Please note as indicated below Our Media Hosting and our Stats Service never went offline. Our fail over plan worked as expected and all media and data served/collected during the primary provider outage.

Oct 23: 00:44am EST

The Amazon Service outage affecting many sites across the country is effecting and our Publishing platform. We are awaiting Amazon to allow us access to the two remaining drives that have not came online yet. Our entire suite of services is backed up daily so all data is safe regardless

Our Media Hosting and our Stats Service has not been offline, all media continues to be delivered and logs captured for statistics . What is currently affected is our publishing interface and of course the main website. We expect resolution of this in shortly and apologize for the outage. If your show publishing schedule has been affected by this outage be sure to submit a support ticket once we come back online.

Our media statistics service was designed to stay online with multiple data center failures and today that design proved itself. “No data has been lost” and all media continues to be served.

We need to improve the rest of our operations resilience to these types of outages. I will be working with the team as soon as we recover from the Amazon outage and talk about fail over contingencies for the rest of our services. Down time in any instance is not acceptable and we will put in provisions to reduce the chance of further outages.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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Take action: Ask Microsoft to add a podcasting app to Windows 8!

We need all podcasters to send a strong, positive message to Microsoft that podcasting is important. Windows 8 is due to launch with no podcasting support. While many of us may use iOS devices, have an Apple computer, or even be an Android user, the thing we need to remember is that hundreds of millions of potential listeners and viewers use the Windows programs.

Microsoft's goal with Windows 8 is to create synergy between the desktop, tablet, windows phone, and ultimately Xbox. Very similar to what Apple has already accomplished. Microsoft recently posted a list of Windows 8 Apps that will launch with the platform. Absent is any mention of podcasting support. We encourage each of you to leave a positive comment on th

e Microsoft Blog post asking for podcasting support.

This will take less than 5 minutes; we need to let Microsoft know we want our Windows users to have the same ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts afforded users on other platforms. Follow this link and ask Microsoft politely to add a podcasting app to Windows 8! Ask your audience members to ask for this support as well.

Get word out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.. Let’s create a ground swell of pro-podcast comments to send a clear message to Microsoft that we want a podcast app for Windows 8.

Let our Voices be heard.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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New Media Expo University: Apply for a Scholarship

We’re going to be at New Media Expo (NMX) Jan. 6-8, and we’d love to see you there, too. So we’re letting our communities know that the NMX organizers are accepting applications for an expenses paid scholarship to New Media Expo, Jan. 6-8, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.

“The scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to learn and network with the leading minds of online content creation. If you are an aspiring or budding content creator, but you're looking for that kick start in the right direction, this scholarship is for you,” writes Deb Ng dean of students at New Media Expo University and director of community. Organizers have formed New Media Expo Universi

ty (#NMXU) to help the careers of aspiring bloggers, podcasters and Web TV & video professionals. The scholarship will include:

  • Airfare to Las Vegas from any destination in the Continental U.S.
  • Hotel accommodations at The Rio All-Suite Hotel during the event.
  • A three-day pass to New Media Expo.

The winner and runners up will be announced Nov. 8 and will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges, including RawVoice founder and Geek News Central podcaster Todd Cochrane.

Visit New Media Expo University and apply now. Because we want to see you there!

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