More Company Mergers and Be Nice! – YP25

More companies are merging in the podcasting space and digital media companies, the latest of which is, AudioBoom purchasing Triton Digital. It’s important to keep track of what companies you’re using and who they are merging with. Blubrry recently released the ability to submit to Spotify. Hosting customers are able to submit directly to Spotify via the Podcaster Dashboard.

iOS11 is now on 65% of all Apple devices, and the latest iOS update is what attributes to your Apple podcast statistics. Blubrry wants to remind podcasters to be polite and nice to your support people (no matter what company you are working with).

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  • Migrating to Blubrry from XXXX: We have guides on how to migrate from whatever service you are on now. See and search for the site you are on now.
  • What feed are you using for YOUR podcast?: WordPress has built-in feeds (known as a site feed) but with PowerPress, you should use your special podcast-only feed.
  • General advice: Be nice to your support person! They are doing the best they can.

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Some Guy and the Bug Man Give Their Opinions on YouTube

Podcasts do not truly belong on Youtube, and you most likely should not be putting your episodes on that video platform. Most podcasts are audio and by putting them on YouTube you are risking your content rights, channel and more. Daniel J. Lewis explains why podcasters should shy away from this practice.

The two hosts, Chase and Bradley, of the show Some Guy and the Bug Man joined MacKenzie to discuss the multiple reasons why YouTube can hurt your podcast and share information on their show(s). Both shows in the Some Bug Man Studio are quick and to the point. They’re hoping to make some changes soon.

Lastly, the group talks about how Blubrry is now offering submissions to Spotify to it’s hosting customers. Stick around for the PowerPress tip at the end of the episode, courtesy of Shawn Thorpe.

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Show Notes:

Why You Should NOT Post Your Audio Podcasts on YouTube: From Daniel J. Lewis, Audacity to Podcast
Some Guy and the Bug Man: Listen to their episodes here.
Twitter: @somebugman
Facebook: /somebugman
YouTube Archive: Some Bug Man
Chase (Some Guy) Twitter: @chasetherev
Bradley (Bug Man) Twitter: @BugMan_Bradley
Get on Spotify via Blubrry: Hosting customers only.

E.W. Scripps Leaving Radio and Apple is Hiring – YP 24

Excited news coming from the Blubrry team concerning Spotify; it will be available to hosting customers. E.W. Scripps is getting out of the radio business, entirely, and headed in the podcasting direction. Apple is also focusing on podcasting more so and is hiring. Catch MacKenzie and Mike at Podfest in Orlando soon, and much more including support information and tips on Your Podcast.

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  • Coming soon – Spotify! Submissions will be available to Blubrry hosting customers soon.
  • Goodbye radio – from E.W Scripps: The owners of Stitcher and Midroll are selling ALL of their radio stations.
  • Apple Podcasts is hiring in Cupertino, CA: Digital Supply Chain Technical Producer
  • MacKenzie and Mike will be at Podfest this week in Orlando, Florida! Stop by and see them if you are going.


  • Apple emailed most podcasters last week with an update.
  • Podcast analytics beta: Another update from Apple
  • Specification update: Put iTunes new feed URL tag in the NEW feed when moving to a different RSS feed.
  • Easier podcast submission for hosting partners: Blubrry has implemented this on our Subscribe to Apple Podcasts / iTunes page.


  • Support was VERY busy the last couple of weeks.
  • Sharing your episodes to social – Know WHAT you should share.
  • Moving your website/RSS feed – Be careful that you do not lose your subscribers in the process!
  • WordPress questions – Blubrry might not be the right place to ask these questions. Seek help from your theme developer.
  • New hire: We’ve got Dave Clements, host of Geek This! Podcast, on the Blubrry team for weekend support.

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Blubrry Affiliate Payouts: A Great Source of Podcast Income!

Blubrry’s affiliate payments for the last quarter of 2017 paid out on January 17, including the annual bonus for anyone that qualified – meaning any affiliate who brought in $1,500 or more in sales.

The annual bonus happens every year even if you haven’t made any new sales. That means if you have a great year, you’ll continue to earn long-term.

But if you aren’t at that level yet, don’t worry! Whenever a new customer uses your affiliate code, you’ll earn the amount of the service they bought. That means, if they buy a $20 hosting plan, you’ll receive $20, as long as the customer using your code remains a paying customer for 2 months (3 months total.) You’ll begin receiving payments once you’ve reached $50 in sales.

And you don’t even have to be a podcaster to join the affiliate program. Bloggers and social media influencers can also promote Blubrry’s products and services, and earn. As an affiliate, you’ll be able to share coupon codes, which may be valuable to your audience even if you aren’t a podcaster yourself. Just apply here.

“Our most successful affiliates are doing it all: podcast episodes, social, blog posts. They are actively promoting Blubrry products and services, and in some cases they are working with podcasters as consultants, trainers, etc.,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. However, Cochrane points out, one of Blubrry’s top affiliates isn’t consulting or teaching – he is mainly a podcast host. “So, anyone has the opportunity to earn.”

Questions? MacKenzie, our Services and Affiliates Coordinator, has answers! Email her at to get started.


Radio Cutbacks and the Edible-Alpha podcast from the Food Finance Institute

Big changes are coming to some 30 radio stations around the country. E.W Scripps is cutting their radio department and will be selling off their 34 stations. In a move to focus more on podcasts, the multimedia company is also restructuring in other departments to improve all resources. Adam Symson, Scripps’ relatively new CEO, has been influential in the move to podcasts.

Edible-Alpha, a podcast from the Food Finance Institute in Madison, Wisconsin is making waves with the food business. Tera Johnson, host and Zac Smucker-Bryan, producer, began this podcast in November of 2016 and have been sharing crucial information for those aiming to gain investors and finance knowledge for their food business. They have unique perspectives as a former radio host and someone coming in fresh to the entire industry.

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Show Notes:

Scripps Reshapes for 21st century: Including employee cutbacks.
Food Finance Institute: Learn about their organization.
Bigger things to come for the Edible-Alpha podcast: What they’re planning for 2018.
Zac’s most proud of episode: A Steady, Slow Growth Path for Quince and Apple’s Niche Domination.

Edible-Alpha™: Edible-Alpha™ is a digital resource hub providing consultants, lenders, investors and entrepreneurs with actionable insights, training, resources and tools that empowers them to build and fund the next generation of profitable food, beverage and value-added farm businesses.

Tera Johnson: Serial entrepreneur whose mission is to create the next generation of environmentally and economically regenerative food and farming businesses. The founder of teraswhey®and host of the Edible-Alpha™ podcast, Tera participated in the full arc of creating a successful investor-financed company. Now the founder of the Food Finance Institute at UW-Extension and winner of the Chancellor’s 2017 Wisconsin Idea Award, Tera is a frequent speaker, teacher and financial consultant to sustainable food and farming businesses, social venture funds and investors.

TWiT Sues Twitter Over Trademark – YP23

This Week in Tech (TWiT) is suing Twitter for two reasons; and they might actually have a viable case. CES has officially concluded and Todd is back on this episode of Your Podcast to give his recap of 2018. Facebook has some changes coming and listen in to see how they might affect you and your show. Lastly, debating if podcasts will save radio.

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  • TWiT is going after Twitter for breach of contract and copyright infringement. TWiT sues Twitter
  • Todd is a frequent flyer at CES and 2018 was no different.



  • Passwords — The biggest problem tech support sees is that people do not write down passwords or remember them. Set yourself up with LastPass or another password management system. It will make your life easier (not just for podcasting).
  • Program Keywords / Web Friendly Names / Blubrry Directory URLs — Don’t overthink them. They are not THAT important.
    NOTE: They can’t be changed after the fact if you are hosting or using stats at

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Podfest 2018: Come Learn (And Earn) With Blubrry!

The 2018 Podfest Multimedia Expo will be held at the Orlando Wyndham Orlando Resort Hotel, February 8-10.

Blubrry team members Mike Dell, Customer Support Coordinator, and MacKenzie Bennett, Services and Affiliates Coordinator, will be representing at the Blubrry booth.

The Blubrry booth will be part of the Treasure Map hunt, offering attendees the chance to win prizes valued at $300 and up. To enter, go up to the Blubrry booth and say hello!

Even if you aren’t a prize winner, everyone who visits the Blubrry booth can’t help but win. Mike will be available to offer top-notch tech advice, while MacKenzie can answer questions about monetizing your podcast through an affilliate partnership.

Podfest Multimedia Expo bills itself as “the conference for podcasters, digital influencers, and changemakers who want to grow their brand and audience and maximize their income.” With a focus on educating podcasters of all knowledge levels, the event is a great fit for any podcaster, beginner or veteran.

The event kicks off unofficially on Wednesday, February 7, so early birds can meet new people, connect with old friends, and get checked in. The official schedule begins Thursday at 9AM, with conference tracks on monetization, multimedia, technology, audience building, entrepreneur, and social media, as well as workshops like YouTube and Boss Lady. The event will end with a sure-to-be hilarious roast of School of Podcasting’s Dave Jackson.

Feel like you’re missing out? Tickets are still available! 

If you can’t attend, follow along with the conference hashtag, #pme18. You’re sure to learn a lot just by watching the conversation.

Will you be at PodFest this year? Let us know in the comments!

2018 Podcasting Predictions with Guest Clay Conry

Podcasting is not slowing down in 2018, at least that’s what these pros and experts have to say. 2017 was a very successful year for many podcasters, networks, newbies, etc, and 2018 will be no exception, with quality content and delivery taking precedence this year, based on the predictions from experts in the media industry. Host of the show, Working Cows, Clay Conry discusses with MacKenzie what we’ll see later on and how he got started with his show this past fall.

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Show notes:

20+ Blogging, Video, and Podcasting Predictions for 2018 from the Pros: Posted on Jan 11, 2018. Read up on what the people in this industry think will be happening this year – get in early on some of these ideas.
Social Media Examiner, hosting the Social Media Marketing World conference: Learn social media marketing tips from some of the world’s most knowledgable.
Working Cows: From host Clay Conry. Thinking out of the box for the ranching industry, from someone whose been involved for countless years.
Working Cows social media: follow on these outlets for updates on the show and blog – Facebook, Twitter

Check out Clay’s baby goats!

CES 2018 and More Jobs in Podcasting – YP22

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is up and running in Las Vegas, with Todd Cochrane in attendance. Mike and guest-host, MacKenzie discuss CES and Todd’s Tech Podcasts Network coverage happening all of this week. The Blubrry team is looking for multiple team members to join, and Midroll is also hiring. Become more familiar with MacKenzie, Services and Affiliates Coordinator on the Blubrry team. RIP Combat Jack, long-time and loved podcaster, he passed away from colon cancer.

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  • Todd, along with the Tech Podcasts team are in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Check out their coverage starting tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan 8th, 2018) on and
  • Looking for a job in podcasting? Midroll Media is seeking a Production Coordinator at Earworlf.
  • Condolences to the family, friends and audience of Combat Jack. Combat Jack has passed away
  • Podfest in Orlando, FL Feb 8 – 10th. Make your plans to get to sunny Florida to see Mike and MacKenzie and the conference.


  • Meet MacKenzie, Services & Affiliates Coordinator at Blubrry / RawVoice Inc.
  • Blubrry is hiring a full-time developer. Email for more info or questions.


  • Statistics – Blubrry had a hardware failure. It’s been resolved now. See this post for a full explanation.
  • 3rd party media players and themes. There are lots of players available for WordPress to play podcasts, they are all fine but not all play well with PowerPress. We can help you with the stuff that PowerPress does, but we really can’t help much with the 3rd party players. If there is an issue with one of the players that we do not supply with PowerPress, you need to contact that player’s support team to troubleshoot it. If you have trouble with your RSS feed from PowerPress, we can help.
  • Do not pre-load or autoplay your podcast in the player on a page. Lot’s of reasons to not integrate either of these on your website.

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Shopify and Sermon Library: Two New Specialized Plugins To Make Your Podcast Even Better

At Blubrry, we’re always looking for ways to help our podcasters create more revenue and reach their audiences more effectively. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with two new plugins: the ecommerce platform Shopify, and Sermon Library, which allows churches to organize and publish sermons on their website.

Here’s more information on these plugins and the benefits of using each with PowerPress.


If you’ve been thinking about selling your own podcast merch, you may have been deterred by the time and expertise involved in setting up a shop, figuring out how to take payments, and collecting your customers’ information.

Shopify makes the ecommerce process painless.

In addition to giving you the ability to securely accept credit card payments from customers, this ecommerce heavyweight offers additional features like the ability to accept discount codes, create printing labels, and much more. There is no limit to how much inventory you can carry, and Shopify will handle the entire billing and shipping process, as well as create the branding on your ecommerce pages so you don’t have to.

Shopify and Blubrry have partnered on a special deal: Receive a discount of at least $29 for a free month’s trial. Find out more at our partner page.

Sermon Library Plugin

Churches and clergy are always looking for more effective ways to serve their congregations. Publishing sermons online can be a great way to reach congregants when they’re housebound, traveling, or unable to attend regular services.

The Sermon Library plugin works seamlessly with PowerPress to help churches publish and organize sermons online. Check out a demo to see Sermon Library in action. If you decide to use Sermon Library, be sure to download and install PowerPress as the two work in tandem to keep your sermons organized.