Interesting Blubrry Video Podcasts

Video podcasting is a fast growing medium. If you’re the type of person who likes your content in the visual realm then we’ve got plenty of good stuff here on Blubrry.

Here are a few video podcasts on Blubrry that could whet your whistle.

Average Betty - Average Betty does for home n' cooking what punk did for rock n' roll. Side Podcast - F1 news, views and race previews all wrapped up in a fantastic video podcast. Professional Rockstars - You don’t have to be a musician to be a rockstar. Question Of The Week - So... what do you think? We want to know... Art Of The Drink - Each week you'll be treated to a new drink recipe including step-by-step instructions.

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7 thoughts on “Interesting Blubrry Video Podcasts

  1. Hi Rob- thank you and Blubrry for the shout out! How exciting… I really appreciate it! And fun to be mentioned with my friend, Anthony, from Art of the Drink! xo,Betty

  2. Betty,

    You do some very interesting and funny things with your show and we though others might want to have a look. Keep up the good work.


  3. Rob, Angelo, Jeevan, Todd, and the rest of the BluCru:
    (ooh look, I just coined a Bluism!)

    Many thanks for the blog mention. We continue to be big fans of yours here at Just to let you know, you are and will continue to be a front page fixture on our site and we plan on greatly expanding the public knowledge of our relationship with our favorite podcast network through a number of things we’ve got in the works.

    Oh, and welcome to permanent logo placement in our email newsletter. (370,000+ addresses!) And no, we don’t spam. 😉

    Thanks again!


  4. I’m glad to highlight your show. Really love what you’ve done be embedding your player on the profile. It really makes the page pop and gets the audience to content right away.

    Many thanks for the props, links, etc.


  5. many, many thanks for the shout out.

    quick question, have you guys any thoughts on the recent Adobe update to their Flash player?

    seems like it can only help video podcasting and video podcasters.

  6. The Adobe move to H264 is real good news. Anything that allows higher quality flash video can only help with the uptake of web based media like video podcasts.

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