Touch Em All

I just received my iPod Touch today and I’ve been experimenting with the web surfing features. Of course I made my way to to get a feel for the experience.

So far I’ve found out the following:

  1. You can surf Blubrry pretty easily using the included Safari web browser.
  2. If you click on direct links to audio files they will start streaming straight away.
  3. If you click on direct links to video files you get an error message saying that the page is too large for Safari to download.
  4. If you open the Blubrry player, properly formatted videos will stream in the browser and automatically switch to full screen mode. I ran this test by viewing the Average Betty video podcast and one of my own video podcasts.

(Hint: The best way to ensure that your videos are compatible with the iPod is to use the export to iPod feature in QuickTime Pro.)

This is very initial info but exciting to know. If you have observations about the performance of this site on the iPod or iPhone please let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Touch Em All

  1. Hey Rob- I haven’t picked up an iPhone yet, but how exciting to hear Average Betty videos play in the Blubrry player on the iPhone! Your hint about exporting to iPod from QT Pro is exactly how I encode my videos for the Blubrry RSS feed. Thanks for the info, and thanks for testing it out with Average Betty videos! xo, Betty

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