Colin Gray Tells All on His New Podcast Web App, Alitu

It’s been quite a while since Colin Gray was on the show, but he came back with lots of new things to talk about in podcasting. He’s known as the Podcast Host and the man behind multiple podcasts. Based in Scotland, he is familiar with all the hosting companies and has been involved in podcasting one way or another for many years. Most recently he came out with a production app titled, Alitu. Released earlier this year as a web app, it spent considerable time in beta testing will be available for purchase this summer. Hailed from the team that has spent years producing shows, this app aims to help podcasters create quality shows without need for a highly skilled producer. Check out Alitu in the link below.

Become familiar with his site, The Podcast Host as there is regular fresh content concerning podcast choices, outlets and general know how. He also has a podcasting academy that you can join to learn the ins and outs of how to host and produce your own show. Colin will also be speaking at Podcast Movement later this summer sharing his knowledge of the overall podcasting process and nine ways to cut down your podcasting time. Find out more about his session at the link below.

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Show notes:

Alitu: Check out the new app here.
Keep up with podcasting with The Podcast Host blog and resource blog.
Speaking: Don’t miss Colin at Podcast Movement.
Get your tickets to Podcast Movement: Use the code Blubrry to save 10%.
Audioboom: Triton and Audioboom merger called off

Two Great Women Podcasters of Color To Watch

In late March, Spotify announced its Sound Up Bootcamp, an innovative campaign aimed at introducing more women of color to podcasting. 10 women of color who aspired to be podcasters will attend a week-long intensive bootcamp, and at the end of the week, each participant will have the chance to pitch her podcast, with the winning podcast receiving a $10,000 award to develop her show.

Likely not even Spotify could have predicted the huge buzz the campaign would create, generating over 18,000 entries. One thing is certain, though – the immense success of this initiative proves that interest in podcasting among women of color is huge, and that networks, advertisers, and the entire podcasting industry need to be paying attention.

Today we’re honored to highligh two women of color podcasters from the Blubrry/PowerPress community:

Karen Walrond, Make Light

While Karen is a relatively new podcaster, she’s been a content creator for over 14 years as the voice behind Karen is also a photographer, author, and speaker, and podcasting felt like a natural extension of the content she was creating for other mediums.

“As a professional speaker, I love and am comfortable talking on a mic – so podcasting seemed like a natural outlet to talk about the things I talk about on the road and with my coaching clients,” Karen explains.

Karen is excited to see that podcasting is becoming more diverse, and likens the evolution of podcasting to the growth and expansion of blogging ten+ years ago. “There is a lot of amazing content being created by women of color in all spaces – parenting, art, travel, there’s so much of it.” She admits, however, that connecting women of color content creators to a wider audience can still be a challenge. “Where I find there is a struggle is that despite the quality that’s being created by these writers, bloggers, podcasters, and photographers there is still a pervasive perception that those artists are creating work that is created solely for other people of color. But all stories are important and we need to learn about them.”

Make Light is dedicated to exploring how to live with intention and a sense of adventure, and is proof that beauty, positivity, creativity and kindness make the world go ’round. Season two will drop soon, so now is a great time to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.


Pamela Alexander, BizLynks.TV

When Pamela and her husband Nash first started creating serialized video content aimed at helping the business community 6 years ago, at first they didn’t realize exactly what they were doing. “Finally it clicked, that really, this is video podcasting,” she explains. With over 10 shows total and 3 that are currently active, BizLynks.TV acts both as a network and a syndicator, distributing content via a variety of platforms including Apple Podcasts and Roku and helping businesses, nonprofits and associations to increase brand reach and engage clients while establishing their hosts as experts and thought leaders in their fields.

Pamela says she has seen an increased interest in podcasting among all demographics, including people of color. But, “we are still seeing the challenges in getting people to truly understand it. We approach so many people that we see and know they have great content, and are encouraging them to make that commitment to creating consistent, regular content and to understand that it’s a great way to set yourself apart as an expert in your industry.” BizLynks.TV helps close the knowledge gap by offering a platform to content creators that gives their content more reach via streamlined distribution.

With a catalog of active podcasts including the network’s flagship show, That’s My Biz, BizLynks.TV is a resource both for those who want to consume great video content, and those who create it.

Pocket Casts acquired by NPR, WNYC, WBEZ and This American Life – YP31

Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast listening apps has recently been acquired by a few prominent podcasting community members. RAD, better understood as podcast pingbacks will have some affects on podcasting. In a day and age when everyone can make their voice know, Blubrry will draw the line at some instances, stick around to learn hate speech vs. violence on a podcast. There was many podcast directories out there and listing your show in the Blubrry directory is one that podcasters should not miss out on.

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  • Pocket Casts, based in Australia was recently acquired by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. They’ve promised no big changes are coming soon.
  • Hate speech vs. violence in a podcast. Where does Blubrry draw the line?
  • RAD or Podcast Pingback: There will be some resistance to adding RAD to apps and directories. It’s unlikely at this moment that Apple will implement it to their platform. They are not the only ones that will be hesitant to add the new statistics initiative as we expect some apps will hold back.


  • Yearly board meeting is quickly coming up at the Blubrry headquarters in Columbus.
  • When you move from Blubrry, there is no need to delete your account and listing. Just cancel your subscription/payment plan (after you migrate) and change your feed address in the directory to your new service’s RSS feed and continue to be part of the largest podcast directory in the world. In fact, if you stay on our directory, you can use our free stats and we may be able to find an advertiser for you so you can make some money.
  • The Blubrry directory will NOT hurt your Google search rankings or take any revenue from your podcast.

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Podcasting Tips from Expert Gary Leland

To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished and seen change in the podcast industry since he started back in 2004. He’s been involved in podcasting in a multitude of ways and is involved in the Podcast Hall of Fame ceremony at Podcast Movement later this summer. They wrap up by mentioning a content for students to start a podcast, put on by the New York Times.

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Show notes:

Secrets for Super Podcast Hosts: Dissecting some dos and don’ts of being an interviewer.
Podcast Pickle: One of the first podcast directories out there.
Crypto Cousins: Keep up with the bitcoin community.
4 Minute Crypto: Part of the Crypto Cousins network.
Gary Leland: Get to know the man behind so many podcasts in a variety of niches.
Student Podcast Contest: Hosted by the New York Times.

How To Take Advantage of Google’s Plan To “Double” Podcast Listening

Google made news last week when the announced a strategy to put podcasts front and center in its content offerings. In fact, according to Google Podcasts Product Manager Zack Reneau-Wedeen, the company has a bold and ambitious goal to double the amount of podcast listening worldwide over just the next couple of years. 

For years Google has prioritized text, images, and video in search results. With Google’s new podcast strategy, podcasts will join this elite class of content and enjoy enhanced ranking on Google search. 

That’s good news for podcasters, but great news for PowerPress, PowerPress Sites and PodcastMirror users, because Blubrry services meet all of Google’s requirements for promotion and distribution. 

Your Feed Matters.

By “owning your podcast feed” – which you do, when PowerPress / PowerPress Sites originates your feed from your website or PodcastMirror which mirrors the metadata in your original feed – your podcast is positioned to take care of this Google search advantage. On the other hand, if your podcast host owns your podcast feed and the links to the episodes and home page link back to your host, it’s your host that will get the benefit of your show’s new search ranking. Those using Blubrry service offerings are in the best possible position as they do not need to make any changes to how they are publishing their shows.

In addition to search discovery, Google’s podcast strategy also will include a plan to recommend podcast content – for example, if someone searches “new diets”, Google might suggest your paleo-eating podcast. This recommendation could happen at the program level, or Google might recommend a specific episode. So, having a centralized podcast website with good show notes and descriptive titles, podcasts can compete with big shows even if they aren’t part of a large network or podcast hosting company. Since podcasts will be recommended based on content, as long as your content is of high value to the listener, your show can be recommended.

Again, the best practice here is that your podcast has a dedicated website, that your podcast feed metadata links to your website, and that you employ good practices of writing descriptive titles and descriptions for each episode you produce. With all those things in place, your podcast will be positioned to take full advantage of audio SEO, and you’ll be able to target Google search results, recommendations within Google, and will even be able to be utilized by smart speakers like Google Home.

Blubrry has been ahead of the curve on this for a number of years in helping podcasters through the Podcast SEO settings in PowerPress to optimize whats in the feed versus what is on the public website. With the metadata always linking back to your brand. Blubrry Podcasting uses the absolute best practices in the space and the beauty is the strategy we have promoted for years aligns perfectly with Google’s strategy.

A big part of the new strategy from Google is curating content for listeners based on their needs and listening habits – i.e. cueing up your travel show based on a listener’s Google Maps use, or news when the listener is on his or her commute. Google may also remember the show that was last played to allow a listener to continue where they left off when they switch from listening in their car commute to listening on their laptop at work or on your Google Home device – so planning for your episode to be consumed across multiple devices is a must. It’s exciting stuff for podcasters, but making sure your podcast is optimized to align with Google’s new strategy is the first step, and key to taking advantage of the growth. 

To take full advantage of Google’s new podcast growth strategy, your podcast website and feed must meet these requirements: 

  1. Expose a valid RSS feed of your podcast.
  2. Feed must contain at least one episode
  3. Feed must have a dedicated <link> to your podcast’s homepage.
  4. The “home page”, RSS feed and audio must be index-able by googlebot. (URLs must not be protected by robots.txt or <noindex> tags)
  5. The “home page” must include the RSS feed meta tag

PowerPress has had supported these requirements through the Podcasting SEO settings in PowerPress. PowerPress 7.4+ will have all of these requirements enabled by default. If you have a previous version of PowerPress, just check the Podcasting SEO settings and enable the Podcast Directory SEO Guidance setting, and you’ll be all set to take full advantage of Google’s efforts to rapidly increase your podcast audience.

Google’s New Podcasting Strategy – YP30

Recently Google has been releasing some articles about podcasting and how they’ll be diving into the industry in the near future. Google’s new podcasting strategy is already compatible with those using PowerPress and Podcast Mirror. Todd Cochrane is back on this episode and discusses the NAB experience with Mike Dell. Stick around for a few support tips as well.

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  • Todd’s take on NABshow 2018. He’s been to NAB, CES and other conferences countless times. He’s got some takeaways that some others wouldn’t be able to pick up on.
  • Podcast Movement!: Consider attending summer 2018. This is the main podcasting conference every year and once again we’ll be there not only in attendance but as a partner and exhibitor. Use the code BLUBRRY to get 10% off your ticket.
  • Google’s “new” podcast strategy: Read here their 4 part series posted on Pacific Content. This is step in the right direction for the entire industry, but something we’ve been focused on for many years. We’re looking forward to it improving discovery.
    PowerPress is already compatible with this. If you are using PowerPress (or Podcast Mirror) you are already covered.


  • Again, we love social media but Facebook is not a good primary way to get help from support at any company (unless specified). Our Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages are not actively checked, so if someone is reached out that way we might not know for… a while. Please use or the contact form at for our support. Especially if we’ve responded via social media before in the past asking you to contact us via the contact form or email. For other companies, look for their support email or form on their website.
  • Recently Blubrry has been getting a lot of “My last episode hasn’t update in (insert directory here)” tickets and emails. It can take 24 hours or so to get any new episodes listed in most directories. The best thing you can do is check your RSS feed yourself and make sure the episode is there, subscribe to your own show and you’ll know when it shows up.

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Starting – Or Growing – A Podcast Network? Blubrry’s Enterprise Services May Help You Grow

For the typical solo podcaster, our entry-level, all-in-one PowerPress Sites solution is probably all you’ll need for a while. But if you’re a network with several shows – or are planning to grow – it’s a good idea to find out more about our Enterprise services.

These services can simplify and streamline the publishing process for growing networks, offering customizable, white-label development services and expanded stats that make it easier to drill down on each show’s performance across a variety of factors, including partial download data.

“Networks with 10 or more shows may want to start considering enterprise-level statistics, but it’s typically more cost-effective at 25 shows,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “PowerPress Sites Enterprise level is really designed for anyone building a network of shows, so if a network has five or more shows they are probably ready to go to that level.”

Some of the benefits we can offer Enterprise clients:

  • Unlimited programs and episodes: Produce as many shows as you’d like.
  • Syndication (Multi-podcast feed management): Control all of your feeds simultaneously
  • Cover all distribution types: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, etc.
  • Partial and completed download statistics: Get the details about how many people listened.
  • Streaming and application downloads: Find out how people listened.
  • Reports by network, channel, program, episode and episode groupings: What category do people fall in?
  • 150+ detected applications (Apple Podcasts, Android, Chrome, Firefox, etc.): Learn about the most popular applications.
  • Geographical reporting (country, region, and city) – Discover regions where your show is popular.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: Don’t worry about exceeding a limit.
  • Integrates with WordPress: Works smoothly with WordPress, especially the No.1 plugin, PowerPress.
  • Not using WordPress? Publish directly from Blubrry’s platform.
  • Free media migration tools: Easily move your media from a different company
  • Pricing is dependent on your network’s specific needs, and typically include professional hosting costs and maintenance for your network’s size as well as the ability to rebrand our simplified WordPress-based website service, PowerPress Sites. 

Enterprise services are just one more way that Blubrry is dedicated to being the only media company that offers complete solutions for all podcasting needs. Not sure you’re ready to take your podcast to the Enterprise level? Get in touch today for a no-obligation estimate and find out if we can help you grow.


Three Podcasts Nominated For A Peabody Award – YP29

Quick recap of the NABshow in Las Vegas last week where Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett were in attendance for the Blubrry booth. Three podcasts were nominated for a Peabody award this year, and one of the next events in the Pod Summit on May 5th in Western Canada. Stick around for these topics and more on Your Podcast by Blubrry. Only Mike is around for this episode as Todd is on assignment. Full show with both hosts coming up in two weeks!

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    • Had a great time at NABshow at the Blubrry booth. We were in the inaugural Podcast Pavilion in South Hall Upper. Made some nice contacts with people from radio, TV, digital and podcasters. It was a great show overall and we’re looking forward to heading back next year.
    • Peabody Awards – podcasts nominated. Ear Hustle, S-town and Uncivil: The Raid.
    • PodSummit in Edmonton, Alberta Canada May 5th. If you’re in that area, don’t miss it.


  • Podcast Titles: How to change them – Look for “Feed Title” in the feeds tab of PowerPress settings if you are using PowerPress.  It takes a few days for it to update in the directories and Apps after you make the change.  Open your feed in Firefox browser to see what your title is currently.
  • Its now “Apple Podcasts” NOT “iTunes”. Apple is making a big effort to change the name of their podcast directory and apps to “Apple Podcasts” or simply Apple when it comes to podcasting. Whenever you hear someone say (or read the word “iTunes”) it should now only refer to the desktop application called “iTunes”.
  • Thank you to Shawn and Dave for covering for Mike last week in support! He got a little behind, but those guys took the brunt of the tickets and emails from me while I was on travel.  You Guys ROCK!

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Monetize The Easy Way: Inject Ads into Your Podcasts!

Most podcasters don’t start out with sponsors from day 1. But as your show grows, you may notice that your older episodes are still getting a decent, and steadily-increasing, number of downloads as newer listeners go back and “binge listen” from the beginning.

That means you could be leaving a lot of money on the table – and no, it’s not too late to monetize existing content, whether those episodes are months or years old.

Up until now, however, going back and manually inserting ads, promos, or affiliate spots in older episodes has created an obstacle that may not have seemed worth the time and effort involved.

Blubrry is about to change that. Very soon (it’s currently being tested), we will be rolling out an ad injection service that will offer free features to our pro hosting customers. The service will allow podcasters to dynamically insert pre-roll, midroll, and post-roll ads into already-published podcasts as well as future episodes. Podcasters will be able to set up ad campaigns to insert at specific timeframes in an episode, and will be able to upload multiple ads by priority at the designated injection point. We will also be rolling out geographic targeting in midsummer. Podcasters can even set times for ad campaigns to expire, so that ads don’t continue to run indefinitely.

Here’s just one example of how a Blubrry customer might use this service: you could record your own intro and ad together, then inject the segment as a preroll into existing and/or future episodes. Then, the pre-roll segment could be swapped out any time if there was a change, such as different jingle music or a new affiliate sponsor they want to promote.

Since the preroll option will be free for any pro hosting customer, it’s a great way to test out ad injection for yourself. “It’s also important to note that our Long Tail podcasting feature ties elegantly with the ad injection service, allowing podcasters to rebuild their episodes without being charged for replacing their past archive,” explains Angelo Mandato, CIO of Blubrry. While there will be nominal fees associated with some of the features included with this service, a base level will always be free for Pro customers – just one more reason why it’s wise to make Blubrry your podcast host today.

Licensed Music for your Podcast via SourceAudio

Podcasters can now purchase licensed music for their podcasts via SourceAudio and Blubrry. This new relationship comes from the increased risks associated with using licenses for music that do not pertain directly to podcasts. SourceAudio is providing great discounts to podcasts that come through Blubrry. Podcasters can purchase a monthly subscription or a buy out for a single track.

Doug Reed and Greg Riggle join the show to explain why this is such an important part of moving forward in the podcasting industry.

Thanks for listening and subscribe on your choice of podcast app. Think you’ll be a great guest for the show, email MacKenzie with some information about your podcast.

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Show notes:

SourceAudio and Blubrry: Get the details on subscriptions and buy outs.
Press release: Both companies are very excited about this new opportunity.
NAB: Las Vegas April 8-12, both companies will be attending.
Email MacKenzie: Comments, questions, etc.