Takin It On The Road

Summertime means its time to hit the road and press the flesh with the podcast faithful. An opportunity to do just that arose just recently when Brother Love asked me on his mini-tour of the Northeast to act as a social media roadie.

Brother Love Syracuse FlyerStop 1 is in Syracuse on Saturday, July 14th 2007. We’ll be at the Mezzanotte Lounge from around 6PM on. I have a feeling that Syracuse local Eric from The Eric Hour will be there as well. Come on out and join in the fun. Get your mug featured on the video podcast.

Next stop in the road trip is Toronto, ON, CA on Saturday , July 15th. This is where things may get a little crazy. Brother Love will be playing the Live Keith And The Girl event at The Horseshoe Tavern. The KATG show starts at 9PM and Brother Love goes on at 10:30PM. I will be prowling the crowd looking for people to explain the exchange rate to me and maybe buy a beer so I don’t have to worry about making change.

If you are in either of these areas definitely come down to enjoy the entertainment and get some great content for your blogs and podcasts. We really like the spirit of Keith and The Girl and Brother Love. They’re taking the message to the streets and creating excitement wherever they go.

Look for updates here and on USeeBlu, Twitter and Flickr beginning on July 14th.

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2 thoughts on “Takin It On The Road

  1. why do you guys like brother love, that is some of the worst music i have ever heard. sorry but he sucks.

  2. We always like to see constructive comments hit the blog posts.

    I remember when I was a kid in elementary school and people used to go around saying, “Kiss sucks!” Then in high school they said, ‘Poison sucks!” And When I was in college they said, “Def Leppard sucks.” Turns out those sucky bands sold 19 million, 14 million and 35 million albums respectively. So in the end I guess it comes down to personal tastes.

    And by all means share with us all the great music your favorite bands have made lately.

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