Introducing PowerPress 2.0

Congratulations for upgrading to PowerPress 2.0. We have an amazing number of new features and improvements in this new version for both audio and video creators. Folks making video will want to check out the new HTML5 video player, WebM support and Embeds feature! PowerPress 2.0 provides an optimized viewing experience for the widest spectrum of hardware/software including  web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android), and TV’s (e.g. Google TV, Roku, Boxee).

Some of the new features and enhancements include:

  • HTML5 video player
  • HTML5 audio player
  • Embeds your audience can take with them just like YouTube.
  • WebM video support
  • Ogg audio/video support improvements
  • MP4+WebM (for mp4/m4v video, a new alternative WebM URL field is available. This is ideal for supporting all browser based HTML5 video players)
  • Flow Player Classic can now play m4a audio and mp4/m4v video
  • New Video Player settings page added
  • Settings pages enhanced with new options such as location, frequency and T.V. options
  • Episode Entry box enhanced with new ‘isHD’ option when video entered into Media URL box
  • Episode Entry box now includes option to configure video player width/height on a per-episode basis
  • Upload image option added to supplement the video poster image field. Images are uploaded to the built-in image gallery in WordPress.
  • Plus a number of improvements

Please see readme.txt for complete list of changes and notes.  If you have not upgraded PowerPress yet be sure to do so today!

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5 thoughts on “Introducing PowerPress 2.0

  1. I just upgraded to your 2.0 version, and tried to watch your video. Thanks for the good instructions, but your CEO came across as an arrogant twit. Some people believe in video, some in audio. If you choose to belittle your users by implying that those who perform audio podcasts are left in the stone age and are the dinosaurs of the world, then those users may learn from your code and create their own plugins leaving your market share in the dust.

    1. We’re sorry you got that impression. We have added new audio features as well including new player support for m4a and ogg audio.

  2. Having created 653 episodes of my show with the first 400 being Audio only I understand the value of Audio and still create an Audio version of my Podcast today. I also create a video version of my show that has expanded my audience.

    The 80% of the folks who were subscribed via audio still are, the 20% that subscribe to the video are new subscribers. We do not discount the value of Audio but encourage podcasters to consider it.

    CEO RawVoice.

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