PowerPress Wonder Why?

PowerPress did not just happen, it came to be because of  a vision to give Podcasters better tools so they can focus on creating content letting PowerPress and our tools do the heavy lifting. Support the team that is supporting you! I show you the power of how we continue to power your podcast with hosting and podcast publishing as easy as 1,2,3.

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3 thoughts on “PowerPress Wonder Why?

  1. My developer installed blubrry audio players which are the solid gradient ones (I wish I could leave you the jpgs) that has a “?”in the middle. When you click there before you turn the video on you get a message that says in French “non-charge” inconnu” which I know means “Unloaded -Unknown”. When you start playing the audio and then hit “?” the timer starts but it still says “inconnu”. We want to know where and how to type in the title of the audio that is being played. The reason that we know that is possible is that we are using the older version in 9 places on another page and ONE of them has its title loaded. SO… how and where can we type in that info.

  2. Hi I just left you a message… and I found the name of the player…Flash Mp3 Maxi Player.

    We are not posted yet so that is why you got a weird website url.

    Thanks, DEE

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