End Of The Blubrry Jam Campaign

Today marks the official end date of the Blubrry Jam To Fight Cystic Fibrosis charitable campaign.

I want to thank everyone who donated. You can see a list of individuals who gave here at the bottom of the page. I also want to thank those who attended the live show and bought Brother Love’s music from Amie Street. Every little bit helps.

Special thanks to Mignon Fogarty (and her Traveling Avatar podcast) for a top line donation of $150. Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and Jeff Hinz The Friday Night Dance Party podcast (and of RawVoice) for their generous donations.

We also got great support from Brother Love, the Boomer Esiason Foundation, Keith and the Girl, Amie Street, Blip.tv and The Canal Room. Let’s not forget Blubrry Jam Live Show openers HER & Kings County as well.

Lots of great people were involved in the effort. We hope that this can be a template for future campaigns and charitable events driven by individuals with a stake in podcasting and new media.

Did I mention that May is CF awareness month? It is! Please visit http://www.jerrycahill.com/ and do what you can to support Jerry and the foundation.

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