Thank You for a Great 2007


First thing I want to do is thank all of the Podcasters that are part of our communities. This year has been an amazing year with an amazing number of new programs added to the services we provide to podcasters.


Here are some of the highlights of 2007


  • 100’s of Thousands of Dollars Earned by Our Podcasters
  • Tech Podcast Network Acquired and Re-Launched
  • RawVoice Acquisition by NYC Firm Turned Down
  • RawVoice Statistics Service is Launched
  • RawVoice Advertising Survey Service is fully Integrated
  • New Publishing System is Launched for the RawVoice Generator
  • Todd and Angelo were able to come on Full time
  • New Affiliate Advertising Programs were Launched
  • Blubrry JuiceIt Widget Launched
  • Re-Launched
  • Podcast Expo All Three Parties Complete Success
  • Sponsorship of Podcamp Arizona
  • Sponsorship of Podcamp NYC
  • Sponsorship of Podcamp Austin
  • Sponsorship of Podcamp Philly
  • Sponsorship of Podcamp Atlanta


The team here at RawVoice is proud of what has been accomplished and look forward to 2008. We have a huge amount of work already on our plate for the beginning of the new year.


Again we want to thank all of the Podcasters that are part of our communities.


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One thought on “Thank You for a Great 2007

  1. To all my friends at Blubrry – thanks for a great 2007 on behalf of a very grateful podcaster. For someone who was a non geek independent podcaster, it has been great to work with all of you and learn more about the podcasting world. Genuine thanks for helping me in 2007

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