One Surprising Thing Podcasters Can Learn From Alex Jones and InfoWars

Earlier this week, Apple made big news when the company, citing hate speech, removed 5 of the 6 podcasts hosted by Alex Jones of 

What you may not know is that, when podcasts are removed from the Apple Podcast Directory, they also automatically disappear from many other apps. That’s because most podcast apps are powered by the Apple Podcast Directory via an Apple-controlled API. This means that the app owners don’t have to make difficult decisions about content – but it also means that they don’t have the ability to individually control the way podcasts appear on their app, or whether they appear at all.

Apple does it essentially by proxy: because these apps largely do not have their own infrastructure to maintain a master list of shows, what you end up with is one entity controlling 95% of all master show listings across both iOS and Android.

But while Jones’ podcasts have disappeared from most podcast apps, the show can still be found. That’s because Alex Jones actually made one smart move: he controlled his RSS feed right from the start.

“It’s always the extreme cases that bring out the true power of RSS,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry/Rawvoice. “We advocate podcasts controlling their RSS feeds for many reasons, and this kind of event just highlights that necessity. InfoWars is an extreme show, but like it or not, it’s still on the air because they control their own RSS feed.” If their hosting provider had controlled their RSS feed like thousands of shows today they would be off the air.

Sure, most podcasters don’t have such controversial shows that we’d ever have to worry about an outright ban from Apple. But any time your show is completely controlled by another entity – such as a podcast host that owns or controls your feed or Apple Podcasts account – you’re ultimately at their mercy. A change to their platform technology, algorithms, or business model, and who knows what could happen to your show?

But by owning your feed and Apple Podcasts listing, at least you can ultimately control your own content and make a Plan B as the podcasting landscape continues to evolve.

Google Podcasts Adds Landing Pages – YP37

Your Podcast is back in action after Todd and Mike returned from Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia. With much to talk about concerning announcements at the conference, they dive right in to some topics of discussion concerning Google, events, team members and a new giveaway. Google’s new landing pages for podcasts are a new addition for non Android devices and browsers, they explain why this is important. Not to leave other events out in the dust, they talk about OzPod in October happening in Australia. Last but not least, Blubrry has a new team member, Aaron. Don’t forget to participate in #PlantYourBlubrry, a month long giveaway of equipment.

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  • Podcast Movement recap: Todd and Mike give you their personal opinions on how the event went this year.


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3 #Podcasting Conferences To Check Out Now That #PM2018 Is In The Books

For many podcasters, Podcast Movement is the big event we look forward to all year. If you made it this year, you’re probably feeling some letdown that it’s all over. If you didn’t, you are probably already looking forward to making your way to Orlando next year.
But while you can snag your PM 2019 ticket now, you don’t have to wait a year to learn, network, and have fun with other podcasters! Here are some events to look forward to, coming up in just the next few months:

Midatlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON)

Tickets are still available for this event, taking place in Philadelphia/NJ on September 7-8, 2018. Expect plenty of information-packed panels, inspiring keynotes, and opportunities to network with other podcasters from the mid-Atlantic region and beyond

Third Coast Audiofestival

Head to Chicago October 4-6, 2018 to experience this unique event, celebrating audio storytelling via a multitude of platforms. Programming includes two days of learning about the art & craft of audio storytelling, plenty of opportunities to connect with other podcasters and audio content creators, and an awards ceremony honoring the winners of the 2018 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.  


WYNC’s annual gathering of women shaping the future of podcasting will take place November 13-14, 2018, in NYC. This two-day event offers workshops, networking opportunities, live tapings, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and your chance to pitch a show, incubate a pilot and possibly score a development deal with WNYC Studios!

So, What Happened At Podcast Movement

Another year, another whirlwind at Podcast Movement, this time in Philadelphia. In attendance as always was Tim McGowen, not a podcaster – yet – but a huge podcast junkie. A friend of the Blubrry team he’s prepared to start a podcast but hasn’t done so just yet, but he knows all about the podcasting community. He joined MacKenzie on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast to help her recap and give his opinion on how the event went, what stood out to him, etc. Check out the blog post on our website as well that gives a great overview of how we were involved. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

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Show notes:

Podcast Movement: Philadelphia – Orlando next year, get your ticket already.

Podcast Movement 2018 is on! – YP36

Todd, Mike and MacKenzie are in Philly this week for Podcast Movement 2018. If you are in Philly, drop by the booth, say hi, tell them about your show and grab some swag while you’re at it! Meantime, in this episode of the PowerPress Podcast, they talk about NPR’s Smart Audio Report with Edison Research, the makers of S-Town being sued by the estate of John McLemore, the relaunch of TalkShoe and lots about Podcast Movement — why you want to be there and what we’d love to show you. Of course, we beat some dead horses in the support section.

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Repeat: Everyday Superhumans

Everyday Superhumans was the featured podcast last fall and with the recent office move, MacKenzie decided to go ahead and share a great past episode as opposed to releasing a lackluster new one. Who knew an office move could cause so much disruption to a podcast schedule? Read below to find out about Everyday Superhumans and catch their episodes from 2018 as well.

Non-profit organizations – have you ever thought about how many there are just in your neighborhood? Kyle Smith of the podcast, Everyday Superhumans, shares his experience as co-host of the show and how it evolved into focusing solely on non-profit organizations, and highlighting those that are trying to bring a little more humanity to the world. Give it a listen to hear about passionate humans in the Austin area.

See all of you soon at Podcast Movement!

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Government Agencies Try Podcasting: Only seems fitting they give the audible medium a try, audiences are bound to show up soon.
Everyday Superhumans: Restoring your faith in humanity. One episode at a time. Hosted by Kyle Smith and Charlie Hilton, based out of Austin, Texas.
Advertising for the future: Learn why you should start advertising before an advertiser reaches out to you.
Podcast Movement: July 23-26 in Philadelphia. Learn about what we’ll be up to. MacKenzie and Todd will be speaking on multiple occasions. Use the code BLUBRRY to get 10% off your ticket.

Taking Your Show On The Road: Inspiration & Tips For The Nomadic Podcaster

Okay, maybe podcasting on the beach is more fantasy than reality. But if you’ve ever dreamed of living a nomadic lifestyle – or just think it would be fun to take your podcast on the road with you when you go on vacation – you might wonder how on-the-go podcasters make it work.

Luckily, with some planning, podcasting from the road is very possible, whether you’re embarking on a series of live interviews cross-country, or just want to record, publish, and edit from a hotel room. Here are some tips from mobile podcasters who’ve been there:

1) Create Smart Systems

“Publishing is so easy on the road as long as you have all the pieces with you,”says Jane Ellen, founder and host of the Glistening Particles podcast. Jane, who travels for a month each summer, finds that having specific systems for recording and publishing are key to helping her continue to get fresh content out weekly.

Recording is, obviously, the first step. Right after recording her podcast, while she’s still in front of the mic, Ellen does three things: first, she records a 10-15 minute audio for her social media person, so she will have the essence of the conversation and topic without having to listen to the entire episode. Second, she records her intro and outro. Then, she stores all the files in Dropbox so she can access them from anywhere. “The whole idea is to minimize the number of touches and have the pieces ready to go and accessible,” says Ellen. And while it’s certainly possible to record while on the road, the versatility of podcasting makes it easy to record as much as possible ahead of time to reduce the need to record in unfamiliar environments.

Publishing is typically easier to do on the road, but it still helps to have systems in place. Jane says she will often edit and mix final audio and writes her show notes while on the road – even while on a plane. As soon as she gets to decent wifi, she can publish the episode. “If I’m only doing editing & publishing all I need are headphones and my MacBook. If I think I’ll need to record some extra pieces or ads, I’ll bring my small Sure MV5 USB mic.”

When schedules are unpredictable and wifi isn’t guaranteed, the key to recording, publishing, and key is to create systems that take advantage of uninterrupted blocks of work time and access to high-quality wifi, when you have it. The more you get done when opportunity strikes and the easier you make it to access everything you need later, the less you’ll have to scramble to make things work in less-than-ideal circumstances.

2) Plan For Emergencies

“When traveling, assume stuff is going to break,” advises Brian Thomas, owner of Yōkai Audio in Kalamazoo, MI and sound engineer for podcasts including Make Light and Crunchy Cocktail Hour. “Bring extra cables, batteries, microphones, and devices if you can afford them. Have a backup plan for what you’re going to do when a critical piece of equipment goes down, starts on fire, or gets a pitcher of beer spilled on it.” When recording while on vacation or doing on-site interviews, that last warning may be more likely to come true than you think!

3) Take Time For Good Sound

Though you may not be able to take your full home studio on the road with you, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on sound quality. No matter where you’ll be recording, here are two simple steps you can take to improve sound quality.

Choose the right place to record. Thomas suggests checking the acoustics in an interior space by clapping your hands together slowly, but as loudly as you can, walking around the room. “Listen to the way the sound of your claps changes as you walk from place to place,” he suggests. “Chances are, your claps will echo or reverberate at least a little. Rooms with high ceilings and unadorned walls tend to have great big booming echoes, which will definitely come through on your recording. Find the space with the smallest amount of echo/shortest reverberation – that’s where you want to record.” This might be a place you least expect, like a walk-in closet, or even the front seat of your car.

Make sure you’re holding your mic to your best advantage.  If you’re using a cardioid microphone (like the Audio Technica ATR-2100 or Rode NT1-A, for example), there will be parts of the mic’s barrel that capture sound much more readily than others. You can use the mic’s “dead spot” to your advantage if you’re recording in a noisy restaurant or outdoor space. “Recording in a public space containing more audio than just the voices of yourself and your guest can help tell the story you’re trying to convey by providing a context, but you don’t want it to overpower your conversation,” Thomas points out. “Use the dead spot to keep those extra noises safely in the background of your interview.” Read more about getting the best possible sound from your mic. 

Above all, don’t let technology stop you. Chances are good that the same setup you use at home can be easily taken on the road with a little modification. For live two-person recordings, the Zoom H6 is a favorite. Other than that, you’ll need reliable wifi at least some of the time, just like you would at home.

And while it can take some getting used to, mobile podcasting can also lead to fresh inspiration and experiences you’d never have in a home studio. Jane Ellen shares her best on-the-road experience: “A person sitting next to me on the plane asked me what I was doing, and after I explained and showed them how to get to my show, I got to see them listen to an entire episode during the flight and give me immediate feedback! It was bliss.”

Moving On and Taking Ownership – YP35

There comes a point that every podcaster must ask themselves: am I doing the best things possible I can for my audience and the growth of my show? Sometimes it is appropriate to move on to a different network, platform, format, etc. It’s important to consider the factors and amount of work necessary for a quality show. Todd and Mike discuss some shows moving on and why podcasters should take be seriously considering taking ownership of their podcast and shows.

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Google Podcasts App is here! – YP34

The awaited Google podcast app is here and available in the Google Play store for download. Mike Dell and special guest host Dave Clements, from the Blubrry Support team, and host of the GeekThis Podcast, talk about the new Google Podcasts app for Android. There are some upcoming updates to PowerPress, so be on the lookout for an update in the future. Dave and Mike discuss how it is working for the Blubrry technical support team and some other support issues.

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Expanding From Blogging to Podcasting

Managing your finances is a challenge that must be met on a daily basis, but Gwen and J from Fire Drill Podcast – Financial Independence, Real Estate, have taken this to a whole new level. Gwen from the podcast joined MacKenzie to talk about the growth from two bloggers to a podcast and the challenges and new opportunities that stem from it. The episode begins with a quick discussion on new Google Podcast app in the future, that is essentially a shortcut.

Next up they talk about why Gwen and J wanted to create a podcast and the success they’ve seen so far. Being in two different states and time zones can make things difficult but it’s all part of the process. You can learn more about their show and backgrounds on their in the show notes below.

Podcast advertising revenue hit another big year, with 2017 overall bringing in 314 million. There was an increase of 86% from the year prior, which displays the attitude change that many media buyers, companies, and large organizations have had. There is an expected increase of 110% growth in the years 2017 – 2020. Podcast advertising is certainly nothing to ignore.

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Show notes:

New Google Podcast App: Will a shortcut really change the the number of people that use the Google Play Music app for listening to podcasts?
Fire Drill Podcast – Financial Independence: From Gwen and J, learn how they took control of their finances and are taking the careers in their own hands.
314 Million in Advertising Revenue for 2017: That’s a huge increase from years prior.
Podcast Movement: Use the code Blubrry and get 10% off your ticket. See you in Philly!