RawVoice Podcast Communities Newsletter

The latest news on our podcast communities.

Topics Include:

  • Podcast Space Financial Stability
  • RawVoice Financial Outlook
  • BlogWorld and New Media Expo
  • Current Advertising Campaigns
  • Quarter 4 Advertising
  • PowerPress and the Road to 1.0
  • Podcast Statistic Service
  • Did someone say Mobile
  • help.blubrry.com
  • Survey Link sent via e-mail

[flv:http://media.blubrry.com/bluhelp/www.filearchive.net/blubrry/aug-news.flv 600 450]

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3 thoughts on “RawVoice Podcast Communities Newsletter

  1. Just watching the video and switched to check the email and it was an email from Paypal to say I just got paid from Raw Voice.
    How excellent is that?

  2. Hi Todd and the rest of the crew. I just got done viewing your latest newsletter. I always enjoy reading or in this case viewing the newsletters. A couple of things to ask.

    1. I am changing over to vBulletin from WordPress. Dose powerpress work with vBulletin? Powerpress is not doing what I need it to.

    2. I live in Las Vegas. I know you and the crew will be here in October for the Blog/New Media convention. If you would like to use me and my resources as a lead man or a go to person ( for lack of better words) feel free to. I would be more than happy to help. I will be there all three days myself and look forward to meeting you all in October. If I can be of any help feel free to ask.

    Richard Gaspa

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